Chapter 1: Beginning

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 115


Everyday starts as a pleasant day but sometimes trouble comes and we do miss most of the pleasant day,I kind of know the fact that in movies villians do come back and they sometimes can cause a whole plot of chaos that was somehow much dangerous than the first.
This year I started Christmas in a pleasant way,it was on the 24th of December,and I am still pleased with the fact that my parents have always been with me.
I never forgot the alternate reality that happened and it keeps coming back Everytime when my parents asked me to greet uncle Raymond,I really wish my parents could know the kind of person he is,but maybe it is all in the past,ever since the incident ,my life has been an every day adventure,I kept wondering if I met santa or maybe I did and I didn't know,but I don't think it matters,the experience were so strange to suspect who could be santa
I went to my parents room as usual and I was somehow staring at them as they were asleep,I just don't want them to leave like last Christmas,I could see my mom holding my dad's hand so tight and I went back to sleep,because I was so worked up in the night,I was trying to finish my tutorial classes as the holiday seems to be approaching and I don't want to be disturbed,After a nice sleep,I woke up and I saw my parents staring at me.
I was kind of happy and I pretended to fall back asleep,then after they left,I stood up from the bed and I went to my locker where I kept my stuffs,I kind of closed my eyes and wished for my room to be decorated and it happened immediately,I kind of have my powers but it works only twice in a day and I still don't know why,but the wishes are limitless,every wish I make kinds of have physical effects on my body,last time I was the flash,I almost got burnt up,so I have been careful in wishing stuffs around me.
I went to my bathroom,I bathed,brushed my teeth,then I went to the dinning table  to eat with my parents,when we were eating my parents had a discussion with me.

Dad:This year seems a bit weird, the festive spirit seems to be dying out, I don't even know what is happening

Mum:Maybe it is because you haven't gone out that much 

Dad:But I have been around the community so I should be able to see few decorations to celebrate the season

Mum:Maybe by tomorrow things will change and we will have a new look in the community

Dad:I hope so dear

Mum:I think we can create our own celebration, Steve, how would you like to go to the amusement park

Steve:I would love to

Dad:(he smiled)Alright then,we will take you there

Steve: Thanks dad

Dad:You are welcome

After the breakfast,I went to the kitchen to help my mum to do the dishes,I saw the flask given to my mom by my grand ma,then I went back to my room,I was thinking about my alternate reality life, I was like what if Santa didn't save my parents or what if I failed, I later brushed off the thought, then I heard a large scream from the kitchen, my mother said that she had a strange memory that someone held her and broke the flask, we went to the kitchen and we couldn't find the flask, then my mom told me to check an old box, which she said might have pieces of the flask, we checked it and find out it was true. This was shocking as the flask was in the kitchen before I Left.
My dad was dumbfounded at what was happening,we even thought my mom planned it all but it is an expensive prank to pull,so she couldn't plan it,when I asked what age she saw those stuffs,she said age 7,then I asked if she saw a figure dark and gloomy ,she said yes,then I was scared,she asked about how I knew,then I told her I read some online stuffs and SCPs so i was trying to imagine it,I was paranoid,I saw her scaff which she loves to wear,it was given to her by grandma,when I left I heard another scream,we rushed to the scene,then we saw  that the scaff had disappeared,this looked so terrible as my mother kept searching for it,my dad talked to my mum

 Mr Keller:I don't know what is going on right now,but I think maybe we should go out and clear out heads,i don't want Steve to miss his festive time

Mrs Keller:No problem please let's go,I am starting to feel nervous

Mr Keller:Alright,Steve go and pack your bags we are going to the amusement pack

Steve:Alright Dad.

