Cattle Kate

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Song Lyrics  |  House: Booksie Classic

(song lyric)


Cattle Kate


Miss Ella came from Kansas

Just a simple country maid,

Then she bounced around the country

Where she learned another trade,

She entertained the cowboys

Underneath her cabin roof,

And often traded favors

For their beef upon the hoof.


So they called her Cattle Kate

'Round that Sweetwater range,

And those country boys came callin'

With their calves to exchange,

The high-toned ladies put her down

Their men folk wished they could,

And everybody had their say

About her livelihood.


No one could have predicted

How she'd meet her dreadful fate,

How Wyoming territory

Came to honor Cattle Kate,

They hated cattle barons

Who had stolen all their land,

But had no one among them

Brave enough to take a stand.


Miss Ella danced with danger

When she stood beside a friend,

Who had vowed to fight those barons

Up until the bitter end,

That end would find them hanging

Side by side upon a tree,

And showed the local ranchers

Just how cruel the barons could be.


Some still called her Cattle Kate

'Round that Sweetwater range,

But they made it sound respectful

When they summoned up her name,

And high-toned ladies even spoke

Miss Ella's name with pride,

And said it was a shame the way

Their local hero died.


p.s. In case you are a member of a Bluegrass, Folk, or Western group (or know someone who is) and might be interested in co-writing, please let me know.  This lyric has already been recorded and released, but I have a lot that haven't.

Submitted: December 26, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Dennis L. Goodwin. All rights reserved.

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