Winnie vs Winnie: Grandma Jo Queen Vs Auntie Dee Dolores Zimmer

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Round I: Generosity: Grandma Queen Winnie gives candy and similar items to people visiting her and says extremely nice things about most people in her life. While she also does several activities of church or traveling for close buddies, auntie Winnie the Pug gives bundles of treats and money to a lot of her buds with some church and retirement home stuff happening. 

Point I for Auntie Winnie the Queen Pug 

Round II: Cuddlyness: Grandma Pug has an adorable chubby figure reflecting an a lot older version of mylittlewinnies chunkyness, plus has short white hair just like her short blond hair. Auntie Winnie tqp has warm, fuzzy touches of love as well, yet hers doesn't quite match up to gwq's who even had people admiring her fat stature out loud in public.

Point I for Grandma Winnie

Round III: Intelligence: Grandma Winnie the Pug is known repeating the EXACT SAME conversation every time she meets someone and get problems in her life solved adorablely incorrectly. Auntie Winnie the Queen Pug could hardly pay specific attention to long conversations, not know how to solve a lot of major problems in her life, and miscorrect hers and someone else's name in cards or whatever. 

Point II for AWTQP

Round IIII: Winniefied Relations: Younger Pug here had worked in offices in a couple states before settling on Michigan to be her retirement place. Redeeming Calvin the Woozel was an everlasting grace and so has been EVERYBODY loving her Winnieness. This 90 year old Pug over here taught innocent little first graders for forty years only to retire for the then upcoming newborn of Humphrey the owl. Even as a child, though, she never got angry and always wanted to spread joy and kindness and everyone and everything around her. 

Point III for Auntie Winnie Dee The Queen Pug

Final Round: Love for Food, Especially Honeylike ones: Grandma Winnie is swell enough to try any food, including a lot of yummy ones. Auntie Winnie the Pug also loves sweets and most foods; gw have a higher affection for Jets pizza and a pizza place specific to her home city. 

Point II for GW

Winner: Auntie Winnie The Oldest Queen Pug I've Ever Met Anywhere!!!!!!!!

Submitted: December 22, 2020

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