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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

love is something confusing 2 me. god is as well the contraindications of life.
I never realized what love was till she left. Crazy right

I'm sitting by my lonely

With all my friends

Having discussions

On life and love


It's sucks don't it

Empty rooms, Empty heart

Passion filled focus

Only too be disgusted


What is important in life?

My diamonds are really shinny

What have you done for me?

I have loved you all my life.


The strange questions

I do it all for you

Why don't you just believe

The sins,huh.


Yeah,I know the hoes.

I would still fck the hoes

Lol,see at least I admit

I learned lies are better.


I hate the idea of someone else making you happy.

I want to call and see your miserably, proof that you miss me too.

I know that's not the case

And I Hate it.


When did the Love disappear?

How, could? I already know the

Answer to the question I ask.


Still,how could I?

Have miss those sign

Now I now. 

Yeah lost time


I was so focused on you

I never saw your unhappiness

I thought things were great.

Then boom one day you're gone


I almost went insane not talking to you

Over time my focused,shifted

Nites of tireless drinking,never solved the problem.


After every hangover

It was a new lease on life

I felt refresh

I wanted more.


I learn now why I couldn't  love you.

I didn't love myself

So I turned to God.

I loved me more


Misery loves company so love me love me

Misery loves company so love me love me

Misery loves company so love me love me

Submitted: December 22, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Rikayon. All rights reserved.

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