the king of madness

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

A different young man, who sees life in his own unique way, made people classify him as insane, the problem begins with the assassination of his father, which causes him to break his peaceful insanity to write a bloody novel for them in the ugliest and crazy ways, so even the mental hospital will not accept him there

A long story with a dark philosophical character, it talks about the difference between us.

If we don't follow their path then we're crazy for them
And real madness inside in all of us, but to different degrees
Note: I want to clarify an important point. My work is not a novel but rather a long story.

 chapter 01 : It all begins with a bad day
Am I different, am I crazy or are these people an expert at reading minds, Live your life as they want or they kick you out from their lives That's what Jones was saying in that dark room even there is lamps But he loves it like this. he knows where the darkness is, calm follows him, In order to enjoy symphony suited to his taste, stranger to us, because we were blinded as a result of the pleasures that happen to us, we do not differentiate between reality and imagination, Lust overwhelmed our thinking, and we killed our dearest people because they differed from us or because of the money that separated us from each other. Blond Jones sits on his bed as he looks around, a magnum revolver in his hand, Swimming in dirty thoughts that speak of salvation. He believes that this community is guilty and should be punished Then he stood quickly and proceeded to wander around the room without stopping, repeating in a loud voice: It is salvation, the Lord chose me to cure them of this malicious disease. Aiming right and left While talking to himself because no one is there, it became clear to you that he suffers from mental illnesses, at least this is what the doctors tell him, Except that he sees himself as sound-minded, but thinks that they are the crazy ones Until he fell on his knees while raising his hands up and shouting at the top of his voice: Yes, it is salvation, I feel it, it runs in my veins. He had crazy moments, especially when he started to stare in front of him as if he was watching someone and pointing towards him with sick features, Those movements that he makes with his head while he poses in a question to someone he sees and we do not In a very sick tone: Do you know what is the meaning of salvation?
No you are wrong, that not the answer, i said wrong. He became agitated and started shooting without stopping, until he ran out of ammunition while shouting at the top of his voice, because Farid, his imaginary friend, made a mistake in the answer. Footsteps quickly coming toward the room, his father, he was shocked when he found Jones crying and saying: Why are you doing this to me? I told you the answer before. Seconds later, his condition changed to anger again, while he hit the floor with that pistol with a barrage of insults, forced the father to intervene while he took off the gun from his hands and then hugged him tightly in order to give him that love that was taken from him after his mother's death because this was her job and she was doing it well, Those pure tears that fell from his eyes as he kissed Jones' head, who smiled when he saw his father beside him, Looks of love and affection shine in those green eyes that he inherited from his father ad Hugging him deeply, saying: Dad, will you always be with me or you leave me too like my mother did, i promise I will be a good boy and I will obey the orders. Paralyzing the tongue from responding And those heavy tears that shed like rivers took care of the matter, refuses to let go , embraces in it as if this is a cruel farewell. That sad moment for the father ended with a kiss on his cheek and then he helped him to get up, while holding his hand, Gently dragging him, smiling as if he had a surprise waiting for Jones , Until they reached the First floor, then closed his eyes and helped him to walk towards the kitchen slowly, and that smile did not erase from his face When he finished took off his hands very slowly so as not to spoil the fun of surprise and said in a happy tone: Happy birthday to my handsome son, you have turned eighteen years today. After Jones saw the birthday cake on the table, he started hopping and clapping his hands with excitement And turning in a circle with his hands driven as a plane And his father  looks at him with a smile and he is very happy to ease his son and make him see himself special and there is no better way than a birthday Then he went to sit down, bowed his head and gathered his hands in a humble manner. Jones stopped jumping and cheered after seeing his father in a prayer position He set out to sit, like his father, too, preparing himself for a prayer of thanksgiving, minutes they spent praying to the Lord to thank Him for all the blessings that He gave them, Immediately