Been Down This Road Before

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In the waning days of World War Two, Adolf Hitler spent more time in his bunker surrounded by his most loyal followers and sycophants.

On a large table with a map laid out on it, Hitler would move little wood pieces that represented armies that no longer existed.

He would tell his followers of the new secret weapons that would be unleashed on the Allies that would turn the tide of battle in favor of Germany.

All those around him nodded in agreement. "Germany will prevail as will our Furher!" many would say.

But many also knew that this was not to be. The war was lost. There were no secret weapons. The only armies left of the Third Reich were mostly wooden pieces on a map.

But no one dared tell Hitler that.

As time went on, Hitler himself knew that it was lost. But he was not to blame.

"The German people were weak! My generals were traitors. They didn't follow my orders! They were all traitors to (ME)!, National Socialism and to the fatherland!"

Hitler felt that if Germany was going to lose the war, then he would impose a "scorched earth" policy on Germany. Nothing would be left for the Allies, or for the German people. The same ones who thirteen years earlier helped him gain power. 

In 2020, we have a president who has hunkered down in The White House trying in vain to upend an election which he has lost.

He and his loyal followers, his sycophants by his side, trying to find ways to eliminate millions of votes, to usurp The Constitution.

But time and time again, the courts have stuck down one motion after another.

Meanwhile the country is in the middle of a pandemic. Thousand are sick and hundreds are dying everyday.

The economy is on thin ice, all except for the stock market. But like with gravity, what goes up must come down.

People across this country having trouble paying their bills, losing their jobs, dealing with lost of life.

A major hacking by the Russians on the United States that has serious implications.

Yet, we have a President who cares for none of that. All he cares about is himself, the Trump name. Everything else doesn't matter.

As we head deeper into December, Trump, with his loyal followers, who could easily be dismissed and disgarded by Trump, are still grasping at straws to find ways to change an outcome to an election in a free society.

But like Hitler's followers, many know that it is a lost cause. But yet won't admit to the man himself. And those who do, are considered traitors.

"GOP senators, fake news, social media, William Barr, and the rest who are against (ME) are traitors!  They didn't follow my orders!"

Trump is planning to follow a similar "scorched earth" policy on the United States.

Not by destroying roads, rail or other transportation. Not to burn farms or burn down cities. But a "scorched earth" policy on our democracy. 

He wants to take this country down a dark and dangerous path to match his own personality. And as long as he is the last man standing, that's all he cares about.

Haven't we been down this road before?

Submitted: December 22, 2020

© Copyright 2021 88 fingers. All rights reserved.

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Serge Wlodarski

On January 20, Biden will become president. Trump will get a TV show. America will move on.

Tue, December 22nd, 2020 3:20pm


Trump is planning his own news network. So much for truth and facts. Just propaganda. If you say a lie long enough, people will take it as the truth, to paraphrase Joseph Goebbels. Thanks for reading.

Tue, December 22nd, 2020 7:27am


Very well said, 88.

Tue, December 22nd, 2020 6:36pm


Thanks for reading.

Tue, December 22nd, 2020 10:37am

D. Thurmond aka JEF

Yes, and will again, as long as voters do not demand that laws be put in place that say, "When it's over, it's over, you lost.
Oh, and this Pardon Thing. How can anyone pardon anyone unless they were convicted, or confessed, to crimes that they were a part of?
The Constitution say that "the power of the President applies only to convictions, under federal law."
Nixon had to have confessed to Watergate crimes in order to be pardoned. President Ford carried a news clipping saying just that, after he pardoned Nixon.

Tue, December 22nd, 2020 8:28pm


Thanks for reading.

Tue, December 22nd, 2020 12:36pm

moa rider

According to what we see from over here, you've summed it up very well, Fingers.

Wed, December 23rd, 2020 8:31pm


Thanks for reading this essay.

Wed, December 23rd, 2020 12:36pm

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