Creeks and Pixies

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Darrell is totally fed up of humanity, so he roams the woods in an attempt to shake them off...except that the plan doesn't work as well as he hoped since he meets someone who gets into his space, and it's too late to shake her off.

The woods were quite ideal for whoever was trying to take a break from humans. A quiet place, save for the chirping of birds that nested up he trees, the howling of the wind in the evenings and the sound of water rushing down the creek below. The place was usually dark, even in the daytime given the fact that the trees were so packed that little sunshine found its way through.

For the second time in three weeks, Darrel went down to the creek with the intention of letting off steam and shaking off the humans because, as far as he was concerned, they were everywhere, and he was getting sick and tired of them. 

He had taken to calling his life rotten because, as far as he was concerned, that's just what they had been-rotten. 

He sat on a muddy patch of grass and stared at the cluster of trees ahead. He then smiled sadly. If only he could start a new life, a new life away from humans, away from his boring and talkative girlfriend Kate, who had spent (and still spent) a greater portion of her life talking about what her classmates and neighbors did or said. She bored the pants off him. 

Come to think of it! Tarzan did not seem to have any problems living in the jungle. Muttered Darrel gloomily, then remembered. And neither did George. Absently, he pressed a finger to his cut lip and sighed. He would show his family and friends that he did not care. He would dump his motormouthed girlfriend and move into the peaceful woods. He loved nature anyway, and he loved it with such an intensity that could not be equaled by any other love he'd ever felt. 

If George and Tarzan could do it, why cant? he said triumphantly before he remembered why he couldnt. his face fell. Im only fifteen, and I havent any money. He looked at the enormous trees around him and sighed. I cant even hunt-or fish, for that matter.

He then felt a very strong urge to sing, and, content with the fact that there was no one to criticize his voice, he took in a deep breath and looked heavenwards. 'Oh, angels up in them skies. I'm sending my prayers with the heaviest sighs. Let my sadness evaporate up in them highs. And let me be the ray of light in existing lives.'

‘You know, you could easily join an orchestra or something.' came a soft voice from somewhere above him that made him jump. He squinted up into the trees and saw no one.

‘I don't know about you, but I think you need glasses.' This time round, the voice was laced with mild amusement.

He stood up and whirled around, and thats when he saw a pale-faced girl with short, curly hair and hazel eyes that gleamed in the darkness of the trees. She was crouched on the lowest branch of the big oak tree just a few yards away and, when he stepped closer, he noticed that she was wearing a pair of jeans, sneakers and a blue tee shirt beneath a cardigan.

He frowned up at her for a minute and she snickered. ‘Never seen a girl before?’

‘Not exactly what I had in mind.’ he said mildly. ‘I'm just trying to figure out how you ended up there in the first place. I can't see any footholds on the tree trunk.’

Grinning, she jumped and landed in a catlike fashion just before him. When she straightened up, it was to find him looking at her with a wondrous expression. ‘Don't tell me, she said in a clearly disapproving voice, that you're one of those kids that have been taught that girls are graceful weaklings that should be handled with love and tenderness. 

‘I won't deny,’ he said once he was over his shock. 'that was one leap. I could never have made it without breaking a few bones.'

She smirked. 'Karen's a wild kid.'

He walked back to the creek and looked down at the glassy water. 'Who's Karen?'

‘An bitch.’

He momentarily looked at her and shook his head. 'Fine vocabulary for a lady, yes?'

She glanced at his muddy trouser and smirked. ‘Fine attire for a gentleman, yes?’

He looked down at his pants and almost laughed when he saw the dirty state of them. ‘Sat in the mud. That's all.’

She raised a thick brow. 'And you think that a valid excuse? You're so gonna get your ass whoop.’

'By?' he asked.

'Your mama?'

'I don't have a mother.' he replied in a monotone, his face hard-set.

She studied him for a moment before shrugging. 'Your pops, then?'

He shook his head. ‘Neither.’ He then looked down into the creek, bracing himself for the sympathy he felt sure was coming, and when none came, he looked up at her in surprise and said, ‘No comment?’

She shrugged. 'Not my place to comment. I heard you talking to yourself though. Couldnt resist it. You got a problem back home?’ She peered into his face, then pulled back with a satisfied look. ‘You're a depressed boy.’

Darrel's eyes widened and he looked at her with amazement.
Aha! said she. Your expression is confirmation enough.’

He took in a deep breath. ‘That's preposterous. How'd you know?’
She shrugged. 'Well, duh, for a young boy, your face is too lined, and the dark circles around your eyes show you don't sleep much, not forgetting the fact that I heard you planning to escape from home. Arent you supposed to be chilling & spitting with your buddies.'