after they finished that spiritual moment, the father looked at Jones in an indirect way that meant, making a wish and blowing out the candles? Jones understood the message and did just that, then started eating while enjoying that happy evening. Half an hour passed, It remained in Jones's memory Until the reaper knock on the door of their house But once That door opens, we shall know everything Which of them will be gone forever tonight Unfortunately Fate chose the father because Jones  was still eating. He walks towards the path of death without knowing while opened a door to welcome whom we feared to meet, The sound of gunfire, that's what he heard, his father's body dead, that's what Jones saw, But his reaction was completely different, despite the sadness on that circular face and tears descending from his eyes, but he continued to eat in a normal way as if nothing had happened. Four men entered, it looks like they are a gang, you can deduce that from the symbol on their elegant clothes, which is characteristic of the gang's families, One of them is coming towards Jones smiling sinisterly, while the others are standing near the entrance looking from afar, laughing. He tried to touch Jones's hair, In a way to mock him, But Jones was faster , he grabbed him by his shirt, hit his head on the table twice, and then he Stitching a knife in the back of his head violently, than he pulled the gun from dead man and shot the two gangster in front of him leaving the third one shaking in his place. he looked at him smiling and ordering him sarcastically to go and face the wall And he resume eating normally As he staring , in shock at the death of his father until the "fuse" owell  He decides to visit him on his birthday uninvited, limps in his walk due to an old injury while carrying a gift for Jones, Then that man looked at him, with looks that indicate that he was confused about the situation in which he was. He could not speak for fear that he would end up like his comrades, He kept staring , trying to send him a message that meant save me boss , That man, who looked at his fifties, did not respond to him, but only pointed at the wall. Meaning turn towards it and don't move than he kept moving towards Jones with normal steps and suspicious smile, If you look very deeply at Jones, you will see these features, which indicate that he is indifferent to his presence, and that he has no intention of talking with him as he eating And sadness appeared to him because he lost his most dearest possession, even though of that gift Which was placed on the table very gently whereas he was holding in his hand as a condolence to him for his loss. However, he did not taste that feeling, which expresses happiness, That he lived it when he was in the arms of his father. Owell  felt it too inside himself, Try to ease it down for him by open that gift as he smiling while Jones watching his steps cautiously, Who does not trust anyone because the blind trust died with the death of his father. Jones fell into astonishment and made him stop eating, after seeing a slightly strange gift  for ordinary people, Those who expect a beautiful shirt or a charming necklace that makes you fit the fashion that suits our times, but two yellow-gold guns decorated with a brown snake, you can say wired gift for us. He gave it to him, smiling, without saying a single word explaining the main reason for this gift at an inappropriate time, Jones  carried and it turned out that he liked his determination and could not hide it, because he wished to have his own gun and stop stealing his father's weapons  in order to have fun with them, Without delay, aim quickly at the gangster, who is waiting in death . to take him away Then he was shot, it made him lifeless body, The accuracy of the aiming and the speed that is characterized by Jones forced owell to applause Dazzled while speaking:
Excellent , i think you are ready to play with me beautiful game. Jones  looking without understanding What does he mean Until that mystery was revealed and a fire of anger ignited, which you can see clearly in his eyes. When owell uttered  those poisonous words that played into Jones' mind And lit that crazy fuse to burn what was around him and turn it into ashes To satisfy the animal instinct that he has ( Jones, son, now you have the opportunity to take revenge for the death of your father, I want you to eliminate them all every single person belong to morris family, and if you succeed in that I will tell you the reason for killing your father and many secrets about your past, Remember don't leave anyone alive, even if it was me.) Jones  remained silent and did not answer him, those evil looks emanating from his eyes sent a message to owell, he understood it directly Without any difficulty, until he smiled and was happy that his plan succeeded in introducing Jones into his sick game,. He headed towards him and then kissed his head, saying: may lord have mercy on his soul.
