Deity Worship

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

A Historical and scientific look into the Creation Myth.


Deity Worship

Part one

The Creation Myth


Bible Chronology


The Creation

 Apparently, Bible scholars tell us this happened around 4000BC.

The Universe

In 2012 NASA space probe, Wilkinson microwave anisotropy probe (WMAP) estimated, using scientific techniques of measuring stars life spans, that the Universe was around, 12-13 Billion years old, but in 2019 this was updated to approx 18 Billion years old with a margin of error of approx 59 Million years.

Genesis and the Dinosaurs

No mention of Dinosaurs?

Fact: The oldest found fossil evidence of microbial life on Earth dates to approx 4.5 Billion years BC.

900 Million BC, multi-cell microbes evolved.

540 Million BC, the Cambrian period of large life forms evolved.

250 Million BC, Dinosaurs and reptiles as we know them, evolved.

The Emergence of man

According to Bible Chronology, Adam and Eve The first human man and woman, appear 4000BC. Adam is fashioned out of clay, by God and Eve is created from one of Adam’s ribs.

Human evolution

(New Scientist mag)

 First Primates 55 million BC

First proto-humans 5.5 million BC

Homo erectus 1.8 million BC


The Garden of Eden (4000BC)

According to new theories the Garden of Eden lies at the ancient Neolithic site of Gobekli Tepe in southern Turkey. And some have even said it is actually the site on which Jerusalem was built on.

In the Bible, it is situated between four great rivers, the Pison, Gihon, Hidekkel, and Euphrates. Three of these rivers' names are lost to antiquity, either renamed or dried up. But it is not difficult to imagine they could be, Gehon=Nile, Hidekkel=Tigris. Pison is now a dry riverbed that ran from the Red Sea to the Persian Gulf.

Garden of Dilmun

Clay Cuneiform tablets tell of the Garden of Dilmun in the Kingdom of the Dilmun civilization in eastern Saudi Arabia, modern-day Bahrain predates the written down version of the Biblical Garden of Eden story by approx 1500 Years.

The Great Flood Biblical timeline 2500BC

Noah’s Ark

So it rained for forty days and forty nights and swept all life from the earth, except that which had been saved by Noah, for them to repopulate the entire planet with all animal, vegetation, and human life.

But scholars are beginning to theorize that the flood myth is actually based on an older oral tradition, passed down from Neolithic man, recording the end of the last ice age, approx 17,500BC.

 It is not hard to imagine how this story of global flooding is told around the world in many other ancient cultures. After all, before the melting of the ice caps, the North Sea was a dry expanse, teeming with Neolithic life. As many mammoth bones and tusks have been dredged up in fishing nets, and actual stone dwellings have been found by divers’ up to 200ft down, on the seabed.

Gilgamesh and the great flood

Clay tablets written in Cuneiform from the Ancient Sumerian culture in Mesopotamia tells the story of the god Gilgamesh who saves mankind by ordering Utnapishtim to build an ark to carry two of each animal to safety during a great flood, in which the gods are going to wash away the sins of man from the world.

This story predates the written version in the bible of Noah’s Ark, by approx 2,200 years.

The Tower of Babel

Biblical timeline 2100BC

In which man tries to build a tower to heaven, so God in his anger destroys the tower and blights the human race with different languages so that they cannot understand one another and so will never try to build another stairway to heaven.

Archaeologists and Historians theorize that the story of the tower of Babel was based on the real mighty Ziggurat of Etemenaki built by the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar II. Its name means ‘The Temple of the foundation of heaven and earth’ It was built by slaves and stood for 300 years until it was destroyed by Alexander the Great in approx 331BC.

Its dimensions and ruined remains match exactly to the Biblical description of the tower and the materials used to construct it.

Another similar story can be found, once again from the Sumerians,

Enmerkar and the Lord of Aratta Circa 2100BC

In which a huge ziggurat temple built to reach the gods in heaven, angered them so much, they destroyed the temple and cursed man with the confusion of tongues. Perhaps these two Ziggurats were merged together to make the story of the tower of Babel?


