Marsupial Girls: Welcome to the Family

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Andrew Scot has arrived on Planet Arkaron with his new girlfriend, Secretary General Syella Makhol of Arkaron, where she introduces him to her three daughters. Her 16 year old daughter, Natasya, carries Andrew in her pouch as they take him on the tour of the city.

I had just arrived on Planet Arkaron with my new girlfriend, Secretary General Syella Markol of the Arkaron Nations. I had arrived from Planet Earth where I was born and raised. I spent my entire life living in New Zealand and had given up my job as a Representative of the Human Race to go live on Arkaron with Syella and her three daughters.


The Arkarons were a race of humanoid marsupials in which the women carried their children in their pouches. They also carry men in their pouches too. Syella was 43 years old with short brown hair that went down to her shoulders and a medium build. She looked so gorgeous with a white buttoned long sleeved shirt, jeans and light brown sandals. She was so beautiful, my Syella. I was looking forward to meeting her children.


As we arrived at the Arkaron Space Fleet Headquarters in Korkoron City, Republic of SansmiSyella smiled at me with her beautiful dark brown eyes. I smiled back as I held her right hand and kissed her on the lips. Her lips were amazing. 


We landed on the tarmac in front of the spaceport where I saw three girls, ranging from 11 years to 21, waiting outside the entrance of the building beside the tarmac. Sansmi was on the northern continent of Doric. The cockpit of the Harjlran Space Train opened upSyella and I unclipped our seatbelts, climbed out of the cockpit and jumped down onto the tarmac. Syella’s three young daughters ran up to us with their arms open, all excited. 


“Hello,” said Syella with tears of joy in her eyes as she hugged her daughters. “I missed you so much”. 


Syella was so happy to see her daughters and they were so happy to see their mum. I smiled as I watched them hugging each other. The way women do back on Earth. After they had hugged for a while, Syella looked back at me with a smile on her face. She said “Girls, this is my new boyfriend, Andrew Scot. He's from New Zealand, Earth. You talked to him on the vidphone. Andrew, these are my daughters: Gabriella, Natasya and Luissa 


“Nice to meet you” said Gabriella as she offered me a hug. 


Each of Syella’s three daughters gave me a hug. Gabriella was the eldest. She was 21 years old with short brown wavy hair that went down to her shoulders and medium build. She looked like that actress that played in the series Twin Peaks. Natasya was the middle child. She was 16 years old with wavy blonde hair. She wore a white shirt, denim shorts and sandals. The youngest was Luissa who 11 years old as I recalled. She was almost as tall as her sisters with long, straight brown hair. She reminded of that little girl in Silent Hill and Case 39. 


“Nice to meet you all,” I said smiling at the girls looking up at me. I looked towards Syella and said “You’re daughters are beautiful, SyellaYou've done yourself well”. 


“They are beautiful, aren’t they?” said Syella. “They can be a handful at times. But you'll like them. Come. I'll show you my place. Get unpacked. Then we'll take you to the summer parade and give you a tour of the city”. 


“I would like that “ I said. 


Syella grabbed my hand. She and the girls led me to her dark black hover car in the parking lot. It was Gabriella who drove the girls here to pick us up at the space port. Gabriella threw the keys at Syella who caught it and unlocked her hover car by remote. The doors opened automatically. 


Syella climbed into the driver’s seat. I climbed into the front passenger seat and the girls sat in the back seat. Syella switched on the engine. We levitated above the ground. Syella steered the car towards the southwest and flew us across the residential part of the city towards the city centre. Once we approached her house, we landed in her driveway. Syella switched off the engines. 


“Well,” said Syella “This is my house. Don't you like it?” 


“Yes,” I replied “It’s a wonderful house. It’s beautiful”. 


We climbed out of the hover car as I looked up at her magnificent two-story brick house. It must have been expensive too. You would have to be rich to afford such a big house. The bricks were a light brown colour. My jaw dropped at the sight of it. 


I heard Syella yell “Gabriella, take Andrew's stuff to my room please. I mean our room. We'll unpack his stuff too so that he can get acquitted with your little sisters. Then we’ll go out”. 


