The Happy Valley

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Table of Contents

Fever Dreams

  The rain pounded upon the window pane, sounding like the beating of distant drums. Lightning forked, slashing through the sky.... Read Chapter

Break and Enter

Lightning forked, slashing through the sky. Thunder slammed back immediately after. Any sane person would have instinctively jumped in se... Read Chapter

New Abydos

The Post was and always will be a staple of Knowlton’s Corner. The drinking establishment was the very definition of a dive bar as i... Read Chapter


   Bracken felt himself float down the length of the narrow cellar stairs, his intangible form harmlessly passing through ... Read Chapter

The Ascension of Grander

“Let go of him!” Bracken threw his weight into his voice and it boomed throughout the basement. The shadows grew tinted with an angry... Read Chapter

Binge and Purge

Binge and Purge   The din of the dive bar returned to the foreground as Deeds inexplicably stopped her tale. She reached for... Read Chapter

The Piercer or the Veil

The Piercer of the Veil    Deeds smelled the wet river funk that clung to the air before something far more fetid overp... Read Chapter

The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On     Evelyn Lavinia Bainbridge judged the seated audience through heavy-lidded eyes, reading the... Read Chapter

Cat and Mouse

Cat and Mouse    Deeds replayed the evening’s events repeatedly in her mind. The presentation felt forced, really for... Read Chapter


  Grander returned to the grove of mushrooms. This time, he did not ascend into the heavens with them - as much as he wanted to ... Read Chapter

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