With a dead conscience and complete coldness. he set out to leave, and Jones stared in front of him without blinking as if he was seeing the future ahead of him and His mind is busy  to eliminating Owell and everyone belongs to his gang while talking to himself in a low voice: What is taken by blood will not return only with blood. Owell is gone, leaving Jones floundering between feelings of sadness and anger. He does not know if he has to cry or plans to kill those who killed his father. Minutes later, then he got up with the pistol in his hands In a way it turns out thathe will bring death, curse and destruction  to those who have deprived him of the grace of tenderness and parenthood, walking towards the living room And he thinks about the worst ways to get rid of them completely. he considers killing by bullets a mercy for them, he wants to hear their groaning and begging them out of pity, in order to forgive them, although this is impossible for a person whose heart is as hard as a stone Then he sat alone and was silent, looking at the TV And he was distracted. he decided to release that madness who used to paint bloody paintings to awaken this society from illusions and judging by appearances, Who can do everything except enter into conflict with him, and they lose their lives in the end, The sound of a knocking on the door gently interrupting that beautiful moment that he loves when he is alone, wandering through his thoughts If we had read it, we would find itvery sick And inhuman.

  chapter 02 : Out of asylum
Continuous knocking without interruption and Jones ignores them because he thinks he's not in the mood to open a damndoor or see anotherstupidhuman This is what he was saying in a lowvoice with miserablepsychologicalstate that does not allow him to meet anyone else, I wanttobealone This is his purpose of not opening the door. Silence fell all over the place after those knocks stopped, is he gone, does he think that no one is at home? All this does not matter to Jones, who is still mired in hisworld of absolute chaos till A personshouted from behind, out of surprise, with a mixture of sadness, which burstintotearsas embraces Jones' father's corpse and cries heartily. If you see those tears streaming from his brown eyes on those plump cheeks If you look between them, you will find that there are similarities in all the features, then utter a tone of sadness and wonder: youpsycho, whathaveyoudone? In a calm, sick tone, he answered: yougotitwrong, uncle, You'resupposedtosaywhattheydid, I thoughtverywellthathewouldfeellonelyandnotfindsomeonetospendhistimethere, so I decidedtosendhimcompany. Jones bursts out laughing loudly and for no good reason as he heads towards his uncle while aiming at him as if he intends to kill him. Fear ran into his heart so he took a step back, because he knew Jones had a historyofinsanity: Jones, chillout, itsme, kino, youruncle, Youarenotgoingtokillyouruncle, areyou?. Jones advances slowly towards him, completelymad, saying Will I killmyuncle? A difficultquestion. If i killyou, youwillbewithmyfatherandyouwillprotecthimfromharm, butif I letyoulive, myfatherwillbeverysad ...... Kino interrupted his words to try to calm him, saying: yourmotherit'swillbetherewithhim, boy. Jones collapsed completely after hearing her name, because she was so close to him, Remembering those happy and sad memories he spent with his mother . made him sit on the floor and started swinging back and forth and mumbled with incomprehensible words Then he screamed hard while holding his head in a way that showed that his condition had worsened Because he remembered that moment when she left him, the thing that hurt him most in that difficult period was that he could not do anything except standing while looking at her dying of cancer. The situation intensified on him until he fell to the ground, lying on his arm and staring at his weapon while turning in it And hums faintly Even those eyelids gradually began to close and then he fell into a deep sleep, Kino is watching him from his place, we cannot deny that he was severely affected by that, he blamed his brother, saying: Youdidnothavetoacceptthat, itwasnotfairforyouandhim, youhadtoleavehisguardiantotakecareofhimandnotinterfereinmattersthatdonotconcernyou. Although he is crazy, but he has a place in the heart of Kino, who loves him so much, perhaps more than his children. You can see that when he carried him while he looked at him with pure affection. walking towards the living room to put him on the couch, then suddenly he heard him speak while sleeping, saying: I loveyou, UncleKeno, I havealwayslovedyou, soyouarelike a fathertome. Those soft words revived the feelings of Kino, from whom