Chloe's First Day Of School

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

“Chloe’s First Day Of School"

On the morning of 6 year old Chloe's first day of school she was so excited but nervous.

She got dressed in a red t-shirt, cute simple Jean shorts, and soft white shoes and went to the kitchen and had eggs and toast with her mom.
"Good morning honey are you excited"? Mom said
"Yes very" Chloe replied
Then Chloe and her mom headed to the car, Chloe had a bright purple backpack with a matching lunch box.
Which matched the pony tail holder in her long brown hair.
A short while later.....

The car pulled up to the school. Her mom got out and hugged her so tight.
"Good luck honey I love you". Mom said
"I love you to Mom" Chloe said and went inside the school.

Chloe went to the classroom and meet Mrs. Jackson.
Chloe was happy to be at school, every child around was playing with another child, either playing with puzzles or blocks.

But right away Chloe noticed a young girl with blonde hair sitting all alone, so she walked up to her and Said.
"Hey I'm Chloe, want to be friends "?
The little girl looked up and was happy to meet Chloe.
"I would like that, nice to meet you Chloe, I'm Maggie"

The two became friends, and right away they were very close, like they knew each other their whole lives!!
Chloe and Maggie learned, ate lunch and played on the playground together !!
Before they knew, school was over and it was time to go home.

Chloe's mom car pulled up the same time as Maggie's did
"Bye Chloe see you tomorrow" Maggie said as her mom helped her into the backseat of their car.
"Bye Maggie see you tomorrow" Chloe said back with a smile
Chloe got in the car with her mom and her mom drove them home.

Later that night while getting ready for bed, "did you have a good day" mom asked as she tucked her in for bed

"Yes mom" Chloe said with a smile
"I'm glad honey " mom said "Now get some sleep, I love you.”
"Thank you mom, I love you to". Chloe said as she fell asleep.

Chloe learned so much that day and meet a lot of students, but she also learned about friendship!
She met her new best friend...Maggie


The end !!

Submitted: December 25, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Jessica McCormick. All rights reserved.

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