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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

An original poem talking about the struggles of past, present, and future.

I’m trapped in a room with two figures

Bickering like children we argue

Their names are the past and the future


The past is chained to the floor, but for some reason has the most presence

Though it can’t do anything, each shriek it yells sends a chill down my spine

I think the frightening thing is that it will always be here in this room

Even if I try I can’t seem to break it’s chains and let it go


The future runs around eccentric, constantly changing shapes

It renders me like an animal staring at a predator, trying to see what move it does next

Even with all that, the future still listens to every word I have to say

For some reason I can control something so chaotic and that petrifies me


I am a mixture of both, the past and the future

I have a chain latched on to my leg, but I can still move freely 

And though we argue I’m still filled with joy because their both here 

With them, I will never be alone


The past brings wisdom and happy memories that put a smile on my face 

The future brings aspirations and dreams that push me towards who I want to be

I bring the sensations, I am the eye taking in the marvelous earth and all it’s creations

Each of us are similar, it’s the balance of all of us that creates something as elegant as life


Who am I, you ask?

I am the gift that we’re all given with every breath

I am the present


Submitted: December 25, 2020

© Copyright 2021 OreoTreecko. All rights reserved.

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