Our World in The Envious Night

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Christian Writers

When time sets again into the vacuum where the lasting sign of the great love will embrace our humanity into the greatest destiny we are blessed here, Krishna warns us, in our quest to be the superior race, may we don't imprison ourselves into the uncertain events that is so vulnerable for the events that must never be ever told so far. I have only made this moment so refreshed for your enlightenment gifting you the spirit to keep the blessing so loved ever moment you are so alive. Thanks.

The truth every man may accept in which anything may be written,

Though stretched from the song of creation to one everlasting energy in everything,

The maker of all His creatures on our living Earth shines everywhere,

Though my blind eyes cannot see what dwells in those deeps,

The sight of this had made our Mother Earth a Goddess of his glory,

Though the water where the eternal silences all night upon Sun’s light and love,

The endless day is dawning ever in our Father’s dearest Christmas star,

Though mortal life holds the transitory lifetime own beyond the vastness resume,

The story sings whose knowledge the wisdom of man is the end of Being,

Though by experience of good and bad everything so unique says,

The deity must read the runes of experience itself as the greatest teacher ever explored,

Though unblinded in the heart of kindness we shall enlighten one great ritual and all its laws,

The lifetime so born daybreak of existence in the Heaven this day promises,

Though we know one day it departs and our soul only remains to witness its gestures,

The blessing and glory of the greatest teacher our world have ever seen,

Though one day this mirage accepts everything as a gift by Him who lives undeflected spirit so pure,

The choice we make for the great Rejoicer of the universe so blessed,

Though our ever-present deity on this existence is the Mother Earth so sacrificed,

The dream moves men’s heart surely anchored would exist has not room for Death,

Though such every moment shall not be destroyed will trust in God be glory forever,

The hideous secret being the great love exhaust the willing heart of the life pervading all,

Though wise and foolish choices in these moments’ pomp of dearest harmony of our wellness,

The sacred dreamer trusts the unknown for the known in suffering, whispers love!

Though I feel our heavenly father has the fullness which to it belong,

The honor knows its is true at the feet of Christ who gave us freedom from sins,

Though I learned everything from the shadow of lies at peace is more than the silence within,

The mortal mind meets beyond the world’s brightest stars in this uncommunicable mystery,

Though I know today the spark of life became a presence moving without failure,

The feedback I sense sweetness of closelinked life and passion our mighty soul has art to be,

Though fronting the wave of change I still rejoice with God’s transcendent hope of His love restless burn my passion within,

The day so alive conceals what I must be attentive everywhere,

Though I draw the world within me in all things live and vision in the moment of its birth,

The heaven watering our paradise with HIM who is longing to see this hidden mystery,

Though this source gives life to all things and nourishes them as wise and unwise amid the mysterious virtue of ways,

The essence of this stillness waits and watch how we must get involved finding within the great tranquility,

Though you are blind to this truth and bring disorder unexpected to fear what dispenses the word,

The nothingness lives to die and prisoned my mind’s humility loving virtue still,

Though the infinite faith within be the eternal Mirror you saw at this pilgrimage,

The game our destiny with men for your piece of existence shall overpower the unequal’s unbodied light,

Though Love of this true happiness that ended the final judgement whose lowest steps embosoms such a space,

The time is waiting who bless this voice and holds his peace shall rest his blissful awareness into another beautiful day ever lived with your loved ones.

May every moment so blessed be play of God’s bliss from the supreme foundation at once go seeking all the way,

The man on the Earth in all parts of His eternity comes to the origin of being where the joy will vanish into the great love so cares and humble humanity for the days ahead,

In this truth may the duality and unity disappear into a Christmas star so bravely shining beyond the heaven above,

Welcoming every moment the dearer for its mystery to life’s quite dreams so made real again.  

Submitted: December 20, 2020

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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