Outside the box

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

A girl's adventure outside the box and the secret the box reveals.

Have you ever hear someone say think “Outside the Box”?

Well here’s my story about how I went "Outside the Box".

I’m a girl, the age of 13 and I can’t tell my name since that’s private.

I used to have parents before they died in a car accident.

But when they were alive, they told me to never leave the box, for the world is a scary place.

I obeyed them at first.

Until they left me forever…

Ever since they left, I’ve been wondering…

What is outside the box?

What could be so scary?

So I went to the center of the box where there’s a board.

A game of chess I call it.

Except there were pieces missing so now the board is 5x5.

But that wasn’t the problem…

Every time I came to the center, the board would ask me a question.

“Win or Lose?” I would hear and I would leave before it would force me to choose.

But this time I had an answer.

“Neither,” I replied. “I’m leaving the box, for I don’t have time to play.”

I opened the door and walked to the other side.

In the darkness, I saw light.

In the night, there were stars as bright as the moon and it was silent till I fell asleep, for the day was a place where everything was awake; from the sun to the birds.

It was more beautiful in the light.

But I knew I couldn’t stay, so I decided to take an adventure.

I walked to the park, the woods, the fields, mountains, and lakes.

I didn’t know it would lead me back to the beginning where it all started, that this was just another box.

I had to find a way out. There must be another door, I thought.

So I retraced the steps of my adventure.

And found a cave near a forest.

I went inside the cave, but this world was different. There was no day, no night, no box, no life.

Instead, it was built with time. With roman numbers.

XII, III, VI, and IX.

And there were 2 hands.

And there was a door at VI.

I opened it and there was a room that was white except in the middle of the floor there was a black shape of a lock hole.

I wondered what it meant. Why it lead me here?

It was only when I stepped in the middle of the keyhole that I started falling into my deepest secrets.

And then I realized what they meant by scary.

I was in the car with my parents to go get groceries.

They left me in the car.

There was an accident, but they’re not dead…

I am.

Submitted: December 22, 2020

© Copyright 2021 alisha p.. All rights reserved.

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