a sincere tear fell as he lay down on the sofa, as he kissed him saying: i loveyoutooJones. He woke up the next day and found his house full of people he knew and strangers , including his family & friends of his father, attending the funeral. A mist of sadness drown the room, with cries and gloomy faces, while watches them from afar and his psyche is uncomfortable, due to the gathering taking place in his home Because loneliness was his refuge in difficult circumstances as walking towards Kino who meets with his guests Tension is intense and a sweat dripping from that flat forehead due to the large attendance And every time he passes by someone, he receives sincere condolences for his father's death. He could not respond to them from the severity of the tension that befell him, but only gestured with his head followed by a broad smile, It expresses high morals and perfect upbringing despite his limitless madness. Kino noticed that intense anxiety Who exposed him entirely and could not hide it even if he wanted to. he feared losing his temper and doing a scandal or hurting anyone here, he went to him quickly, to avoid an unfortunate end an Innocent victims will pay the price While carrying a plastic bag. he gave it to him immediately upon arrival and also some dollars, saying: takeityouwillfindyourtoyhereAndtakethistoo, Buyyourselfsomethingusefulandstayoutoftroubleboy, havefunjones. He carried his belongings and then left the house happy after he kissed his uncle's cheek forcefully, out of his love for him, While he was walking in the front yard, that smile was not erased from his face Until he heard someone calling him loudly. Jones raised his head quickly, and found a person wearing the same suit that distinguishes that gang who assassinated his father. standing in front of a black car of a new and beautiful Mercedes that looks expensive. He waves with that dirty hand, as a result of the countless assassinations, to come as fast as he can. Jones refused to go at first time, but he changed his mind later, after he opened that plastic bag and found in it his golden guns and some knives that belonged to his father when he was in the gang. Fast steps towards the gangster who is in an unenviable position, death surrounded him from all sides Especially when a young man, who has taken of lunacy as his approach. He was struck by a hysterical fear, those stares in which he sees a weapon pointed at him, and he is certain that the devil in the form of a human who intends to kill him if he does not deal with caution. He could not resist anymore, his courage collapsed after pointing the gun on his neck while he watched death in those green eyes and listened to a thick, threatening voice: giveme a goodreasontostopmefromblowingyourhead. He responded with a tone of fear while he was sweating: I'mjust a messenger, owellhassentmetotakeyoutotheJamesBar, youhave a missionthere. Gently lower his weapon Because he has an important appointment that he cannot miss with owell, but after he fulfills his requests and plays his favorite game with him, and he is still watching carefully if he tries to deceive him, Then he opened the door for him to ride in a very respectful manner Like a VIP. Jones got into the car and was psychologically preparing himself for what was waiting for him there . Seconds later, that man got in too and set off, For the first experimental operation in Jones' life and finally he is allowed to express these ideas and apply them to real life Some men from Morris' gang and his son, James Morris, that crafty short man, He can kill you quite coldly and be the first to cry at your funeral with a black eyes illustrates the devil inside. As he take sit with hot bartender enjoy him on his lap while he was playing with hair and she was laughing than he surprise her with a kiss on the neck It is a message of an intimate desire that he wants, while she has no objection to it. When she got up in a way it's surprised James as she was dragging him quickly to the workers' room to spend a fun and special time between them He liked her reaction and her desire to be with him in complete isolation, this is what ignited the fire of lust inside him and he could not hold himself up and then carried her while she was laughing loudly, that happiness on her face showed that she cant wait as he kissing her with passion, until they entered that The room then close the door from the inside. Fun, playing cards, drinking beer, This is what they were doing in that bar Who decided to close it and spend time in it, About half an hour and they are having fun till The moment of shock came, their nightmare appeared when he slowly opened the door and then entered, Watching them play