beware of what comes with the dark

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

An ancient curse lives in the forest, wild and brutal creatures, after being released, spread in that deserted woods,
With the appearance of a group of young teens whose car suddenly breaks down, they must enter that forest to find themselves facing those creatures and many unbelievable things that went out with them, so can they survive

 chapter 01: evil awaking

A dense and dark forest, characterized by an unnatural calm, everything in it is dead, no animals delight us with their sounds or make us feel the presence of a living being.

Those dense and intertwining trees enter terror into hearts,  No one would dare to be in a cursed woods , and it is not an ordinary curse. It carries a buried secret and creatures that only appear in the dark.

Sinister powers from a deserted world,  Short stature, skin color as black as that sinister night, red eyes, you can see her sparkling around the forest, a light and faint voice that gives rise to shivers,  Superb speed while running, large claws incomparable to any animal in our world.

That calm was gone aside when a young man appeared in his early twenties, running fast and looking behind him, fear and terror appearing on his face, he does not care where he goes, all that wanders in his mind is to run away, the real question is who is chasing him, is it possible that they show up , did the little demons come out from their hole.

Steps coming very quickly, faint but terrifying voices, who can challenge them.

Running is continuous, there is no escape from certain death, there is no point in what he is doing, so he decided to stop and prepare for his fate, with great courage he turned to them, a clear message that did not need explanation,  he choose to surrender, a strong stare from him towards a large crowd of those creatures coming towards him as they ran in a manner that showed their barbarity.

He gently closed his eyes  as a sign to the reaper " come to take my soul",
How could he resist when death surrounded him, the gates of heaven were opened for him, those creatures approached him, one thing is for sure that he is among the dead

The time for the truth has come, the book of his life is closed after they jumped on him  And they greedily roosted his flesh, the strange thing about it did not resist or scream a single cry, because he knew that this was all his fault.

He opened the gates of Hell  Of his own free will,  It brought to the world wild creatures, it's neversaturated of killing.

Seconds later he became a dead corpse, and they were enjoying a delicious feast served to them on a plate of gold, a ruthless pot. We lost a young man and brought to our world a calamity, which is ranked second afterGog and Magog.

A man in his thirties, of average height and body, handsome with white skin that glows from afar, walks in the steps of vanity towards them as if he is not afraid of them, if you look closely at that square face, you will find eyes black as his heart, and a small hunched nose with small but dry lips.

He has a commanding but sinister character, killing anyone who breaks his orders.

He started whistling hard as a sign to them, they understood his purpose, everyone went to him, then they penetrated into the jungle until they disappeared


Submitted: December 21, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Isaac Johnson. All rights reserved.

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