I left the room and went to my room,I kept thinking about what was happening,I was like do we have a time manipulator scenario or what is going on,why is everyone getting confused and mom kept screaming,I was able to pack my stuffs and we went to the car
My parents entered the car then we left,as we were going on the road,I kept seeing the paranoid face of mother as if she had been stunned by something  so terrible,we were going smoothly until all of a sudden my dad stopped driving and told me he missed the way,I was quite surprised as this is not the first time we have gone there,we have been going there for over 4 years ago and he seems not to remember.
I brought out my mobile phone and I searched the location online and we drove there safely,I was so scared as I couldn't believe what I was seeing ,it was as if someone was deleting and manipulating my parents brain,I was so scared that I wasn't answering when my parents were calling me,I was petrified,until my mom tapped me and I felt alive again.

Mrs Keller:Steve,what is wrong with you

Steve:Nothing mum

Mrs Keller:you look pale and scared

Mr Keller:Dont be scared,it might just me a case of amnesia

Steve:I nodded okay,then I came out of the car

My parents and I were enjoying a lot of stuffs,we climbed swings,rotate around a merry go round,we kept doing amazing stuffs,then we went to a restaurant and we kept eating as a family,all of a sudden my parents went outside,I was wondering what happened,my dad kept asking how we came here,and I was like  we brought a car and it is parked outside the park.

Mr Keller:We have a car?

Steve:Of course we do,how do you think we arrived

Mr Keller:I can't remember

Mrs Keller:I can't also remember

Steve:Are you really joking or you are being real

Mr Keller: We are not joking.

I took them outside and I went to show them the car,until I discovered that the car disappeared with no trace,I can remember vividly that there was a car there,then suddenly we went back to the restaurant as I guessed maybe my dad wallet can prove what I said,we entered the restaurant and I discovered that the wallet wasnt even there,I was so confused,all of a sudden,my parents went outside the bar and they looked confused,all of a sudden,they kept looking at me as if they were asking the questions that who am i.

Mr Keller:Who is this?

Mrs Keller:Who are you too?

Steve:You are my parents

Mr Keller:Boy,you have to be serious here,I haven't even gotten married

Mrs Keller:I don't even know you and you don't look like my type

Steve:Stop all this prank,you are scaring me

Mr Keller:Does it look as if we are running an expensive TV show here,it would be better if you find your real parents

Mrs Keller:it seems you are lost in the park

Steve:What is happening,you brought me here ,what is happening

As I was discussing with my confused parents,I saw a bright light flash,time stopped immediately,then I saw Sam and the letter,they ran towards me holding a wristwatch,they were running so fast,they came near me and asked me to put it on as fast as I can,I was asking about what was going on and they couldn't answer me,they insisted on me putting on the wristwatch,which I didn't want to do since I was confused ,then suddenly my body started glitching,I was wondering what was happening,then Sam grabbed my hand and he forcefully attached the wristwatch to my hand and my body stopped glictching,I was looking around because I was confused,I saw the same wristwatch on Sam's hand and I kept wondering what was happening,I  watched as sam and the letter looked stunned and they couldn't give me answers.
Then I saw my parents body glitching,I saw their body turning into particles,I was trying to hold their body but they seem to be untouchable or solidable,I was stunned as I tried to remove my wristwatch but sam grabbed me ,I asked Sam why he brought only 1 ,why not 3,he told me it was an emergency,i kept crying as I watched my parents vanishing into thin air and I can't even hold them,Sam held and hugged me tight,then he told me that he was sorry and that a lot is happening and that they need my help and the help also includes rescuing my parents,I cried as I held Sam's hand so tight,the letter also looked sad and said sorry,but I didn't really know what was happening

Sam:The wristwatch I gave you has made you a time paradox and you won't be able to use your powers for now

Steve:What is the meaning of that? And why can't I use my powers

Sam:it means you don't exist normally,and you are going to have to wear it till we find a solution to it and time does not register you as an entity

Steve:What!!! ,I exist I have a parents,what is happening

Sam:you will find out soon!

Then immediately time unfroze and every thing went back to normal,then I sat down and I began to cry as I kept thinking about what might have happened.


