Through Time and Space

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Dragons, Faeries, Altogether Fantasy

a collaborative piece by:
alchiap ::

it was an ordinary day for the level 20 baker. as usual the occasional hunter stopped in for their quest; the regulars for their cups and sweets. it was a lovely day. allison was busy stocking the shelves, her tail swishing side to side in unison with the feather duster. her adorable baker outfit was covered in dust. it was that time to do the spring cleaning while the store was closed. it was towards the evening where everything died down. well; for someone like her anyway. allison didn't hunt, despite having all the ability. no, this kitty preferred the shop life. not only it was safer but she made good coin. her pouch was always full, no need to run around. a small cough slipped out the back of her throat as she put down the duster. taking in a deep breath, allison glanced at her tiny kingdom. no stale cake was left out, the dishes were done and the other employees went home. some were part timers that usually would go out at night to gather ingredients from the forest. sure they got the salt and sugar from neighboring towns, but the best cakes had the best ingredients from the forest. her special cakes such as blueberry and pineapple swirl had a place in the forest far from where the hunters go. it was safe for shopkeepers like herself. now usually a hunter would fill out the quest for her or one of her employees would get it. instead she sent everyone home early. today she felt like doing it herself and giving her subordinates a free night of relaxation.

taking a wicker basket, allison departed the shop, locking it tightly behind her. one part of her dress sent a poof of dust into the wind. oh geeze she really needs a shower. that made her smile, a single fang peering out beneath it. her flats clicked against the cobblestone path all the way until she stepped in grass. it was warm out, an unusual night for the temperature. upon reaching the special area, allison got to work. kneeling on the ground she started picking odd color objects that would make the most delicious item. she was in her own head a bit, humming some tune a bard played earlier that morning. how did it go again? she messed up a bit but it didn't stop her from working.

suddenly her head turned towards the sky, bright colors surrounding a cloud of a very loud machine. it halted her progress, causing her to unhinged from position. what was that? it landed! a gust of wind actually knocked the kitten down; it was incredibly powerful.


she had to check this out. being a hybrid cat made her always curious which sometimes was a down fault of her otherwise beautiful personality.

follow along with little miss allison and her new friend frenya to see where things lead for this pair. adventure and mysteries to solve for sure!

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Each chapter will be in one point of view (pov). Chapter One Frenya's pov Chapter Two Allison's pov so on and so forth. If you enjoyed this first chapter check out the story we did on alchiap page.
The Hunters Moonlight
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Chapter Two

Okay, so here is the second chapter! I'm sorry for those of you who were impatiently waiting for the next chapter. Both of our lives have been pretty hectic and busy. So we appreciate all of the
love and support and waiting like eager little children for the game room to open up. <3
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