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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just some musings of a want-to-be king. LOL

I was just thinking, (I do that occupationally), about being King of California; actually, King of California for life.

Not unlike others, I'm old and will kick the bucket in the near future, so making me king for life wouldn't be for very long, and I believe everyone should be able to live with that. Why? Well, because I said so.

I figure I could get some things straightened out before I go, and that would give everyone a fresh start on dictatorial processes.

Like, lets say the environment. Every other street in every area is a bike, or pedestrian, street; no cars or trucks allowed.

That should promote bike riding and walking, and an added bonus, vehicles would have to slow down because bikes and people would be crossing at every other intersection; it could get messy if they didn't.

Solar panels would be next, they would be placed over all the office building windows, not to mention all the rooftops and parking lots. People inside the buildings would not be able to see out, and the meaning of "The Corner Office" would lose it's allure.


Taxes? One thing I would do is straighten out the state tax code. I would throw all the old codes out and set up one simple code; a sales tax that would go something like this: If you buy anything from anywhere in the world, you would pay a sales tax on it; that would include junk foods.

Imagine the cost savings, no Income Tax would mean no heart pounding tax forms to fill out each year; thus, eliminating the need for thousands of tax consultants and advisers. Plus psychoanalyst cost should drop in the process. I'm sure those people could find jobs elsewhere.

One simple computer generated form, showing how much you bought, and the percentage you owe; that's it.

And because there would be no more Income Tax, there would be no more tax deductions for anything, period.

No Income tax would mean no Loopholes and no Business deductions. Those would be a thing of the past.

I would think business will love that, no forms to fill out, LOL.

Imagine, no more deduction forms to fill out for that big expensive car, or that office in Beverly Hills.

And there would be no more deductions for children, too. After all, the government didn't ask you to have children, nor did they ask you to have so many. (What were you thinking?)

So why should you get a deduction for a government liability?

Think of it this way, the more children you have, the more it costs the taxpayer to school them, take care of their medical needs, and to provide other services throughout their non-taxpaying years.


Charities? If you want to give anything to any recognized charity, or taxable institutions, like collages or churches, that is your choice. But the government shouldn't have to reimburse you for doing so.

Those institutions say that they are, "Not-For-Profit".

Well, there would be far fewer of them if the deductions were not available. After all, who needs "Harry's Theological Institution for the Sanctity of Understanding"? An institution where every dime contributed, over costs of operations, becomes Harry's personnel income.

Why a tax on junk foods? That's easy to explain. The less you eat of those kinds of food, the less you pay. It's an easy way to get people to cut back on overeating and to push them away from sugary and salty products; that should promote a healthier life stile. Right?

After all, obesity is the leading contributor to healthcare costs and I'm sure people will want to go along with the program.

Which leads me to the next subject, Healthcare. It's free for everyone!

What's covered won't be a lot because we will want to keep costs down, and those who fall through the cracks will self-eliminate over a short amount of time; big savings there.

However, if a rich person wants more care, they pay more, and they pay sales taxes on the excess. That'll teach them!


Sure, sure, I know. The advocates for the poor are going to say that my tax structure will hurt the poor, disproportionally. And the advocates for the middle class are going to say that my tax structure will hurt them because it takes away the child and charitable deductions.

And the rich will want some sort of deductions on sales tax business expenses, after all, they may need that yacht to host business consultant seminars.

But, hay, if I'm king then they can stick it where the sun don't shine, or in their offshore accounts, whichever fits best.


Don't get me wrong, some people would moan and grown for awhile. But after a few King-Conventions, with lots of Gator-aide served, I'd be an awesome King, a wonderful King, a King like no-one has ever dreamed of before.

But the truth is, not everyone wants to have a king, so I might find kingship short lived.

But I kid myself, I'm afraid kingship ain't ever gonna happen for want-to-be kings. And the thanks for that goes to those people who really do believe in the Constitution, and what it stands for, "A government elected through the actions of the majority of voters", not the echo-chamber lies of want-to-bees.



D. Thurmond / JEF



Submitted: December 22, 2020

© Copyright 2021 D. Thurmond aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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