Ethics of Immortality

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

The year is 6054 and everyone alive is over 2,000 years old. Technology runs the city of Barbeth, but machines malfunction. One unexpected error could have the potential to change the world.

Table of Contents


Light trickled through the window and softly lit the inside of the house. The door opened gently and Molly gazed out upon the sunrise. At... Read Chapter


Cold.   Hot.   Hot! Hot!   It's muscles seized up as the water that encased it began to boil. ... Read Chapter


Molly looked around the hospital room, noticing that the pain in her side had gone. The door opened and a male doctor dressed in a smart ... Read Chapter


“Come in Henry Farshaw,” The doctor said invitingly. “We’ve had a small malfunction with the machine which chose to boil the husk... Read Chapter


Henry Blinked. “Henry? Henry?” The soft voice of a nurse awoke Henry from the anaesthetic. “Hello Henry, how are you feeling?... Read Chapter


“Go on, tell me about the last 24 hours.”   Its’ hand began to write. The writing was rough and jagged but able to be ... Read Chapter


Molly was enjoying a shopping trip in the centre of Barbeth when a man came running out and knocked her sideways onto the pavement. Immed... Read Chapter


“Are you here?” A voice asked in the darkness. It didn’t reply. “I’m not going to hurt you. You can sense that I’m not a thre... Read Chapter


“Welcome to the Undercity!” Lukas’s voice was loud and booming as he raised his arms in pride. Hugh was impressed but not astounded... Read Chapter


Days have gone by and no progress. Lukas is talking to it, all that man ever does is talk. My shift starts in 2 hours and I have had no i... Read Chapter


Hugh awoke to the sound of an argument between a very drunk Arfus and a very sober Lukas. They were standing next to a large table down a... Read Chapter

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