The Conjurers

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A short story based on a dream I had many years ago. Sorry about the cliffhanger ending, that's where I woke up.

"Hey man hurry up we're going to be late for school." I yelled.
"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming fool, don't get your panties in a twist." Kale responded.

As usual I was stopping by Kale's house so we could head to school together. It started off as such a normal morning, not in my wildest dreams could I ever have predicted what today was going to be like. A minute later Kale came walking out of his room wearing his usual stupid outfit; baggy white pants and a long white jacket. He's a really bulky guy and it makes him look like some sort of gangster.

Although I guess my clothing style isn't much better, you wont find me wearing anything else but some bland color of baggy pants, black today. I also tend to wear some type of thin jacket even when it's not cold, but we don't get warm weather very often around here. I'm no where near as big and buff as Kale but I like to think I have a decent muscle tone. My name is Jaxon by the way. Jaxon Vancus.

I bet Kale dresses like that because he thinks he is some sort of wizard with magical powers. Although I'm beginning to believe he actually does. I've only known him for about a year so I don't really know him all that well. I asked him to teach me some of this so called magic and I've experienced some really odd things which can't easily be explained. I guess I like the guy because he's not normal like most people.

Today was the day I would learn just how unusual he is, and just how strange reality can be. We were walking to school like any other day when I saw it... that monstrous beast sent chills of death down my spine. It was huge, so huge it could smash buildings and swat planes from the sky. It looked like some sort of huge gorilla with two heads... trudging through our town. It seemed like the world was crumbling down around me.

"What... is that thing." I stuttered with a fear stricken voice.
"It's some type of magical manifestation... it seems there are other conjurers in town." Kale replied.
"I can't handle this... there's no way I can deal with this... this is too much, what the hell have you dragged me into man, this is absurd!" I exclaimed.
"Hey man, no need to freak out... don't get your panties in a twist. That thing isn't physical, it can't interact with the physical world. You might think of it as some type of holographic projection." Kale answered.
"So it can't do damage to our town then?" I ask with a concerned tone.
"No... and no one can see it except those who are open to this sort of thing. It seems like the brief training I gave you has opened your third eye. You have gained what you might call extra sensory perceptions." Kale answers calmly.
"That's insane. Are you telling me those stupid little training sessions have done this to me?!?" I demand.
"That seems to be the case. And I don't want to worry you, but now that you can see that thing... it can interact with you. It cannot harm anyone who isn't capable of acknowledging its existence, but it can harm us now that we are aware of it. We have bridged some sort of gap with the non-physical world and our ability to interact with that world is why we can see this beast." Kale responds.
"Well that's freaking great dude, you could have told me that in the first place. I have every reason to get my panties in a twist if that thing can kill me." I reply.
"There's no need to worry, that thing is huge and slow, and it doesn't know we can see it, not unless we interact with it. It's easy to avoid it. We need to find the conjurers who are responsible for this and stop them before this magical projection is able to hurt anyone." Kale explains.
"I thought you said that thing couldn't hurt anyone! Get your damn facts straight man!" I yell.
"There are some people with a natural ability to see these types of things. Without the need for practice or training they naturally exhibit heightened awareness of reality. This entity could cause them damage or trauma if they were to cross paths with it." explains Kale.
"Well I suppose I can help you find the people responsible for this. My legs don't feel like they're about to give way any more. I can't let myself be ruled by fear any more. I'm ready for this!" I proclaim.
"I'm glad to hear that Jaxon, I don't think there are many people like us around these parts. I wasn't expecting something like this to happen in our small town, your help might be crucial."

Obviously we wont be going to school today, but Kale decided we should stop by the school anyway to make sure everyone is alright. When we arrived at the school everything looked fine, but Kale decided to cast some sort protection spell. After muttering a few strange words and making some weird gestures with his hands, a huge wall of light appeared to surround the entire school.

"Anyone who can see this barrier will not be able to pass through it. That means our unexpected guests will not be able to enter the school." Kale explains.

But before I could respond to Kale the unexpected guests had already found us. There was 5 of them, 4 males and 1 female, and all of them dressed even weirder than Kale. This was not looking good...