It was a dark gloomy night as three men kept walking along a path,they kept walking,until they reached the edge of a mountain ,the mountain was filled with ice and it looked pretty high.the men were feeling somehow tired and they decided that they should take rest in a nearby cave and spend the night there,they brought out their ticket passes which showcases their name:Brad,Geff and  George,they were about to sleep,then they heard a very loud sound,they woke up all of a sudden

Brad:Did you guys hear that loud sound

George:I did

Geff:it sounds like a bear

Brad:maybe it is a bear,they will be hibernating during this period,(then they slept back)

George:Goodnight everyone

Geff and Brad:Good night

As the three men were sleeping,they saw themselves in a dark room which was constantly being illuminated and struck with thunder,the room was so dark that they can only hear each other's voice,then they heard a voice 

Voice:Hello there

Brad:hello,who are you please

Voice:I am just a voice

Geff:A voice !,what are you doing here

Voice:I live here

Brad:I think you can help us to get out of here

Voice:of course I can

Brad;thanks a lot,we owe you

Voice:no problem but I need you to do something for me before you live the cave

Brad:What is it?

Voice:When you wake up,you will see a red tree,dig it up and bring the box below the tree

Geff:A box?

Voice:Yes a box

George:And that's all


Brad:Alright you have my word,now bring us out

Voice:Alright but make sure you do it or I will find you

Brad:okay no problems

The room started to become so illuminated and in a split second,they woke up,and they couldn't sleep back

Brad:I had a dream where I saw a black smoke and I heard a voice

Geff &George:me too

Geff:it looks as if the dream happened

George:it looked the same here,please I think the voice sent us something to do

Brad:That's true,let's go and find the tree

The campers went outside and they identified the tree,then they managed to dig underneath it and below it was a box which has some symbols written on it,then they mended the ground.
They took the box back to their camp then they were trying to decide whether to open it or not,they lay on the particular part of the wall and they kept asking

Brad:What do you think,could be inside the box

Geff:it looks like something so evil has been locked up in it

George:But I feel that maybe a kind entity wants to be free,the voice saved us from the dark area,we need to help it back

Brad:I have got a very bad feeling about this

George:This might even be a prank

Geff:I don't really know what to say,I am  stunned at 2hat we have discovered,I don't think we should open it

Brad: Anything can happen,but we will always be fine

George:I hope so(he suddenly opened the box)

The trio saw emptiness in the box,and they tried to dust it off,only to find nothing,then they were staring at the box

Brad:I told you we will be fine

Geff:so this is a prank

George:I told you

Brad:Let's throw these boxes away and have a nice sleep

They threw the box away and slept off,then  when they were fast asleep,a very dark mist appeared and covered them,then Brad woke up,he was shocked then he woke the other guys up

Brad:Guys wake up,You need to see this

Geff:What again?

Brad:just open your eyes

Immediately Geff and George opened their eyes they were stunned for a minute,they didn't even know what to do,then they heard a voice from inside the mist

Voice:Thank you for saving me

Brad:Please,who are you really?

Voice:I am electicus,the king of myeons

George:is that not a class of mythical creatures

Voice:Yes but we are so real

Geff:(he took a stone and banged his head with it)I need to wake up right now,as in are you for real that I am standing in front of a myth.

Electicus:To cut it short,I want to thank you for your help in my release (he stretched his hand and a ring came near him,)I think I need to recharge to be able to fight

Brad:You should be fine very soon

Electicus:I don't think so and I think you guys are perfect for what I néed to do(he wore the ring and stared at the trio)

Electicus stretched his hand towards them and he seems to be sucking some powers from the boys and the boys fell down in form of a skeleton,they looked as if they got burnt,then electicus kept looking at his finger since it was glowing.
He stretched out his hand and the other elements in the box came out one by one with screams which are so threatening,then some minions appeared and he smiled in an evil way.

present time
I was taken back to the mansion,I was crying so hard as I don't really want to lose my parents again and I can't believe it happened again,but I keep asking the question about what happened and the duo kept looking at me as if it is really terrible,I faced Sam and he stared at me for a moment,he asked if I was feeling alright and not glitching,he then checked my body vitals,then I asked hin questions

Steve:What really happened

Sam:(he tried to walk away,I grabbed his hand)It is actually a very long story

Steve:Whatever it is ,I need to know it now

Sam:I know how you are feeling but I really  need to find out what also happened to santa

Steve:Santa??,did he also disappeared like my parents

Sam:Yes and he was actually the owner of my watch,but he asked me to wear it,so we can fix it.