The emergence of a monotheistic religion

Abraham (Biblical timeline 2081BC)

Is the Patriarch of all of the Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Q: But who was he, and where did he come from?

A: Genesis tells us that Abraham was a Priest in the Mesopotamian City of Ur. (Again Ancient Sumerian Civilisation) God tells him he is to found a new nation for God’s worshippers, in the second millennium BCE (Before the Common Era) 2000 BCE.

Q: Who was the God of Abraham in the city of Ur?

A: Sin also Sayin, Syn was the principal god of Ur. The Ancient Sumerians were a polytheistic people (They had more than one god in their pantheon, which, SIN was just one) He was represented as an old bearded man who rode a winged sacred bull. He was a moon deity. His symbolism was a crescent shape (symbolizing the Moon cycle) and the number 30 was his Celestial number, which denotes the 30 nights of the lunar month.

Sin is an old Arabic word which means Moon. Sinai desert (Desert of the Moon) Mount Sinai (Mountain of the Moon) also known as Beth-El the mountain of God, where Moses received the Ten Commandments.

Archaeologist: Andre Parrot Louvre museum in Paris. 1968-72 Member of the Institute of France author of Abraham and his time and others.

The connection of Yahweh (God) to the moon

Cabbalistic teachings (Jewish Mysticism) Is based on the Sephirot (Tree of Life) The ninth sphere (Yesod) is commanded by the moon and all of the powers of the moon are commanded by Yahweh Elohim (The Holy Spirit) The Moon has two forces, the White force commanded by Yahweh and the Dark Force commanded by Lilith his opposition. Also in Cabbalistic lore, the moon precedes the sun in ascendancy and importance.


‘To bless the new moon at the proper time is like greeting the divine presence.’ Talmud, Sanhedrin 42a


Part Two

Moses and the Exodus myth

Estimated Biblical timeline of the Exodus 1446BCE.

Moses, the baby in the Bulrushes

A baby set adrift to escape a deathly fate was not uncommon in history.

Ancient Sumeria: Sargon of Akkad-Was set adrift in the Euphrates River by his mother. The clay cuneiform tablet was found in the Sumerian city of Ninevah in 1876 by Sir Henry Rawlinson an Archaeologist. The Story was written down in 700 BCE and told the story of Sargon the Great who had lived between 2334-2279BCE.

So predates the oral tradition of Moses origin story by 1000 years and written text by 100 years.

Ancient Egypt: Horus-The Goddess Isis Hides her baby son, Horus in a reed boat in the bulrushes of the Nile so that his uncle, Set, cannot find him and kill him, for it was prophesied that Horus would grow up to kill him. The story of Horus can be found on many papyri and temple walls all across the ruined Temples of Egypt dating back to at least 3000BC, predating the Moses story by a good 2500 years

Moses forty years in the Wilderness

Moses flees from Egypt. Biblical records state this was in 1446BCE and spends 40 years in the wilderness.

Egyptology Timeline: Tuthmosis III 1458-1425 BCE

God Addresses Moses

Mathew 22.32

‘(yhwh)I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.’

So we have already established the God of Abraham was ‘Sin’ the Moon Deity, therefore God is reinforcing he is the Moon Deity, Sin, to Moses.

Moses returns to Egypt to confront the Pharaoh.

Biblical timeline: 1400BCE

Egyptology timeline: Amenhotep II 1427-1400 BCE

Thutmose IV1400-1390 BCE

Biblical timeline

Differs from the Egyptian timeline and puts the Exodus in the 18th Dynasty in the reign of Akhenaten (The Heretic Pharaoh) Father to Tutankhamun.

Now, this brings up a very tantalizing theory that is floating about with some Historians and Archaeologists-alike.

