Our fate

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

A dark night in the alley of your house.
They came after us, but disappeared, you too...

We held hands

When they knocked on the door,
But they broke the silence one with her.
He pulled me to him to hide,
He was still holding my hand tightly.
We were running upstairs.
In the back I could hear their footsteps and screams,
They wanted to find us.
He opened the door of his room,
And looked around,
Just a bed and a closet…
He headed toward the closet,
He opened the door and threw me there.
He said to stay and get out,
Only when i won’t hear nothing more …
And after, he left,
He took that guitar hanging on the wall
And went downstairs…
I was left alone in that closet,
2 . Waiting for him…
The minutes passed, like an eternity,
The silence was too great.
I decided to go downstairs.
Things were the same as before.
Like nothing had happened.
There was no one else,
Everything was too perfect…
I’ve been searching every room,
He was nowhere to be found,
Neither them…
I went out to the back yard,
But it was too dark, so I went back to the house.
The alley was lit by three pillars,
And everything was in complete silence. 

 3.The door house was wide open, 

The warm light was visible on the window…
I entered that empty house,
But there was someone else, behind me , in the alley.
It was him…
I turned and saw him,
It was full of blood, but intact.
He had a transparent glass box in his hand,
But there was nothing in it…
As he looked at me, he threw it on the ground,
Breaking it into many pieces.
He looked like he was out of his mind….
His gaze was blank.
I tries to get her up,
But he seemed to be trying to hit me with those pieces.
I tried to run into the house,
But the windows were already broken.
The door was already closed…
I tried to open it, but nothing.
My arms no longer had power,
I couldn‘t control them any more.


Just a sound of a crack broke us apart.
He took a stone, and threw it at me.
He took the other broken pieces and tossed them in my face.
The skin was so cut with scratches,
That the blood was already dry.
He sat down on a chair in front of me,
And looked at me while i was on my knees,
Waiting for the final blow.
He told me that eyerything ends,
Only when i can’t longer breath…



Submitted: December 22, 2020

© Copyright 2021 M.a.d..D.a.m. All rights reserved.

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