Steve: What!!!,what is going on?

Sam:The answer is somehow complicated,but I will try my best to explain it

Steve:Please go on,I am waiting

Sam:The reason why we are time paradoxes is because a Gillian has rose again

Steve:A villian,is it time jerker,timish hero or who can the person be

Sam:If I tell you,you 2ouldnt believe me

Steve:Try me

Sam:It is Electicus


Sam:Yeah,he kind of  destroyed some timelines and I think he tampered with yours and santa

Steve:i can believe This,I thought you said santa his the box well

Sam:I thought so, but it is all a long story

Steve:No problem,u am ready to listen to it

Sam explained everything to me and for the first moment I heard it,I was dumbfounded as he told me how my parents were erased from existence and i was so surprised as how it started,I could only stare at  Sam as he was explaining everything.

I don't know the real reason why some stuffs do happen,I remember when Sam told me that santa kept the box in a safe place,I also remembered sealing the box tightly,but the main question is how he was exposed,out of all the cave in the world,how can electicus escape.
When I heard what happened,I wanted to leave and check if a remnant of me still remained,so I kind of went back to my former house,I knocked on the door and to my surprise I saw victor,he kept smiling and he  asked who I was,I smiled back and he kept staring,then I saw his parents,who seem to looked surprised,then I told victor somethings

Steve:Hi victor,it is me,I am Steve

Victor:How did you know my name?

Steve:I kind of heard it, somewhere,people seen to like you a lot

Victor:People???,we just moved here and we haven't had a visit from anyone

Steve:Ohh,they might have known something about you

Victor:No they probably wouldn't have,we just moved here from another country

Steve:Ohh that's cool,I am your neighbour Steve and I would love to be your friend

Victor 's mum:you are welcome ,join us for a cup of tea 

She went into the kitchen and brought out two sachets of tea and she poured it in a cup,then when she was bringing it,I told her she forgot the lemon for victor,she was somehow stunned at what I just said,she looked at me

Victor's mum:My name is Juliet

Steve:Nice to meet you ma'am

Juliet:It's my pleasure,I want to ask a question

Steve:please feel free to

Juliet:how did you know my son's name and how did you know his favourite tea style

Steve:I just guessed right?

Juliet:you were so accurate to the core

Victor:mum stop it,he can't really be from the future

Steve:I don't think I am from the past,future and present.

Juliet:Anyway,there it is nice to meet you,I admire your straightforwardness

Steve:thank you ma'am

after we finished eating,we went to the community park where I saw other kids staring at me,I was talking to victor about paradox life,

Steve:You are a science student right?

Victor:of course

Steve:What will you do ,when  you start to see things that surpass science

Victor:Those things exist by the way,but I wish we could explain them 

Steve:what happened when science starts to look like a made up stuff to you

Victor:I would take lots of review before disagreeing with it,

Steve:How will you feel if you exist but people don't know if you do

Victor:I would keep people's memory as a way to remember,but,it would be  hard to do

Steve:How many cases have you met and you have counted it as feasible


Steve:Well maybe in the future,wewould start to have more cases like this

Victor:anything is possible

I hurriedly left victor ,and I went to the downtown to check out the hood,it seems as if a lot of stuffs changed , I saw no playground, I saw a lot of homeless people,it was a bad sight to behold but I just hoped that all this situations can be solved, then suddenly an homeless man approached me.

Homeless man:Hello my name is David

Steve:Hello, please can you tell me what really happened here and how things got worse

Homeless man:it all happened 12 years ago,we were once living in gridslock down the wilderness,we were partying all of a sudden,we heard a loud bang and we all went into hiding

Steve:A loud bang??

David:yes,it was so loud that all the glasses broke into pieces

Steve:what could have caused it?