Akhenaten, the Pharaoh who abolished the old Egyptian gods for a new Monotheistic religion, the worship of the Sun-god Aten. He moves the Royal court from Thebes into the desert and builds a new temple city to the worship of the Aten (Aketaten-the glory of the Aten)

According to the bible at the time of the Exodus, Egypt is gripped by a plague sweeping the country, the land is in turmoil, and unrest abounds.

Archaeological evidence has shown that during Akhenaten’s reign, Egypt was hit by a plague lasting more than 20 years, this evidence is substantiated by the Hittite King, Suppiluliuma, who writes that

His people have succumbed to a great plague brought to his land by Egyptian slaves, taken in battle.’

The Ten Plagues

God delivers an ultimatum to Pharaoh (Ramses II) according to Biblical tradition who reigned Circa 1279-1213 BCE 19th Dynasty.

We have already established the timeline of the supposed Exodus as, 1446BCE, Therefore, Ramses II is ruled out by a discrepancy of 233 years.

Modern-day Archaeology coupled with geological reports have formed a strong argument that the mention of the ten plagues of Egypt are actually the result of a supervolcanic eruption on the Island of Thera (modern-day Santorini)

The Ipuwer Papyrus

Known as, ‘The Admonitions of Ipuwer’ is an incomplete and damaged papyrus, which tells in poetic form a great disaster that befell Egypt and seems to describe in detail, the Ten Biblical plagues.

Its written origin is purported to be around, the middle Kingdom era 2050BC  1652BC.

The papyrus was owned by Greek diplomat Yianni Anastasiou, who claimed, it was found in Memphis Saqqara. It is now on display in the national museum of Leiden Netherlands (papyrus Leiden 344)

According to Dr. H.O. Lange, the chief librarian of the Royal Library of Copenhagen, the papyrus and its language used shows evidence that it could be a copy of a much earlier dated original from the 18th Dynasty (Akhenaton/Tutankhamen) period.

So, who was Moses?

Was he a Jewish infant set adrift in a reed boat on the Nile River?

Or, was he actually the Heretic Pharaoh, Akhenaten?

Or, as some other Historians have proposed, Thutmose, Akhenaten’s brother.

Do some reading and decide for yourself!

The significance of the number 40 in the bible

It rained for 40 days and 40 nights in the flood myth.

Moses ascends Mount Sinai for 40 days and nights to receive the Ten Commandments.

Moses wandered for 40 years in the wilderness.

Jesus spends 40 days and nights in the desert.

Question: So, why is the number 40 so important?

Answer:  In the Cabbalah, the number 40 is a pure number, it represents transition and spiritual growth. 40 represent the four sides of the world. Each side contains 10 sefirot (esoteric powers)

For example, in the Talmud, if a person becomes spiritually unclean they must immerse themselves in a purifying bath of water, (A Mikvah) filled with 40 se’ahs (measures) of water.

So, in the Noah Myth, the 40 days of rain is a purifying ritual.

Moses wanders in the Wilderness for 40 years, this is the time taken to ascend to the next level of wisdom in the cabbalistic sefir.


So, 40 is a symbolic number used and is not meant to be taken literally.


End of part one



Submitted: December 24, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Celtic-Scribe63. All rights reserved.

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Hi, CS63 and a happy Christmas to you! According to Wikipedia the age of the universe is pretty much established at 13.8 billion years with quite tight error bars.

Good to see such thorough research into the Axial Age. The year to come promises much from your pen! :)

Fri, December 25th, 2020 8:20am


Hi Adam,

Sorry, it took so long to return your comment.

I pressed the wrong button and just realized I had sent the reply to myself, lol.
Anyway, glad you liked it. I will be posting more on this subject sporadically, as and when I get the urge to write them.

Thanks again for taking the time to read and comment.

Sat, January 9th, 2021 9:24am


Merry Christmas, Adam, and thanks' for giving this a read. it will be an intermediate series, looking into alternative theories connected to this fascinating subject.

I have a few writing projects planned for this year. I only hope to find the time to actually write them.
All the best.

Fri, December 25th, 2020 1:17pm

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