“Come on” said Natasya as she grabbed me by the hand and dragged me towards the house with Luissa beside us. 


Syella unlocked the house as Gabriella followed her into the house with my suitcase. Natasya dragged me into her house, followed by Luissa. Natasya looked at me and said “I’ll show you to my room. Coming, Luissa?” 


“Yeah” said Luissa. 


“Ok” I said. 


Natasya and Luissa kicked off their shoes. Natasya dragged me across the living room, up the stairs and down the corridor towards her room to the right as Syella and Gabriella went to the room on the right across the hall. Natasya let go of my hand and sat on the bed beside Luissa. 


“Andrew, come sit with us” said Natasya waving me towards her. 


“Ok” I said. 


I wanted some place warm to sit. So, I walked towards the bed and pulled Natasya’s shirt up so that I could climb into her pouch. I was feeling nervous, not knowing if she'll let me into her pouch. Natasya asked “Do you want to get into my pouch, Andrew?” 


“Yes” I said nodding. 


“Ok” she replied with a smile on her face. 


Natasya lifted up her shirt and held her pouch wide open so that I could climb into her pouch. I placed my right leg into her pouch. Then I put in my left leg. I sat down inside Natasya's pouch with my legs tucked beneath me and rested my head against her chest. Natasya closed her pouch so that only my head was sticking out. Then she put her shirt back on and straightened it up. 


It felt warm and cosy inside Natasya’s pouch. Like an electric blanket that felt as soft and smooth as a woman’s breasts. I felt her chest moving as she breathed. Natasya stroked my hair and kissed the top of my head. Luissa gave me a hug too. The girls were so happy to have me as part of their family. 


“Looks like Andrew is enjoying my pouch” said Natasya as she kissed the top of my head. 


“Yeah. I see that” agreed Luissa. 


That’s because it's so nice and warm in here” I said with a smile on my face. 


“Come on,” said Natasya “Let’s go see how our mum and sister are getting along”. 


Natasya swung her legs onto the floor and quickly climbed to her feet. Luissa hopped down on the floor. We exited the room. The girls walked across the hall to their mother’s room. Natasya asked “Do you need any help mum?” as she and Luissa stood in the doorway. Natasya clamped her left foot over her right with a smile on her face. 


Syella and Gabriella turned their heads towards us while unpacking our stuff. Syella said “Ah, I see you have Andrew in your pouch, Natasya” as she smiled. 


“Yes,” replied Natasya as she carried me into the room. Luissa came in after us. “He went for my pouch. So, I let him in. He just wanted to get into my pouch”. Natasya grinned at her mum. 


“He does enjoy the pouch” said Syella. The girls giggled. “Andrew, I’ll show you where we put your stuff. The girls set aside some space for you”. 


Syella walked over to the drawers on the right side of the chest. It appeared Gabriella was unpacking my stuff while Syella unpacked her own stuff. Natasya and Luissa walked close to their mum and we looked down at her. 


Syella said “Andrew, your pants, shorts and pyjamas are in the bottom drawer”. Syella opened up each drawer. “Your shirts and hoodies are in the middle drawer and your handkerchief’s, undies and socks are in the top drawers”. 


Syella climbed to her feet, grabbed Natasya by the arm and guided us into her bathroom. She said “I’ve put your toothbrush in the holder, your soap and shampoo in the top drawer. Your towels are over there”. 


“Thanks, honey,” I said “I appreciate it”. 


“No sweat” replied Syella as she bent down and kissed me on the lips, sticking her tongue in my mouth. She pulled back and smiled at me. She stroked Natasya’s hair saying “You’re getting taller everyday. I'm so proud of you. Does anyone want some cool garjuni juice before we go?” 


“Yes, please” said me and the girls. 


“You'll like it, Andrew. It's so tasty” said Syella. 


Natasya stood aside as Syella walked past us. Natasya turned, then followed her mum out of the bathroom. Her two sisters followed us out of the room and through the corridor, down the stairs to the lobby. I could hear their bare feet trampling down the stairs. Once we reached the bottom of the stairs, the girls followed Syella into the kitchen. 