"We detected a large amount of anomalous activity in this area... but I honestly didn't expect to find conjurers in this pathetic little town." one of them taunts.
"What do you want with this town? Why have you created that thing? Just what are your intentions?" Kale questions them with a demanding tone.
"We're just having a little fun... but I don't think that's any of your business." responds a guy standing near the back of their group.
"What happens in this town is my business, especially when my friends are in danger!" Kale grunts.
"So your friends are in there huh? Lets see just how strong your abilities are..."

The 4 males attempt to break through the light barrier but none of them succeed, every time they touch it they get pushed away. But then something happened which was completely unexpected... the female member of their group walked up the wall, and then she just walked straight through it like nothing was there at all. I had to do something about this, without even thinking I demanded Kale to open a hole in the barrier and let me inside the school.

"I need to go after her, you stay here and take care of these guys. I wont be able to do anything to help out here anyway. Trust me, I just have this feeling I can do something if I find the girl." I demand.

I was surprised, but Kale didn't even question my demand. He created a brief opening in the barrier and let me through. As soon as I entered the school I spotted the girl, she hadn't gotten far. She was just walking down the main hall slowly while everyone was staring at her, probably because of what she was wearing. I called for her and she turned to face me. At that moment I realized how beautiful she was.

There was something amazing about this girl, she was like some sort of angel. All my hatred seemed to vanish and it was replaced by this admiration and desire to know her. I just couldn't shake the feeling even though I knew it was probably some sort of spell she had cast on me. I slowly approached her and as I got closer she only continued to look better and better. Finally we stood face to face and we were looking straight into each others eyes.

"Why are you here, what do want with us?" I calmly ask her.
"Don't worry, I'm not here to harm anyone, I just wanted to see what it was like inside a normal school." she responded.
"So you didn't go to a normal school? What is your name?" I inquire.
"Do I look like I went to a normal school? And my name is Porscha... though I don't see why I should be telling you these things." she replies with a stern tone.
"So why have you created that huge monster?" I ask her.
"Don't worry, it wont hurt anybody, we were just practicing our conjuring... it'll probably disappear soon." she answers.

For the next ten minutes we just walked around the school talking about random things, but it was hard to keep her attention as she seemed so intrigued by the school and students. I couldn't make any sense of her... yet I felt really calm and happy just being with her. Then suddenly she grabbed one of the male students and started kissing him as if he were the last guy on Earth.

"What the hell are you doing?" I ask angrily.
"I get the feeling you are attracted to me, I wanted to see how you would react when I kissed that boy." she replied.
"So you're telling me you did that just to see how I would react? What kind of logic is that?" I yell.
"Well now it's clear to me that you are attracted to me, so it worked didn't it?" she laughs.
"You're insane... anyway, how did you walk through that light barrier? Couldn't you see it?" I ask her.
"Of course I could see it... I am a conjurer after all." she responds.
"I think I know how you did it... all this magic stuff revolves around belief doesn't it? Those who don't believe in magic can't see things like the beast you created, or the light barrier, and therefore they aren't effected by them... if you believe in something strong enough it becomes reality." I posit.
"Your conjecture is correct... will power can alter the fabric of reality. All I did was believe with all my heart that the light barrier couldn't stop me. Ones magical ability is determined by the strength of their will power. The power of a conjurer is determined by this factor and a battle between conjurers will most likely be determined by the the will power of each conjurer." Porscha explains.
"So then there's really no need for all the stupid hand gestures and weird chants when trying to use magic?" I question.
"That's true... only weak conjurers need to do that sort of stuff. It just helps them believe what they are doing is possible. It puts them in the right frame of mind." Porscha answers.
"And so why are telling me all this... isn't this like some sort of secret of high level conjurers?" I ask curiously.
"I don't know... you just seem like nice guy ok." she responds as her cheeks appear to blush.
"Well I think we should be getting back to your friends... I don't think there is any need to start a conflict, you don't seem like a bad person to me." I suggest.
"Those guys aren't like me... they like starting trouble where ever we go. Typical boys, they're probably out there now fighting with your friend."

We made our way outside only to find that Porscha was correct. They were engaged in battle and Kale was hardly standing his ground. Balls of multicolored light were zipping all over the place, it looked like some kind of insane fireworks show.

"STOP IT NOW!!!" screamed Porscha.