DAVID:We thought it was a pipeline explosion,then we came outside and right in front of us was a weird figure

Steve:was he so dark and tall with wings

David:Oh my God!!, That's true, he was so tall and his wings are so far stretched,but how do you know?

Steve:I kind of recently had a dream last night and I saw the figure

David:Oh my!!!,he  arranged us on a straight line and I watched as he horrifically sucked life from some of my neighbours

Steve:That must be horrific

David:Then he told us he was looking for a very box,he said it was the second half of his box and he needs it

Steve:Did the box has a sign shaped like a cross

David:Yes it has,he seemed to cherish the box so much,he killed one of us and used it to revive the box,then suddenly Santa arrived with the militart

Steve:Did the military retrieved it?

David:they tried to,infact they launched a missile at the figure,but he seems to dodge everything perfectly,in the chaos,we managed to run away and land in you area

Steve:What about santa,was he able to counter the figure?

David:I was surprised about santa,I didn't even know why he was there,he took his sword and reindeer,he launched int the figure,then a huge light shined and when we woke up,we were in another place,but when the backup military went to the place,they saw a lot of dead soldiers

Steve:Did any soldier survive?

David:Yes only one did and he is in a very deep coma,he is been kept alive,so he could say what really happened

Steve:Thanks for the tip

David:How about the money,I need it to feed me and my family

Steve:(,I took out some money and gave him)no worries

David:The Government also tried to cover it up as a pipe explosion but the Pentagon didn't believe him,so it was confusing

Steve:Now I know why San needs my help,where is santa,I need to find santa,we need to fix this problem,once and for all

I took out my phone and I called San to teleport me back to the mansion,as I have some new information on 2hat really happened to santa ,I really wish he called me when everything happened ,but it seems he didn't and things became complex,I wish I could know the location of my parents,I was so scared of the unknown,time froze again,A portal appeared and i passed through it


A man was seen on a throne trying  to answer the requests of his servant as he was struggling to arrange some stuffs shaped line a clock,then suddenly a servant ran in

Servant:your highness,there is an intruder in the palace and he seems to be heading your way,please kindly take your son and leave before disaster is done

King: I am a king and I have to defend the time kingdom

Servant:No problems,we will do that for you

King:take my son and leave immediately

The servant went away and after some while,the door leading to the man hall broke apart and we saw electicus come in,he was having a discussion with the king,then we heard a loud scream as we saw a ship flying into a portal.


Time is like a dimension on its own and it takes a lot of understanding to remember it,the fact that it is still an unsolved mysteries by our scientist is much more scary,we know how to calculate it,but what about controlling it.
I arrived in the mansion, everything looked boring and sad,I was surprised at what was going on,I told Sam about what I had found out about santa a he was surprised and he broke down,he said that the day it happened was the day I was away when I was trying to find a lost reindeer
It is my fault santa would still be here if I didn't leave him alone,it is my fault,Sam broke down and he was sad and silent,I really can't believe that a lost reindeer caused this,I asked Sam about how to find the location of Santa Claus,

Sam:That night,the reindeers came back safely

Steve: Really?

Sam:Yes,but I noticed the time tracker was missing in the reindeer

Steve:time tracker??

Sam:Yeah,it is a form of tracker made by the time  king and it functions like a  track through time,though I have no idea why Santa took it for that moment

Steve:Is it optional to take it?

Sam:Yes it is optional to take it

Steve:maybe he knew what was going to happen

Sam:He must have known already,but I don't know why he didn't tell me

Steve:We really need to get rid of electicus once and for all

Sam:I think we can and I know where to go to track him.

Steve:Where do you think he will be?

Sam:if my guesses are right,the time king would know,but he would be busy with time as you know that the new year is approaching,he will be doing a lot of sorting out.