with ironic smile sending an Encrypted message to them which means see who decided to visit you until someone uttered a loud voice and a tone of contempt: Bar'sclosed, shit-face. A bullet in his head made him silent forever As a result of not respecting him,Seeing their friend dead, rang their alarm, and forced them to point a weapon in his face As an attempt to respond and in order to show the value and reputation of the gang to which they belong. all of them in one voice, it is a big mistake to mess with us But his speed didn't leave them a chance to do that and killed five of them at once and in a professional manner Which spread fear in the last two men Without any prolongation, in order to preserve their precious lives, they threw away their weapons and raised their hands, succumbing to this scourge called" Blond" Jones. Mercy entered that cruel heart in his dealings with others, He walks with steps that express his strange, fearsome personality as he heads towards jukebox With an inquiring tone as He chooses music according to his own taste: IsJamesMorrisinthebuilding. One of them responded with a tone of fear: yes , heisintheworkers' room, unfortunately, youcannotmeethimatthemoment. Heis a bitbusy. The sound of dance music playing, He answered him as he headed towards the middle of the bar: I have a lotoffreetime, I canwait, andnowit'stimetodance. Jones dances in a crazy and random way that a sound-minded person he will not dare to try it But in his eyes it's the most beautiful dance in the entire universe, his love and self-acceptance made him spiritually integrated. Unlike the two men who were shocked by it and did not assimilate its beauty and the significance of it, this is the case of those who judge by appearances and forget the depth of a thing, and the beauty of a person lies in his soul, not his form And this ugly reality that is characteristic of some became clear when one of them started laughing at him, kept dancing without paying him any attention and he is proud because he knows in his true self who he is, he does not need any opinion from them, so live your life as you are and if it is not you then you imitate someone's life. Exceeding all limits accepted by the civilized logic that we claim to live when didn't stop mocking him And pointing with his finger and laughs out loud and His colleague is silent. he refused to follow the path of his stupid friend who digs his grave with his hand while he does not know. Jones finished dancing, brought a chair and placed it across from the workers' room and then ordered that man to attend. He came to him, wiping his tears from the intensity of laughter, saying: Whatdoyouwant, fool, youaretheworstdancer I haveseeninmylife. He did not answer just pointing to his hand to kiss it . He looked at him in a way that I would prefer death and would not do it, then Jones suddenly stood up and stabbed him brutally in the neck several times, after that fell dead. fear increased within the heart of his colleague, who came quickly kissing in his hand without ordering him. Jones sits quietly looking ahead, waiting at James with the gun holder in his right hand and the other hand enjoying a kiss of honor as if he were a king. Minutes later, James emerged high from that hot sex, but was shocked by what he saw, Gang corpses are everywhere, and the only survivor, subjected to humiliation, and kisses Jones' hand, who watches in a malicious manner. made James curse his mother without even realizing it. Jones was upset when he heard this and shot him  warning shots in his  thigh But he kept repeating that and shot his other thigh until he fell on his knees in pain badly. He  did not learn the lesson and cursed his mother again Then he shot his shoulders and stood up, saying in a tone of anger: Keepitupandthenexttimeitwillbethehead. James is in a lamentable state, badly injured and a severe moan, and that girl is hiding in the room after she saw him like that. you can only hear her calling on the Lord to save her. Jones walks to him to finish the job for which he came, as he puts the gun on his forehead while James pleads for mercy. One last look from Jones saying: yourfathersendshisgreetingsand then killing him. sound of screaming and crying on the part of that woman. a sweet and gentle voice Coming from behind calling for Jones. He turned around to see. There is a beautiful woman in her twenties wearing an attractive red robe that immediately tempts you to spent romantic day with her, she looks like she can handle it very well As she walks toward him in a very sexy way. Jones doesn't see it like that, She grabbed him by his hand forcefully, saying: Youwillcomewithme, prettyboy. than drag him out of building.