Out of no where an older women appeared, dressed in a long dark coat which looked 1000 years old.

"I thought I told you to destroy the one named Kale... why are you hesitating Porscha?" the older women asks.
"I don't see a reason to... he's done nothing wrong." Porscha responds in a clearly frightened voice.
"You dare question my authority? What has gotten into you?" the women questions harshly.
"I'm sick of doing your bidding... and I'm sick of hurting people for you. JUST DO IT YOURSELF!!!" Porscha screams at the top of her voice.

As she was screaming this to the creepy looking women a bright light shoots out of her eyes and the women melts into a puddle of what looked like wax. All that remained was a necklace the women was wearing, which sat on top of the wax puddle.

"Oh no... what have I done... I didn't mean to do that, this can't be happening... MOTHER!!!" cries Porscha.
"What the hell did you do Porscha... you just killed our mother you moron!" screams another member from her team.
"Looks like you just lost your leader... not looking so good for you now." Kale taunts.
"Kale... cool it, there's no need to be fighting these people. This girl here is defending you... she's ok, trust me..." I mutter.
"Jaxon, please... help me... I need you to help my mother, I don't know what to do." Porscha begs.
"Why are you asking for his help moron... these people-" the team member gets cut off.
"JUST SHUT UP. You know nothing about these people, they could be our only hope for saving mother!" shouts Porscha.
"I have no idea why I would help you people after you attacked me and my town... but I do know this old guy who may be able to help you... he taught me everything I know." suggests Kale.

We picked up the puddle of human wax and followed Kale to the location where he claimed the old man lived. I was glad Kale decided to help us even after being attacked... I had to help Porscha, I knew she wasn't a bad person. Even though I just met her it tore me apart to see her hurt like this. From what I gather, the women she turned into a pile of wax was her mother... the person who raised her from birth. Even if the women was evil Porscha still seemed to love her.

After walking for about twenty minutes we arrived at a small run down house and an old man was sitting out the front as if waiting for us.

"Kale... I haven't seen you in a while. What brings you to my neck of the woods after all this time hmmm?" inquired the old man.
"We need help old man... it seems our "friends" here have turned their beloved mother into nothing more than a pile of wax. Is there anything we can do about it?" Kale responds.
"Hmmm... indeed, I know of one thing which has the potential to work... but it's extremely risky and many things could go wrong... plus I see no reason to bring back that old wretched women." the old man answers.
"Please sir! I wont be able to live with myself if I stand here and do nothing... if there's something we can do I'm willing to take any chance." Porscha begs.
"Ehhh... how can I say no to such a pretty young women such as yourself. Perhaps your mother will change her ways after she sees what trouble you went to..." the old man responds.

We were led by the old man to an old abandoned underground parking lot. He pulled out a weird looking box and placed the human wax substance into the box.

"Why have you taken us to this creepy parking lot old man?" Kale questions.
"Because we wont be seen here, it's out of the way... in case something goes wrong." the old man answers.
"Fine... just get on with it, we don't have all day." replies Kale.
"Don't get your panties in a twist young man." laughs the old man.
"Ok... stand back everyone, the process is about to begin." the old man warns before starting an unintelligible chant.

Porscha stood to the side with a very scared look on her face. She was clenching the necklace which remained from here mother tightly in her hand. Suddenly her face turned from scared to absolute horror... from the box appeared something which seemed to manifest its self straight from the bowels of hell. A long serpent type beast dripping of blood and whipping all over the place appeared before us.

The horrid shriek coming from it's mouth full of razor sharp teeth could send anyone into insanity... this thing was the devil itself. I looked back at Porscha and she was trembling in fear, but still clutching her mothers necklace in her hands. She stood before the beast without moving an inch while the rest of us backed away... I could feel her trying to project love to the beast which was once her mother.

It felt like her efforts might actually work... I had faith her love would reach through to her mother... and over come the hatred and evil which was plaguing the soul of her mother. However, things don't always work out the same way they do in the movies... at that moment the beast lunged forward towards Porscha with a mouth so large it could eat her in one swift action.

Submitted: December 21, 2020

© Copyright 2021 J.D.. All rights reserved.

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Interesting dream. With some tweaks, it could be even better.

Mon, December 21st, 2020 11:37pm

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