Steve:But let's pay him a visit first

Sam:Yes I think we should pay him a visit,it might help us to solve this problem easily

Steve:Who was going to do it the hardway(I smiled)

Sam:(he brought out a special wristwatch and placed it on his fingers and he held my hands and the letter flew into his pocket,then he pointed his hand and everything seemed blur for a moment)let's go

Sam held my hand and we started to run,things started to become blur,we have ran to the extent of seeing our mansion far and far away,I kind of knew that we should have ran into a wall by now,we ran into the city,we were running like a gust of wind, people couldn't see us, we were moving like the wind,within minutes,I could see,molecules, Atoms,particles,microbes,quarks and finally dimensions and finally I saw time like a moving clock and within some seconds we crashed into the dimension ,but we landed safely.
We entered the city, everything in the city was shaped like a clock,we could see workers running up and down,we could see them looking as if we are strange when they looked even stranger to me,I saw some tall structures,then I started to see human like people who kind of welcomed me,they showed us the way to the castle,then I saw some people repairing some parts of the castle which was destroyed,I could see how the castle was heavily guarded.
When we reached the entrance we were almost blocked but we sent a guard to tell the king that we have arrived,which the guard did and we were asked to come in.we were guided into the castle,the place was extremely guarded and we kept wondering what had happened,we just couldn't stop thinking,then we entered the grand Hall and it was teeming with a lot of clock looking guards who seemed to be frowning,then on the throne I saw the human like clock prince and he seems to greet us,then Sam went to him and they hugged each other,I was wondering what was going on.

Sam:Hello friend

Prince:hello,I can't believe you are here,you still look the same

Sam:ohhh,I came here because of this boy

Prince:him??(he pointed at me)

Sam:ohhh let me introduce you,(he pointed at me),prince meet Steve

Prince:ohh nice to meet you,I am prince maxitime

Steve:Ohh nice to meet you,your honour

Maxitime:it is a pleasure meeting you too,I hope there is no major issues

Sam:It is actually a major issue and it is Paramount

Maxitime:I am happy you came at the right time to console me

Sam:Why,what happened?

Maxitime:I have been looking for my father for days,a lot of stuffs happened and it caused it all

Sam:What really happened and why are you sad

Maxitime:(he explained what happened and how he was saved)my father is now missing,I don't know where he is


Maxitime:he was stolen by a very dark and tall monster which came through the false latitudes,I was surprised amaboyt how the monster passed through the protections without being known

Steve:This means electicus has grown more powerful

Maxitime:Electicus,is that his name

Steve:Yes I defeated him before and sent him back into the Pandora's box but he came back again and even more stronger

Maxitime:You should be happy you are still alive,I think he came for my father(he stared at my hand and he saw the wristwatch)You seem to be having some issues

Steve:yes,I am a time paradox

Maxitime:Santa really tried a lot to collect those wristwatches,I guess they are handy now and they seem to be even more useful

Steve:I can't believe that my parents also disappeared right in front of me

Maxitime:Do you really want to know what happened to them and how it happened

Steve:Yes can you help me

Maxitime:Alright(he left the hall and we followed him,to we reached a corridor and he entered the first door)

Then he opened a very large screen and he asked for my tears ,then the machine matched my tears and searched through timelines then he found my parents,I actually saw amwhat happened,I kept crying and I couldn't say anything,I was so dumbfounded and surprised at what really happened,I kept crying as I saw a lot of stuffs which is unsayable,we left the room,then prince maxitime offered his condolences and he said he was sorry
I made up my mind and I decided that I would go back in time to save my parents and reverse the actions and save everyone,once and for all,he objected at first,but considering the reason why Santa last wish to San was to save me when he is gone regardless of what happened,made him to realize,I was saved for this purpose,then prince maxitime took us to the second room,where a huge vase is located and in the case I could see all sorts of timelines,he told me to eat first and  he told me that when I eat,I will be able to go on,we went to the dinning table to eat,then we ate,not long after we ate,we suddenly heard a loud bang and we went to the main hall,where we saw electicus squeezing the throat of a time official,then prince maxitime throwed a light saber and it sliced part of electicus arm,then immediately,electicus dropped the official,then he faced me and he frowned at me

Electicus:Oh my little dad and mum cute boy 

Steve:Shut up now!

Electicus:what have you come to do here?,I hope you are not here to reverse the great changes I made

Steve:That's none of your business and I  want you to know that I will end you very soon.

