Aurora of the eternal moonlight

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Imagine yourself being transmigrated into a body whose in the verge of death what are you going to do?
And how are going to react knowing that you are in a different world
a magical realm where everything is possible beasts, mythological creatures, magic manipulation, cultivation, and other things
but who is this mysterious soul that reside inside her?

join our female lead who embarks on a journey full of mysteries to unveil the truth behind this universe, a world where she learns how to live through betrayals, deception and find the true meaning of love, friendship, and family.

this is my first time writing a novel I hope that you will share your ideas and comments about this novel to encourage me in writing more

and with that let your journey begin

Table of Contents

after transmigration

hope you liked the first chapter, for advanced chapters visit my novel in webnovel or Wattpad
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first encounter

after moments of staring at each other, he broke the silence "benevolent sister fate really plays with us, meeting in such a way really m... Read Chapter

camping in the jungle

yelling and wrinkling her eyebrows at him  HE IMMEDIATELY carried his fat body and mounted, he kept staring at her the breeze caress... Read Chapter

know each other

will naya survive after Segar's trouble??
Read Chapter

danger already

she kept sweating at her doomed situation I need to calm down it's just a tiger in the base even if his name is celestial he must have a ... Read Chapter

crippled can she cultivate?!!

welcoming the darkness, the rabbit stared at her with its amber eyes that held a profound look. "WOAHHHH LITTLE GINSENG MY DEAR I WAS... Read Chapter

beginning 1

meets him he goes to sleep," when you wake up there will be a mark in your forehead its color will change depends on your cultivation, as... Read Chapter

beginning 2

continuing kneeling" the old man kept quiet "Emmm, you did well, go now you need to overcome this bottleneck, you will go in a closed-doo... Read Chapter

pestering as glue

Nathan's vines were losing up as they remind without resistance so he stopped moving to which Alice followed it, Naya with her blank eyes... Read Chapter

power of willpower

got harder pulling Naya up in the air, the chains now begin circling her body making her breathe heavily from both the pain and the heat ... Read Chapter

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