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We’ve been cognitively hijacked by our evolutionary trait to condition ourselves to stories as if they were a matter of life and death to me this is the consequence of that.

Can you imagine in 2000 years that people would believe that Harry Potter was a collection of true stories, as if they were actual historical events? 


Could you imagine a little further and see these same people are granted the authority to construct their societal policies and justify their shaping of what the social norms would look and feel like. Bending the will of our behavior, as if these stories, had the supreme gravity that forces us to orbit the authority, as if it's the creator of life? Could you imagine such a world? 


Once more, I’ll ask you to take a few more paces, on this journey, when I say, attempt to imagine, if Harry Potter was translated over 2000 years through multiple dead and dying languages, or whatever ancient book with stories permeated society at such essential levels that the majority of the people who out of valid fear respect these ideals. 

These ideals they have they themselves never even read, any of the books, necessary to establish an informed opinion, but have been ingrained to such a depth that they snapped their backs along with being their standards, in complete obedience to an authority that they never bothered to look at. 

What great power this would be to control over 90% of the planet’s population, through books they’ll never read, but also never question. Now give these people the right to decide how I choose to live. Replace Harry with God, guns, liquor, money, capitalism, love of country, and this is exactly the ingredient necessary for society to be the way that it is. 


With regard to their thrust to reason, to fertilize their logic and give birth to a consistent thought child named morality. 


With this child, we can conduct a new story and influence this idea to be a good one that once explored can be accepted with the same amount of passion. If looked into this story it will fill the void with the space giving you the tools to discover for yourself, not my pre-chewed food but un-chewed food, but this time with the healthy level of skepticism that you can process the stories and only eat the story that’ll nourish and sustain the collective soul. 


How dare you have a thinking brain, but bow so effortlessly, all of your dignity and self-respect, as cognitive capable animals to a collection of stories that you have never read for yourselves, but trusted those who you know are unclean, in their intentions of you. 


Imagine too, if their government was like ours. In which, if there’s something most are in agreement on is that these folks in power, only value us as much as we are exploitable. 

The mountain of evidence to support this position is quite overwhelming and impressive that they’ve managed it this long. 

I go all in with this understanding of cards that spell out this critique. If you profess to being religious, but have never read your own doctrine, in its totality, but still treat this, as a truth in any way. You are the ones that didn’t step forward for Nat Turner. Not just for black people, but all beings. 

You've entrusted the Entertainers' tribe with the keys to the influence that you’ll be trained to accept the most. You are currently and have always been sitting in the passenger seat of your mind, as those that mean to exploit you to death, take you wherever they want you to go.  They go full throttle to the land of establishing what you accept as normal. Holy Ghost writing your decisions because they told your parents that this story is true from the interpretation that they generationally caricatured, meanwhile you never cracked the book to even formulate what questions to ask or to see what it even said. 


You have sold your soul to someone whose face is hidden, but speaks directly through the systemic indoctrinating methods that if you listen with sound ears to their mouthpiece you’ll see they’re in the tribe of the same people, who you know mean you harm. 


No wonder that the music industry is so toxic for the people. Look who they thank first after they win their awards. They thank their lord and savior. The more they lean this way the more the audience applauds, but the devil is the trickster in the tale.? 


Seems like misdirection to me. 


They are using those that you listen to all the time. The ones you want to look like, dance like, have sex with, rap like, play like, date like, and ultimately believe they wish to be. 

The brainwashing is evident because those of you don’t see this as a problem, believe themselves so surely they’ll rip your head off, shoot you, lynch you, defame you, they’ll want to kill you in the morning for challenging the stories they were fed as baby birds from the mouth of the mother bird, as the natural ways of them was pre-masticated so to do we swallow the pre chewed story of gods and saliva, but their actual full bellies have taught them not to question, but our mother bird fed us not food but, poison. A poison that nourished the dissonance to allow us to be spiritually starving, but to claim with conviction their of justice by slaying the Poet that questions the healthiness of our shared beliefs. 


Those folks that you beg to be those folks those entertainers are used to reinforce the legitimacy of this shadowy authority. The teachings of the book you never read, but also never had the courage to even dare question.


 They then snatch the souls of among the folks you worship. The entertainers, down to the athletes, influencers, actors, advertisers, to world leaders and folks that decide policies. From Politics to sports. 

From white to black 

From farmer to entrepreneur. 

Existing among all the classes. 

They snatch your soul of perspective vicariously for attempting to live through empty vessels who have traded their souls for your adulation. 


The soulless pawns usually get robbed for the ownership of their content by the same tribe who set your policies and dictates what programs you watch, what music they need to be popular to further cement your constructed worldview. They use this cache to tell the story of God through this interpretation they chose using that face you dare not look at, as they take the currency of our soul through the cash register right in front of us, but we’ve trusted the ones we transfer our souls to, the same tribe setup to exploit and plunder all of us. They have it until We read the book and decide for ourselves, once and for all, is this authority legitimate.? 


They say they sold their souls in the music industry, this is an open secret but again look at whom they all thank for making it all possible? 

You believe they tell athletes what to say, but you think your entertainers are free thinkers and not “media trained?” 

Look at whom you thank before you eat your dead animals that you profess to love without any notice. Usual Responsive Internal conflicting that would usually force you one way or the other Are disabled allowing you to believe in both 2+2=4 but also believe the answer to be 5 or whatever they decide the right answer to be. You love them or you eat them. You recognize that labor force is forced labor, you see capitalism telling you that you need to own things, that God calls on you to hate fags, worship celebrities, beat niggers, devalue women, eat what you claim to love and chase the dollar like it was the most valuable thing on Earth, so it could become the most valuable thing on Earth. I guess they’re just in the right spot at the best time because they just so happen to have an enormous amount of what they declared most essential.  Making them worth the most. 


It becomes doubly impressive that the biggest threat the truth teller has to face is the army of people that would rather kill you or die trying than be freed from their masters. 

Look at who has stacked up our collective souls over the course of 2000 years and let’s reflect it back to how our world is and has been. 

The Tribe who stood up and determined this not to be a right way to do it. They get assassinated. 


Standing up against the villains that plague the masses will lead that tribe of entertainers to release their army. This army will spit on you, discredit you, straw man you, call you ugly, will spend a great portion of their formative years crafting a fatal bias against the tribe of poets and their judgments 

The spiritual army is the ever raging battle between the Entertainers and the Poets. 


I’ll leave you with this with our souls in their possession

I don’t think we got our money’s worth for the correct price for the soul of humanity.

For the setting of our human nature. 

I believe we can do better.

Do you?

Submitted: December 22, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Trindin Wright. All rights reserved.

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