 chapter 03 : it never ends as we expect
Jones blushed and lower his sight as sign of shyness When gently grabbed his hand while she smiled until those brilliant white teeth appeared. there is much admiration in those blue eyes toward Jones Who remained silent he not used to experience romance Or at least express his feelings. A treacherous romantic kiss from Lisa followed by a whisper in his ear in a sweet voice : I missyousomuchmylove. He smiled a broad smile showing that he was happy with that. He decided to take a bold step when he held her hand and kissed it several times, saying: I missed youtoo, butyouaretheonewholeftmewithoutevensayinggoodbyetome. She was so touched as he was right Sadly and feeling some guilt, she replied: They separated usand threatened myfamilywithdeathifwe stayed together, This isallhis fault whenheletyougo . The sound of an engine is running while she is driving away from here, leaving Jones in a maze of questions and inquiries from Lisa's words, who have not found a logical explanation or a specific answer that reveals to him that mystery about his past that he has become suspect in. The road is almost empty except for some cars and pedestrians on the sidewalk and Jones is looking at them, and he's lost in thought. When he put his hand on his cheek as watching on the road and Sometimes towards his best friend as he calls her, and theloveofherlife as she describes it . She looking at him with sorry because he is out of his nature, this is not Jones whom she fell in love with him, who acts according to his distinctive nature, regardless of customs and traditions. an intellectually backward society, and I am not talking about illiteracy, but that thinking who fought different people and They did not accept them within this civilization zone, and the great differences that exist in it increased the beauty of it. so stop acting as if you own this land, because God created it all for us and we also have the right to live in it. Those looks expressed a deep feeling emanating from a heart that went into the world of love so much that it recovered from it and became smitten. She craved those insanity and innocent laughter that would classify Jones as the most handsome and enjoyable man in her life, A tickle in his neck in an attempt to relieve him made him turn to her with a smile, That rare smile brought her back to life, which you can say is like her lover, if he is crazy, then she is a ruthless killer. killing for fun, Finally, Jones returned to his old habit when he said: According to a personal opinionwhen killing someonewhileheis asking for mercy and pleading with compassion ismorebeautifulthan killing himquicklybecause I feel myself king. She replied to him saying while smiling, youaremy king, that's why I trusted youonmyheart, whichiswhat remains ofmy innocence., Then he kissed him on his cheek With great love, shows that she loves him: If madnesshas a king, thenyouarethemost worthy and suitable forhim. A large room of Villa that Owell used as an office for him to discuss his private business with his big, strong son, Chris, who is muscular Or his guests from other gangs, if you look closely at that office made of red wood, above it a computer from the new model and some secret files, near it is an ashtray and a pack of cigarettes and owell sitting there smoking as starring forward seriously after hearing of James's death, he made him realize that it was his turn too, There is no escaping from this fact, which he accept with open arms, unlike Chris who standing next to him in a solemn stance, characterized by the bodyguards. A magnum revolver in his hand as a welcome gift for Jones when he visits them, as he has heard rumors from hisfather's men that he is coming . He made a promise tohismother in order to avenge hisyoungbrother who had never harmed anyone before, even though hismother opposed this idea and told him before that this will make this matter worse than it is, all of this is the fault of your father who granted a blessing he got from the Lord because he could not Dealing with it before and now he wants to get itback, but in a stupid way. All of a sudden, Owell cellphone rang, which he took out of his pocket, and answered. He heard news from his guard that someone had come to see him. He wanted to know who he was. He told him directly that he was called Jones He smiled immediately after hearing his name and order him in a happy tone: sendhimtomyoffice, andnooneofyoubotherhim, heiswhereitreallybelongssoleavehimdohisownthing. Then he looked at Chris telling him to call his mother ,He gladly fulfilled his father's request, because Jones came to him of his own free will, And in order to get out that hidden hatred and eliminate beautiful memories, Moments later. Mary Morris came in, They are waiting impatiently, but not like Chris, who was only waiting for one reason to killhim, and the death of his brother James was the most important reason for making that decision. He opened the office door, Jones entered after he walked two steps and then stopped watching them, while they stared at him with a smile he lost that feeling of revenge for his father because of that romance moment who spent it with Liza,