The girls stood at the kitchen counter as Gabriella placed five glasses on the counter. Syella opened the fridge and got out the jug of garjuni juice which appeared black. She poured us each a glass of juice. Once the glasses were full, Gabriella and Luissa grabbed their juice. Natasya handed me a glass of juice and picked up her own glass of juice. Syella took her glass. We drank down our glasses of juice. It felt refreshing, having the juice go down our throats. It had a sweet, tangy taste. Like cranberry. 


Hello. Is anybody home?” asked a female voice approaching the front door. 


“Come in,” replied Syella. The woman and her teenage daughter, about the same age as Natasya, entered the front door and walked over to the kitchen. Syella walked past us towards the two women as she gave them each a hug. “How are you?” 


“Good, good” replied the mother. 


“This is my new boyfriend, Andrew Scot,” said SyellaNatasya carried me to the two women. “He’s just moved in from Earth. Andrew, these are my neighbours, Shirren Kasken, and her daughter, Kyella. She's the same age as Natasya”. 


Hello” said ShirrenShirren was in her forties with wavy blonde hair. “He looks gorgeous, Syella”. 


“He is cute” said Kyella smiling at me. Kyella had long brown hair with a tall slender build.


Kyella is my best friend from high school, Andrew,” said Natasya “Our mums have been friends since high school”. 


“The girls and I are about to take Andrew to the summer parade,” said Syella. “Before we take him on a tour of the city”. 


“Good idea,” said Shirren. “I think Kyella and I will come along. Her big sister has taken my husband to the lake to give our backs a break. He keeps climbing into our pouches”. Frankly, I don’t blame him. 


“Well, the more, the merrier” said Syella smiling. She turned to us and said “Put your glasses in the dishwasher, put on your shoes, we're going out”. 


The girls chorused “Ok, mum”. 


We put the dishes in the sink. Natasya carried me to the front door and slipped her feet into her sandals. Then she carried me out of the house as we joined the others. Syella locked the front door. Then she yelled “Let’s go!” 


We went down the path, out the gate. The girls turned left onto the footpath and we were on our way. 






I woke up to find that we had arrived in the city centre. I had fallen asleep in Natasya's pouch on the way to the city. Syella said “We're here, honey. In time for the summer parade”. 


The main street was lined with people of all ages. Mothers with children in their pouches. Older children standing beside their parents. Women with their boyfriends in their pouches. Teenage girls carrying their daddies in their pouches. I noticed girls older than five were out of their mothers' pouches. But boys as old as 12 in their mother's pouches. The boys appeared to spend more time in their mother’s pouches then the girls. I don’t blame them to be honest. The pouch is warm and comfortable. 


The girls squeezed through the crowd until Syella said “Here’s a good spot”. 


The girls stood at the side of the road behind the barriers. We cheered as the marching band came along with their trumpets, trombones, drums and cymbals. The music sounded kind of jazzy. NatasyaKyella and Luissa danced to the music and cheered. Man Natasya had a set of lungs. She said “Feel the music”. 


There were cheerleaders doing summersaults, cartwheels and acrobats. Girls in leotards dancing with ribbons. Ballerinas doing jumps and twirls with men in their pouches. Those ballerinas must have been strong to do that. There were clowns marching down the street, waving to the crowd. Some of them shooting us with water pistols. There were clowns on stilts, acrobats and marching girls twirling their batons. There were people dressed as marsupials, insects, and fairies. A float with a prince, princess, magicians and various cartoon characters. Once the parade was over, the girls walked across the street. 


We went a few blocks down where Natasya carried me into the summer fair beside the girls. Syella said to Natasya, Kyella and Luissa “You three show Andrew around the summer fair. We'll meet at the wharf”. 


“Ok,” chorused the three girls as they took me towards one of the stalls. 


Syella, Gabriella and Shirren went the other way. Natasya tried on a silver bracelet with a snake on it, a brown leather bracelet and a golden bracelet. She asked me what I thought. I said they looked nice. The girls looked through all the dresses on the rack: yellow, green, blue with white dots. There were various shirts with cartoon characters, marsupials and insects printed on them. 


