Santa's scout, and Bob

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Did you know Santa has a scout named scout, and a reindeer named Bob. Yes, Rudolph has a special power, the brightness of his nose, but Bob has a power of his own.

It was a bit nippy outside. And the snow was falling, in a flurry sort of way, on that fateful Christmas Eve.

Mary and Terry were huddled under the covers with a flashlight, and the two were inspecting their plans for the Santa Sighting Expedition; this is how the plan went.

First, the two would take a nap in the tool-shed during the day, that way they wouldn't fall asleep while staying up late to see Santa. They did that today, so, check, they marked that off their list.

Next, they would wait until they heard Reindeer hoof noises on the roof, that would be the signal that Santa had arrived.

Then the two of them would sneak into the tree room, and hide behind the big red leather chair; from there, they could see everything that would be going on.


Suddenly, they heard hoof noises (!?!).

"It's too early for Santa," Terry said, Mom and Dad just went to bed.

"Maybe it's the wind (?),"Mary guessed.

Terry giggled, then replied, " The wind doesn't have hoofs, silly, and those were the sound of hoofs.

"Well let's go and see, anyway," Mary stated, "Maybe Santa came early."


It wasn't long before the two kids were in the tree room. It was pretty dark in there, but everyone knows that Santa is Luminescent, so if he was there they should be able to see him. --- But no, no Santa was visible.

Then they heard noises from outside.

As they rushed to the window to look outside, they ran smack dab into someone, but it wasn't Santa.


Crash, bang, fumble, fumble, bang!


Mary turned her flashlight on the intruder, then she asked, "Hay, who are you?"

"Oh, I am called Scout, and that's what I do. It's my job on Christmas Eve!"

"Is your job your name, or you name is your job," Terry questioned.

"My name is Scout, and I am Santa's scout. I ride ahead of Santa and report back about the weather conditions, then Santa will know which route is best to take."

"I thought Santa always took the same route, every year," Mary stated in a questioning manner.

Scout shot back with, "Not all routes are the same, you know."

So Mary asked, "So what are you doing in the house? There's not weather in here."

"Cookies," Scout stated, "We were hungry and we smelled fresh baked Peanut-Butter Cookies. We love Peanut-Butter!

Terry was skeptical about this intruder in their house, so he asked, "Who is WE, and how did you smell Peanut-Butter Cookie from way outside? That's impossible!"

Scout replied, "Well, I didn't smell the cookies, my Ride smelled them, Bob can smell Peanut Butter from a mile away."

Mary laughed and then asked, "Who is Bob?"

Scout started to explain, but then a noise was heard over at the window.

So Scout said, "Maybe it would be better if I just show you. Come over to the window and see."

Both kids went to the window to have a look outside, not knowing what to expect. But when they opened the window to look outside, they saw a lone reindeer and a old beat-up mini-sleigh.

"That's Bob?" Mary asked with a giggle.

"He looks like a reject from Santa-ville," Terry teased.

Scout's face turned red, and then he stamped his foot before saying, "You better take that back!"

"And what if I don't?" Terry asked.

It was too late to ask dumb questions, because as soon as Terry said that, Bob sneezed. And when Bob sneezed, Terry turned into a reindeer that looked just like Bob.

"Oh, now you've gone and done it," Scout said, sounding very upset.

Mary was frantic while saying, "What have you done to my brother?!? Change him back, change him back right now!!!"

Scout replied, "I'm afraid I can't do that. You see, Bob is the one who sneezed and Bob is the one who has to change him back with another sneeze.

But now the problem is, which Bob is Bob?"

"What do you mean, "Which Bob is Bob"?" Mary demanded to know. "There is Outside Bob, and there is Inside Bob. Inside Bob must be my brother, Right?"

Scout shook his head and replied, "Well, not always. Sometimes the sneeze is so strong that it reverses the two Bobs. You can't tell one from the other. And believe you me, this was the strongest Sneeze I've ever heard out of Bob. Who knows what the outcome will be?"

"You mean that the reindeer strapped to the sleigh might be Terry, my brother?" Mary asked with a hint of a tear in her eye.

"Now, Now," Scout consolingly replied, "sometimes the Sneeze wears off and then you'll get your brother back in a day or two, or a week, or maybe a month, well, you understand.

Then he went on to say, "If it doesn't wear off, you still have a really cool reindeer to pull your sleigh around with!"

Mary got angry, then she stated, "No, that's not right! I want someone to fix this, and if you can't then I think Santa should! Terry should be Terry before my parents wake up, otherwise, I'm in big trouble! Have You Got That?!?"

Scout thought for a moment, then he said, "Do you know the names of Santa's Reindeer?"

Mary snuffled and then stated, Well, there's Dasher and Dancer, and there's Prancer and Vixen, then there is Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen. Why?"

Scout replied by saying, "If the truth were known, two of Santa's helpers made fun of Bob, that was a very long time ago."

Mary's eyes grew wide, then she asked, "You Mean?"

Scout replied, "Yes, I'm afraid so. --- Donner and Vixen used to be two of Santa's Elves. And it was years before we knew who was who. Before we figured it out, they were just Bob-1, Bob-2, and Bob-3."

So Mary looked deep in the eyes of Inside Bob, then she asked, "Are you in there, Terry?"

Inside Bob blinked two times.

"This Bob is my brother, I'm sure of it!" Mary stated. Then she said, "He blinked twice after my question, so it must be him!"

Well, good," Scout replied as he climbed out the open window. Then he stated, "I've got to go now, Santa will be here shortly and I have weather to check. Just feed your Bob herbs, grasses, and some leaves of shrubs, you know, until he changes back into Terry.

Well, before Mary could say another word, Santa's Elf had slipped into the seat of his sleigh and Bob pulled the sleigh high in the sky.

That's when House Bob sneezed, and when House Bob sneezed Terry-Bob changed back into Terry.

And that is when Terry, the sleigh, and Scout fell from the sky.

It's a good thing the snow was fluffy and everyone landed safely.


Well, everyone was returned to their rightful places.

The Real Bob was reattached to the battered sleigh and Scout set off, again, checking weather.

Mary helped Terry back into the house. Then he put on some warm, dry, clothes while she made some hot coco to warm their innards.


Yes, all was back to normal when Santa arrived, and the kids had snuck outside to get i-phone pictures of Santa and his reindeer, up on the roof.

That's when it happened, Terry sneezed.

And when Terry sneezed, Donner and Vixen turned back into the Elves they used to be.

Boy, was Santa surprised!



D. Thurmond / JEF


Submitted: December 20, 2020

© Copyright 2021 D. Thurmond aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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