New Year for Mother Earth

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Christian Writers

We are gifted a new year when it is the time for one voice from the deepest soulful heart rinsed in its beats as the shining star ever gifted from the heaven above. This Christmas star is so blessed that my faith so real has risen into every moment, may shine upon the highest mountain, for the grace below these sky limits has one language of its own. When you read this recitation from heart within, I hope you will remain so blessed for this friendship from our Mother Earth and the greatest plan so survives for everyone as one family in our humbleness. Amen.

In and around Mother Earth's living farmland someone reunites our identity,

Can you hide seeking anything when Mother Earth says so?

Quietly kiss breaking the fast rinsed this finest moment,

Can you respect the person Mother Earth dreamed till now?

Ever worth living for how longer we stand together for Her values,

Can you keep the love Mother Earth has lost in this willingness?

Changing the very voices from our past into very awesome solutions,

How this garden faces trials never asking us anything in return?

Trust in the great love Her soul touch the deepest faith in this new year,

How much this greatness falls into chaos as yesterday we were the culprit?

Tomorrow when strangers pollinate catching loved laid in the eternal truth,

How many days shall we live in shame for what we have done?

The kingdom of heaven wins our unexpected expectations this evergreen Christmas wish,

If you understand Mother Earth has gifted this last thought in our favor,

Exploring this earthly labor hold the impossible dreams ever will be the reality,

If this loneliest worth is challenged in every human spirit so blessed,

Born again this new year promises we can gift looking ahead yet worship work,

If lifetime is ever born as our guidance through this new year so passionate,

Our teacher coming back home crying we are never far away in this vision,

From love shining in circle of life imagining this quest compassionate,

Watching smile in every eye that sleep in the heavenly risen stars,

From the heart you do rinse an evergreen seed till the end,

If you are missing a lifetime that death can’t take away this silence,

From the soul you will water this tree till the eternal bliss exist,

If you make a difference that challenges take away this honor,

From the highest thought your mind guides till the deepest survive,

If you roll the dice that caught our guardian in this remembrance,

Opening this paradise Mother Earth has already seen the Sunrise in our midst,

True love lost in the breakless friendship shining infinite faith within,

Ending this blindness our effort must restore what were once donated,

More than a day every game made for our sweetest broken faith,

The sky raised our language so watering this challenge,

God has given this precious new year thanksgiving our Christmas street,

Brightest opportunities we will never miss is told so untold,

As a new year that made the skylimits for one hero in all of us,

When troubles come and you are still undone in this silence,

Holding this faith our Mother Earth tributes peace for the vision,

Till our teacher has risen for this Christmas star that gives us,

Yesterday our helplessness called this gesture back home,

In our indebtness the stormy climate change is weak now,

Today we donate the support in your desperate need to survive,

As Mother Earth has raised this dream where mountains will move,

In more than you can be the truth reveals us dearest living stories,

Everyone more than I can be let us be the light in search of darkness,

Somewhere honored the kindness so known yet unknown in our heart,

Now a world waking its beat so unique delighted wakening the heaven and earth,

Rising with the light if God blessed this new year found us,

You will wake up where this fire be the sweetness by being an example,

No end in this truth as its creation that ever loved every moment greater than the cross we wear,

Asking him why this much big dream so the tracks will be unstoppable,

If my teacher ever wished this moment will be loved as a new year prosper in this kindness,

Shall we have this heart beat ever lost as one lifetime blessing in pursuit made for the greatness,

Why our Father has seen the trust so faithful in all the time I am thankful this invincible faith has been everything?

 Let us come back for our common home how this new year for Mother Earth will be every blessing in the name of God,

May the greatest teacher our world has ever seen accept our submission for the highest sacrifice in existence for these moments ahead,

Shall peace be born in HIS name and the honor be kept in every heart so longed for one kindness we must gift for this togetherness in hope day-by-day longed for our Lords greatness.

Wishing Evergreen Awesome New Year 2021 ahead.

When you celebrate this new year and every moment recalls our commitment so awakes the greatest tribute in the honor, there are many who are so unfortunate that it is still killing how hard everyday life is and in the midst of COVID-19, we are still facing lots of challenges. I must note it is a time we must not do anything that converges our faith in humanity and our effort must be saving every life born in this planet. Let us stop hurting anyone and be answerable to ourself for our own actions. This new year is a remembrance that never will forget the highest glory why our teacher has sacrificed every happiness for one human birth in the name of God’s kindness. If God still gives us this new year for what I will ever be so thankful in one infinite faith within, let us be live and lift our heart for HIS care and make our humble work as the greatest worship in every discipline.

Submitted: December 24, 2020

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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