There was a stall with wooden statues, glasses, vases and paintings. There was a juggler and a fire breather. A clown waving to the people. We also looked at the rugs. Natasya kicked off her shoes, sat on the chair and placed her feet on the vibrating pillow. She giggled while she was hugging me as the pillow appeared to be tickling her feet. She said “That tickles”. 


She took her feet off the pillows and put on her shoes. She said “Have you had enough of the fair, sweetie” as she stroked my hair. 


“Yes,” I said. 


“Let’s take him to the wharf” suggested Kyella. 


Good idea” said Luissa. 


The girls took me to the wharf which was at the end of the main street. Natasya continued stroking my hair which felt nice. We looked at all the boats which were mostly white. One was dark blue, another was red. I heard their feet slapping on the concrete as the girls giggled and we talked about how cool the boats were. 


Just then Natasya said “Oh god. He's smiling at me. He's walking up to me. I'm so nervous”.


I saw a young man about the same age as Natasya and Kyella walking up to us. Natasya hugged me tightly. I said to her “It’s all right, honey. I was nervous when I first met your mother. It's normal”. 


“Mum said you were terrified,” said Luissa. 


As the young man approached us he said “You’re Natasya Markol from high school”. 


“Yah” Replied Natasya smiling at him, stroking my hair as she crossed her right foot in front of her left. 


“Is that your dad in your pouch?” he asked. 


“Yes,” Natasya nodded smiling “You could say that. This is my mum's new boyfriend, Andrew Scot. He's just arrived from Earth today”. 


“Hello, Andrew,” replied the young man offering me a handshake “I’m Timothy Drastin. One of Natasya's friends. You have quite a beautiful daughter”. 


“Thanks,” I said accepting his handshake. “It’s a pleasure meeting you young man”. 


“Let’s walk to the end of the wharf” suggested Tim. The girls followed him down to the end of the wharf. Natasya carrying me beside Tim. “There’s nothing like being inside a woman’s pouch, isn't there?” 


“No there isn't” I agreed, looking up at Tim from Natasya’s pouch. 


“So warm and soft,” Tim looked at me, then looked ahead. “The reason why the pouch feels so soft, Andrew, is because the inside of the pouch is lined with a layer of fat and muscle. It's the fat that makes the pouch so soft and smooth. Noticed how smooth the pouch is?” 


“I noticed it when I rode in Syella’s pouch” I said. 


“Yeah. It's actually to protect the child if the mother should fall or trip over. Or something falls on the mother. It’s also to keep the child comfortable 


Once we reached the end of the wharf, NatasyaKyella and Luissa kicked off there shoes. Natasya picked up her shoes, opened up her pouch and asked “Can you carry these, Andrew?” 


“Ok,” I said as I grabbed her sandals and held them in my lap. 


Natasya closed the pouch and carried me down the steps to the sea beside Tim and the girls. She waded into the water and sat down on the steps with her feet in the water. 


Ahh,” said Natasya “So nice to dip my toes in the water”. Natasya stroked my hair as did Luissa. “So what have you been up to?” 


“Been fishing with my dad” replied Tim. “We fished off Coraiya Island. Which is just a few kilometres to the north east. Caught a big kramarh about this big”. 


He stretched out his arms to show the fish is two metres long. 


“We took Andrew to the parade,” said Natasya moving her hair out of her face “Then we took him to the fair”. 


“How was the parade, Andrew?” 


“It was fine,” I said “it was like the Christmas Parade we have back on Earth”. 


Timothy stroked Natasya’s left leg. He said “Natasya. Maybe I’ll take you out on the boat with my dad”. 


“I’d like that”. Natasya smiled and giggled. 


Timothy asked for Natasya's number, so the two of them exchanged numbers. Timothy asked “So you have my number?” 


Natasya nodded, smiling at Tim. She placed her hand on his arm. Timothy leaned forward and kissed Natasya on the lips. I could see they were sticking their tongues in each other’s mouths. Once they pulled back Natasya and Timothy smiled in each other’s eyes as he stroked her hand. Natasya giggled. 


