The Lashing of Korra

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

In the Legend of Korra comics, Korra ends up a full-blown dike, kissing Asami and then telling her parents about it who are fully accepting. Well, I decided that that's not what happened. So here's actually how it went:

“Dad, I’m gay.” 

Tonraq’s smile didn’t fade. In fact, not a single muscle on his face moved.

“Dad?” Korra asked nervously.

Slowly, Tonraq’s face shifted from jubilation to apathy, then disgust, then a hideous contortion of rage. Korra shrunk back in horror, she had never seen such a violent, malicious expression in her life, let alone on her own father. Tonraq breathed heavily “You… You BITCH!” Korra winced, a look of horror and anguish possessing her features. Tonraq slapped Korra with the force of a moose-lion, forcing her to collapse with a shriek of emotional pain. Face on the floor, she began crying uncontrollably in disbelief that her own father would treat her this way. “Dad! It’s still me! I’m still your dau-” 

“No daughter of mine is going to be a FAGGIT!” Tonraq screamed. He let out a ferocious growl as he strained every muscle in his body with anger, turning his face red. “Tonraq wants blood!” he shouted through clenched teeth. 

Korra toar her face from the floor to peer up at her mother, Senna, whose eyes were narrowed and nose flared out, peering back down at Korra with contempt. Senna spoke “What a disappointment, you slug-tick. Tonraq, get rid of this… this.. thing.” Tonraq walked into the back room, out of sight. Korra let out a whale of agony as she let her face hit the floor again, screaming and crying. Her family had abandoned her. 

Korra heard her father’s heavy footsteps as he walked back into the room, and now stood less than a meter in front of her. Korra couldn’t bring her face up to meet him, instead she continued to whale in emotional torment. “That’s right,” said Tonraq, “We never loved you. I renounce you and I renounce every action you’ve ever taken. You have achieved nothing and you have helped no one, you fucking dike. This is exactly how you should die: soulless, honorless, weeping and ashamed.” 

Korra was an attractive girl. Big blue eyes, soft skin, perky lips. Her beautiful features vanished in an eruption of blood and gore as Tonraq hefted his warhammer high into the air and smashed Korra’s head apart. 

Tonraq let out an orgasmic exhale. “God-fucking-damnit that felt good. I love killing faggits.”



Asami was starting to get worried. It had been more than 10 minutes since Korra went inside. “Well,” she thought, “I guess I should at least turn off the snowmobile now.” She did, but noticed the absence of its vibration. The front door to Korra’s parents house opened. “Finally! I knew I was worried about nothing!” Asami said with a breath of relief as she stood up and ran towards the opening door. But she stopped a few feet from the front steps. Korra’s dad had stepped out. Something wasn’t right. He looked… angry, but smiling. 

“You,” said Tonraq, his voice laced with the anticipation of a predator in front of its prey. Something was definitely not right. Asami took a step back, but Tonraq’s left hand caught her attention. From behind the door he dragged out a mangled animal with water-tribe garb around it.

“Wha-what is that?” Asami said sheepishly. Tonraq hurled the mutilated carcass several meters, and it landed face-down at Asami’s boots. It was human! She screamed. 

“Turn it over, you harlot.” said Tonraq.

“Whe-where is Korra?! I want Korra!” Asami yelled.

“Turn over that carcass and bear witness to the fruits of your hedonism. Do it, now.” Tonraq ordered in a tone that it made clear there was no arguing.

Asami knelt and looked at the corpse. ”Why did Korra’s dad throw a human carcass at me?” she thought as she began turning it over. “And where is Korra?” And although the flat, warm plate of bone and skin only had half an eyeball left hanging from its socket, the disfigured face answered her questions. Asami paused for a quarter second before screaming so hard that her face turned pale and she vomited on the corpse and blacked out. 

Senna walked out the front door and stepped beside Tonraq. She looked at the scene and nodded her head in affirmation. “Good… good Tonraq. Now clip her wings.” 


Submitted: December 23, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Stone Hat. All rights reserved.

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