Electicus:maybe ending people too soon,is a word for you,but I have improved and now I am more stronger than before and u think you can do nothing

Steve:we will see

Electicus:Alright(he commanded his henchmen to fight)maybe we can have a nice little chat with some fights too

Steve:Maybe and maybe not(I took a nearby sword and I charged for him)

I managed to slice part of his arm but it grew again and even more stronger,we kept fighting,I was looking at the prince as one of his henchmen tried to kill the prince,I threw a short sword to kill the henchmen and electicus kicked me immediately,he was so strong that I broke into 3 rooms,I was seriously wounded,as a last resort,the one prince threw a special glowing stone at electicus which kind of imprisoned him in a cage,then the prince Called me and Sam as the rest of the soldiers continued to defend us,we ran into the 2nd room ,the prince started to calibrate the machine as we hear how electicus is struggling to break the cage,prince maxitime was trying so hard to calibrate it,he went into a room and brought out a sword.

Prince maxitime:This is called the immortal sword and it is used to kill evil immortal an strong identities,I hope you will use this to end it,we will defend you as you go into the machine.

Steve:Thank you prince,I will try my best and end this

As I was about to leave,electicus broke out of the cage,destroying stuffs as he tried to attack us,we entered the portal,as we entered,he threw a knife and the machine vase broke, I heard a loud scream afar and in just a split second I saw myself in the early 1970's,I just couldn't believe it,but it seems electicus really came that far to kill me


Sometimes in life we keep wondering why somethings keep making life difficult for us,my case with electicus is so amusing,I thought that was all,I don't have to be in a movie where electicus returns as the main villian,and I think he knows that my weakness is my parent and he knows how to take them away everytime
Now about what finally happened to my parents,it was in the night of October 20 1970,outside my mum's house,and my dad's house respectively,he divided his army,the army both went to separate locations and attacked my dad and mum respectively,they managed to kill my parents both and since that time timelines have been changing and my existence was erased,so for a moment it seems as if I never defeated him and he was able to do events that never happened and he knew when santa would tackle him too.So if I am going to have to stop all this madness,I would have to go back in time,right before all these madness started,even if anyone died,as long as I am able to drive a knife through electicus stomach,it should be able to solve the problem.
I arrived in the forest near my parents house,I could see how my grand pa and grandma looked happy as they kept staring at the stars,suddenly,they went inside the house to sleep,then I made a sign to Sam and he came.

Steve:Sam I think we will have to split this mission

Sam:I know

Steve:As we saw in the time recap,we saw electicus going for my father while his armies went for my mother,you will have to rescue my mother

Sam:Alright,I will go(he took a book out of his pocket and he gave it to me)incase I forget you later on,give this to me

Steve:Alright be safe,

Sam left and I continued walking along the forest path to my grand parents house,I snuck in through the windows,I saw my dad fast asleep,he was so young,then I took him and placed him in another room,then I slept on the bed waiting for electicus,then I saw a very dark shadowy figure near my window and I saw how the windows opened by themselves and I saw as electicus entered through the window but there was something weird and that's because he was invisible,I stood up from my bed looking around and electicus turned visible,he just couldn't believe,that I was back in that time,I stood up from the bed.
Suddenly electicus brought out a stone and immediately a portal covered us both and I kind of noticed that we are not in the same earth again,I took out the immortal sword and I charged at electicus, electicus dodged it and he tried to advance at me,I managed to dodge his kicks too,he managed to push a stuff at me and almost trampled at me,I managed to run and I tried to attack with the sword and it proved too slow to attack electicus,I managed to stab his leg,then he kicked me away and he touched the stone and we entered into his world,it was so dark and I could hear an eerie sound
Then  electicus was trying to kill me,he gave me a punch through my nose,then suddenly,my blood fell onto the surface of the sword,the sword glowed and as electicus tried to kill me by trampling on me,the sword flew and threw me into the sky and for a moment,I can't believe that I am flying on a sword,the sword suddenly turned into an hoverboard,I stood up and I discovered.i could control it.
Electicus sent two of his henchmen and they came really close up to m and they tried to attack me but I managed to jump up drag the sword and kill the first henchmen by decapitating it,I was still on the run from the second henchmen,I did a free fall from the highest height and I managed to use the sword to kill the henchmen and I was so happy while electicus frowned.
Electicus sent all of his henchmen to attack me then I was still afloat in the sky,his henchmen were advancing towards me,then I flew into the sky so high and I was coming down really fast and I could see the henchmen getting closer,then the sword glowed and the light became brighter as I got nearer and it threw a blast that destroyed all of electicus henchmen.
Then I finally landed and I tried to attack electicus,he threw me away and he tried to stab me at my back but he couldn't so he kicked me away,I was stabbed by a metal in my left part of my my body,I was wounded,electicus approached me