‘I don't have any buddies.’ he said quickly.

‘You fell out with them, then and recently, without a doubt.’

‘How ever on earth did you work that out!’ said Darrell, looking at her with curiosity.

‘It's not that hard, actually. What else would a teen be brooding about? Dishonest buddies, an unserious girlfriend. And, intuition tells me you and your buddies fought over your girlfriend.’

Darrel pursed his lips. 'How on earth....'

‘Duh. Your lip is cut and healing, and the spot above your brow shows a cut that was patched up and is healing beautifully.’

As he looked at her, she turned and. She met his gaze, flashed him a smile that extended to her eyes, and held out her hand. 'I'm Ruby.'

He grabbed and shook the proffered hand, his eyes never leaving her pale face. 'Darrel. Darrel Fleming.'

‘You live around here, then?’ said she and he shook his head. ‘I thought not.’

He smiled. ‘I know this creek, though. I come here every once in a while, to let off steam and shake off the humans.’

She looked amused. ‘Humanity steams me up, too, but it's worth observing. New interesting points popping up every few minutes. "Where'd you hide my socks?"’ she laughed. ‘Never hear the end of it.’

He nodded. ‘Yea. It's trying. Been driving me up the wall’

‘But this time round, you were driven you well into the woods.’

Darrel laughed. 'Good one.'

She threw him a sideways glance, and blushed when he caught her at it. ‘You familiar with these woods or nuh?’

He shook his head. ‘Not exactly. Just my way here, to the creek, and that's it.’

‘Up for a stroll, then?’
He nodded enthusiastically and she grinned. 'Follow me, then.'

She then hurried away from the creek and he wasted no time in following her. She was quite fast and fit, and he had quite a job keeping up with her. 

He stumbled a few times and after ten torturous minutes of running, he found her standing at what looked to be the edge of the woods, for he could not see any more trees ahead, and the sky was of a flaming red hue. He walked up to her and stood mesmerized at the view before them. 

There was a river flowing in between to hills, and the sun was sinking, casting off a golden color in its wake. 

Ruby looked at him and saw his mouth hanging open. She grinned. Good view, right?’

He looked at her, feeling extremely happy. ‘Are you kidding me? This is beautiful! Everything I've ever dreamed of!’

‘She smiled sheepishly. ‘Glad you saw it.’

'Next time youu suggest a stroll, please let it be a stroll, not a run.' He said.

Her smile widened. 'That's if theres a next time.'

He smiled at the beautiful expanse of land before him and sighed contentedly. 'I love nature. Always dreamed of living in the wild.'

She took his palm in hers and laughed. 'You're much too soft for the wild.'

'I can get used.' He said defiantly. 'Just like George of the jungle did. And Tarzan!' he turned to her triumphantly and saw that she looked puzzled. 'Okay, talk about Mowgli. He lived in the wild and made friends with Baloo and a lot of creatures.' She looked at him blankly, and he faltered. 'You know, in the jungle books. You know, right?'

She shook her head and he passed a hand through his hair. 'How?'

'I didnt go to school, and I live in these woods.’ she said without batting an eyelid. I know nothing of that rubbish.' 

He glanced at her sideways and said, 'You really love nature, dont you?’

She nodded. ‘Yes. I love nature and something else that could never be mine.’

He frowned at her. ‘What's that?

‘It's getting late. Let's go!’

‘I still have time to kill.’ he said.

‘I don't.’ She squeaked and ran back into the trees. He was left with no choice but to follow her.

They soon got to the main road where a black jeep was parked. Much to their surprise, though, it wasn't empty. At the sound of their voices, a pretty girl in heels and heavy make-up got out of the car and glared at Darrel who face blanched. "Kate.’ he said in a monotone. 

‘Yes, it's Kate, mister Williams. And I very much want to know what you're doing with this," she looked at Ruby with evident dislike. ‘This lowlife.’

‘Kate, mind your manners.’ said Darrel in a warning voice but Kate just rolled her eyes.

‘Look who's talking about manners. You look totally clean and, uhm, charming? She smirked at his muddy pants, pulled him to her side and stared Ruby down. ‘Muddy and running about the woods, like a total clutz, and with an unbred idiot in tow. Surely, you wouldn't stoop any lower?’

He grabbed her arm and forced her into the passenger seat. He then gave Ruby an apologetic look and said, ‘I've got to go. We shall meet again.’

‘For your own sake, I hope you don't!’ said Kate.

‘We shall see.’ growled Darrel. He revved up the engine and floored it.

Ruby watched them drive out of sight with a sad face, then turned and slunk back into the woods. 

Submitted: December 24, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Annime. All rights reserved.

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