except for Chris, who looked at him with great anger and hatred He asked Owell to sit with polite manner, so he gave him permission as he walking towards that chair . Chris gave him a sneak punch that knocked him to the ground Then he started hitting him and Jones laughing loudly and repeating a phrase that seems to you crazy but has a deep meaning: If I had a family I wouldnothavebeeninsultedandbeatendaily, if I foundsomeonewholovesme I wouldnotembracemy mother's pictureeverynightbefore I fellasleep. That phrase broke their hearts into pieces, until Mary headed towards Chris after which she took a small pistol from her bra and placed it over his head as she screamed with tears in her eyes: Leave mysonalone, I havetoldyoumany times toaccepthimasyourbrother. He stopped beating him, then raised his head towards hismother with a malicioussmile, then stepped aside while watching hisfather pointing at him with features indicating anger Jones burst out in tears, then went to embrace his mother and wiped his tears, saying in a gentle and innocent tone: mama ,mybrotherhitme. All he wants is tenderness and love, even though he is in shock at what he heard. Chris got into a rage and began to fret over envy and hate as he shouted those tears in his eyes : Since wewereyoungandyouneverlovedme, healways takes allthetendernessandlove. He changed his gaze at Jones while pointing at him with his hand as a warning, You tookmy parents frommeand I willtakefromyouwhoisdearesttoyou.Then he set off, wiping his tears , Then Owell sat down, and so did Mary, and put Jones on her lap while wiping his tears with a tissue as he looked at his father watching him with a smile saying: Welcome house, son . I knowthatyouareconfusedandhavemany questions buttobe honest withyou ? Your realfatherisin prison, butyourmotherisin a asylum , The condition youare suffering from, I inherited itfromthem. He did not understand anything from what he said to him while Mary continued to explain while cleaning his face with those tissues as if he were a small child, a sign that they really love him and are very spoiled :kino, Owell, yourfather, and Jimmy thefatherwhotook care ofyou, brothers. He interrupted her words while pointing towards Owell: buthekilledhim , heis bed person. They burst out laughing at his innocent words, and then they stopped until the father spoke: Yes, I killedhimashewanted, becausehewas suffering from cancer andhewas going to die that week, hedecidedtospendyourbirthdaywithyoufirst. Gradually the picture began to clear for Jones and he understood a little bit about his past , They are both of them It was traded in his sponsorship until Jimmy took care of him at the age of 5 years, although Owell asked to take him back, but Jimmy refused that because he was attached to him and that his life would be empty without him, especially since his wife is sterile Hour passed while they were talking and enjoying their time with him Until a guard entered them without knocking on the door, panting as if he was being chased by something than talk hardly : Sir, Lisa, thedaughterof Alejandro, hasbeenshot. Everyone stood up after hearing this news. Shocked, especially Jones, who went to the guard and lifted him from his shirt, saying in a tone of anger: givemethename. He refused to answer him, Fearing his reaction, he just stared at Owell who understood it completely and went out running, followed by his son and the guard till the reach the street found Chris running towards the car to escape from the fury of Jones When he saw Lisa dying, thoughts start racing in his head. The situation is complicated and pushed him instantly towards the aggressive way. He left Lisa and start chasing Chris He may love Lisa but he is still psycho. Chris got into the car and ran away as quickly as possible, and so was Jones, who was determined to kill and abuse his corpse, because he was born out of insanity While Owell looked at them Very concerned about the deteriorating situation between them and his relationship with Alejandro until they disappeared from view, he ordered his men to pursue them and calm the situation. His men applied his order and then rushed towards the cars while he was carrying Lisa, he took her towards the car with fast steps for taking her to the hospital in order to save her before it too late, put her inside the car and then got in than set off too.

to be continued

Submitted: December 23, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Isaac Johnson. All rights reserved.

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