Electicus: I am your nemesis and doom,you can't defeat me,I will always take away your loved ones

Steve:You will never be able to  as long as I am alive

Electicus,we will see(he threw a box at me but I rolled and dodge it

Steve:(I discovered that as I moved,the sword did too,)I don't think you know who am I or how I am capable of defeating you

Electicus:I think I know that you are a poor and sore loser

Steve:ohh let's see(I stood up and I jumped up,which the word did and I did 3 backflip, then the sword flew into electicus chest and flung out to my hand then I landed and electicus fell to the ground)Maybe you are not so tough afterall

Electicus:you will never remain the same after this incidence,you have done nothing(he laughed and he fell silent shortly and died)

I was dumbfounded for one moment,the world in which electicus brought me into disintegrated and I appeared in my dad's room,I left quietly through the window,mortally wounded and I was running back into the forest,then I suddenly saw Sam

Sam:You did it ,you have ended it all

Steve:But I think I am going to die

Sam:I don't think so

Suddenly time froze,Sam and I looked around and we saw a letter which came and it showed prince maxitime who told us that it seems that the timeline is changing completely,and this moment has become a paradox,then he told us to solve the problem,I would have to travel back to the time before electicus was released,I asked him how and he told me to join my wristwatch along with Sam and get there as fast as I can,after the message stopped,I looked at sam,then he gave me a big hug.

Sam:This is the end of everything,it is now up to you

Steve:but I am wounded

Sam:carry out the mission and it would look like nothing happened

Steve:Alright,(i collected sam wristwatch and I took off my own,then I combined them together and the letter showed me the date which I set on the watch and I ran with it and I entered into the time that it was about to happen)

Afar off,I saw three men trying to climb a mountain,they were discussing ,I managed to hide from them and I created a side distraction,then I went into the cave,I saw my body glitching,and I managed to dig out the box and I could hear the voice of the men as they approach the place,I threw my sword at the box from the cave center and it caused an explosion and it was destroyed,then my body started glitching too much and I managed to bring out the book Steve gave me and in the book I saw three words which quoted "We did it",then I disintegrated.
I woke up on my bed early in the morning and I saw my parents looking at me and they were smiling,then they wished me a merry Christmas since it was on the 25th of December and they hugged me tightly,I went outside and I saw victor and we were having a discussion and he said he had a dream where I was having dinner with him ,in a world where we seem not to be familiar with each other,I laughed and gave him a hug,I saw fewer homeless people who I gave some gifts and I smiled then I went back home and into my room,I saw Sam and the letter and they told me santa sends his greetings for saving me,prince maxitime also sends his greetings,then they left, my powers we're back and I could still make only 3 wishes.
I kept asking when will I see santa,sam smiled and left, then I went back to the hood and I saw the old man wearing a shiny heard and he was like can I give him some quick cash,I smiled and gave him,he said Merry Christmas and I said it too and I went back home to my parents,and that was how things was for even the shortest of moments
So maybe sometimes,having a super power doesn't depict someone as being strong,it depicts a sense of dependence on abilities, I don't need super powers to go on adventure and you also don't need it, we only need our loved ones, to help us to achieve those moments. 

The End


Submitted: December 25, 2020

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