“Tim,” barked his dad from the top of the steps. “Time to come home, son”. 


“Ok, dad” replied Timothy. Timothy turned to Natasya and said “I better go. I'll come to your place tomorrow morning. You live in that double story brick house is Covarthi Zheyin”. 


“Yes. 313 Covarthi Zheyin”. 


Tim gave Natasya one last kiss before he climbed to his feet and walked up the steps to his dad. Natasya looked over her left shoulder at him and waved. Tim waved back. 


“Oh, Natasya's in love” teased Luissa.


“Shut up” said Natasya as she splashed Luissa. 


Natasya climbed to her feet and the three girls frolicked in the water, splashing each other with their feet and giggled. Then I heard Syella yell “Girls, let's go. It's getting late 


“Ok, mum” replied Natasya and Luissa in unison. 


Ok, Miss Markol” replied Kyella. 


The three girls grabbed their shoes and ran up the steps towards their mothers and Gabriella. Once they reached the top of the stairs, Syella said “We’ll take Andrew to the park along the way. 


“Ok” we replied. 


The girls walked back along the wharf towards the city centre. On the way home the girls took me through Korkoron Central Park. It was a big park too. Natasya, Luissa and Kyella walked barefoot over the grass. Natasya said “It’s a big park, aye Andrew?” 


“Yes. It's a lovely park” I replied. 


They took me past a fountain showing fish spurting water out of their mouths and a marsupial woman with a boy in her pouch. Natasya ran her fingers through the water. We looked at the garden with various flowers I didn’t recognise. Well, I hadn’t learnt their names yet. Natasya told her mum about the boy we met at the wharf. 


“I’m so happy for you,” said Syella “I did talk to his dad along the way”. 


“I’m so proud of you” I said. 


“Thanks, Andrew” replied Natasya as she moved a stone with her right foot. 


Natasya carried me up the ladder to the viewing platform with the other girls: where we had a great view of the park. There were trees waving in the breeze, the duck pond and girl running with a boy in her pouch. There were two boys playing Frisbee. A mother sitting with a boy in her pouch next to her husband. 


Natasya clamped her right foot over her left as she leaned on the rail. Syella said “It’s a nice viewaye Andrew?” 


“It’s a nice park” I replied. 


Syella leaned down over Natasya’s shoulder and kissed me on the lips, sticking her tongue in my mouth. She pulled back and we smiled at each other. She whispered “Let’s go sit down at the stand. Come”. 


The girls followed Syella down the ladder very slowly, followed by Kyella and her mum. They walked down the hill and across the sports field towards the stand. Some boys were playing some kind of ball game. Natasya carried me barefoot across the grass, digging her toes in the dirt. She carried me up the steps with her mum and sisters. They sat down on the bottom seat of the stadium. 


“So nice to sit and relax at the park” said Syella. 


“Yes, it is mother” replied Natasya. 


She and Natasya stroked my hair. Natasya had her legs stretched out as she hugged me and rubbed her face against me. Then Natasya squealed and giggled as Shirren tickled the soles of her feet. She pleaded “Stop tickling my feet. Please” as Shirren tickled her toes. Then she tickled the sole of her left foot. Natasya pleading “No, stop it”. 


Once Shirren got bored with tickling her feet, Natasya’s giggling subsided and she took a deep sigh as we watched the boys playing this ball game similar to soccer. 


“This games called yasar” said Syella as she smiled at me, stroking my face. 


“It’s getting late,” said Shirren “better take Kyella home”. 


“Yep,” said Syella “Me and my girls better take Andrew home, I guess. Come on, girls. We’re going home”. 


Syella and her daughters climbed to their feet, Shirren and Kyella got up to. Natasya carried me beside her mum and sisters as they walked along the path, out the gate and down the street towards home. Once we arrived home, Syella unlocked the door and we entered the house. 


That night we sat watching a horror movie as we had guaroshu, which was a herbivorous marsupial. I sat in Natasya's pouch as she stroked my hair. 

Submitted: December 23, 2020

© Copyright 2021 simon arthur. All rights reserved.

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