my Beloved demon

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

when everyone left Ronald and abandoned him, with daily mockery, he didn't found a way to defend himself against them, he threw himself in the arms of demons but an unexpected event happened .
it turned his life into hell and drove him slowly towards madness .
can he resist or he will surrender to them and collapse completely .

  chapter 01: night waking

A simple dark room , the light off, a cupboard with broken doors on the left in front of it a wooden desk shattered in half and an open window brings in fresh air on a cruel night.

a young man in his late twenties sits on medium bed as staring in front of him with those brown eyes carrying pain and suffering, explain an unhappy life and he wants it to end even if he has an involvement in it, suicide is his demand, you can deduce that from the gun in his hand, despite his handsome and the length of perfection that he is characterized by, a broad forehead that shows his high morals,  a round face that radiates light from strong faith with a well-shaped nose is only found in those who destined for success.

sitting quietly and thinking about his life how it turned from bad to worse, no family to enjoy her tenderness or be a sacred individual that belongs to it and he never had a girlfriend with which he tasted the nectar of love and affection or even friends who would support him in the difficult conditions he is facing it, there is nothing for him here that is why he decided to put an end to his life , hoping to find what he is looking for in the other world.

Ronald speaks to himself in a faint voice and a tone indicating despair as looking to his gun in the way explain for us this is the only solution left for him after the doctors failed to treat him and priests couldn't purify his soul,when the church expelled him forever from her protection than the lower creatures welcomed him with pleasure.

Ronald :  so what should i do now? for heaven sake .

a thick voice answered him  anonymous, you can't see it with the naked human eyes , you have to be spiritual person to understand these things,  who is it  , this is what Ronald was saying to himself .

A voice: We both know you're not doing this for the right reasons.

Ronald : you don't know me, just shut it.

A voice: "Are you nuts or what?"I know everything about you

Ronald : Okay,  then prove it.

Evil laughs at that strange sound,  It contains contempt and apparent mockery, of a young man born out of suffering,  Is not the cruelty of fate enough for him, that pure smile did not decorate his face for a long time.

A voice :  right now I can't  But you'll soon find out I make a far better alley than enemy.

After he uttered those poisoned and coded words that played into the mind of poor Ronald.

He left him in a complicated psychological state,  Wandering about sick thoughts of a suicidal nature, A bullet can get rid of all of this, Will he do it, or will the sad scenario continue to play again and then again till he received visit from the reaper and this time for real.

The sounds of iron chains dragging across the floor forcefully with a frightening moan, Your courage waver And your resolve will be shaken Immediately when you hear it
But not Ronald, who finally smiled and laughed hard, saying: You will not get me this time.

Seconds later, he shot himself and fell lifeless.




 chapter 02 : the First visit

Ronald doesn't remember anything of what happened, except for his suicide, closed his eyes as he fell into an infinitely black hole. What will happen to him, will he remain suspended like this in the air until Judgment Day?  There is no death anymore,  This is not the world of the living  And also not the realm of the dead. Whoever answers him, or at least get him out from his silence, what awaits him here is not an easy matter, let us suppose that he is a guest, he was invited by a someone who knows him but never met him, visits him but never spoke to him, helps him but did not ask him for a favor in return. Finally finished falling, a red river that looks like blood, Ronald is floating on it and he is still in such a state that has become annoying, silent, why are you silent, talk to me, I brought you here to meet him, you should thank me bastard A strange voice, Who is he, and what he meant by that  ,In fact, he did not pay attention to him, but he continued silently and the river is taking in it far towards the mouth of the waterfall in order to continue to fall, it seems that he liked it, so he is still  silent. Ronald, I begyou, talk to me, don't do this, I needyou. A wicked laugh out of mockery, though it didn't move those lips that kept silent from talking. I am joking with you, I do not need you, on the contrary, you will not be able to cope here without me, I am your only hope. As usual, there is no response from that useless human, this is what that voice said to himself in a tone of anger. Ronald falls again, but this time the situation is more dangerous, there are big rocks below. He hit his head on that rock, then the water swept him away towards an unknown location. A man in his fifties, sitting in a chair and swinging in it, holding a pistol while talking to himself, hewillcome to me, mymostpreciouspossession. Suddenly a woman came running towards him screaming, he is dead, hewill not beable to seehisfatheragain, killyourself, no need to wait. Immediately when he heard that words, a tear fell from his eye, then he shot himself, he fell to the ground and blood flowed from his head,  Then something strange happened, the whole scene was repeated until he shot himself again. A big fire was lit in that house, screaming out of joy, Then, there was a small 15-year-old child running around the house and repeating, "I'm Burning,". What is this world, who they are, and what happened to our dear Ronald. Everything became clear after a little girl came out carrying her heart in her hand and there is a hole in her upper body as a result of being shot by a shotgun weapon,  she looking around and cry out loud, Ronald, go out, brother, take my heart, as a sign that I forgive you for killing me.


Submitted: December 20, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Isaac Johnson. All rights reserved.

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