Benny and Marcus

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: PleiadomeBooks

Benny was an alright guy, and would help out anyone. He often visited the local children's hospital to read stories to sick kids. He felt he was a good person, and that nothing bad would happen to him or people he loved. So when Marcus, an old friend of Benny's, came to him with notes from a stalker, he was in shock. He worried about Marcus to whole time he was alone. Will Benny be able to help Marcus? Or will Marcus be consumed by the horrors of his past?

Benny  and Marcus

Benny wasn't all that bad. He loved to go to the local children's hospital to read his stories to sick kids, and they all looked up to him. Benny never thought that something bad would happen to him. He believed that God was on his side, but what would happen if he would have to go through a trama that would change his life forever?

Let's look at Benny. He was a little overweight, and stood exactly at 6ft. He was balding from age, and he loved the outdoors. He felt he was a good person, which he was, and tried a little too hard to get along with everybody.

Benny didn't have a family. His parents were dead. The only family he had left was his younger sister who was always nagging at him. It made Benny mad. He thought that he was always doing so much good in his life that he didn't need to hear his sisters' crap. She was so selfish, and always wanted to only benefit herself.



Benny was sitting at his dining table, about to take a bite of his meal after saying grace. He smiled over at his dog, Muse, who was begging for a bite. He loved that dog to death. He tossed over a small piece of steak to his little one, and continued onward of what he was doing. He cut the steak with a knife, and took a bite. It was bloody, just the way he liked it. He had a glass of wine sitting on the table above his meal. He took a sip of that. 

There was a knock on the door. He wondered who it could be. He got up from where he was sitting, and walked over to the door. Peering out the peephole, he looked to see an old friend who was smiling so bright. Marcus was his name.

Benny opened the door to say, "Marcus! Such a pleasure to see you here!" 

Marcus smiled brighter, and hugged his old friend. He was so estatic to see Benny, he had forgotten to give him his late birthday present. 

"It's so good to see you, Benny," Marcus said. They walked into Benny's apartment, and chatted over coffee, even in this late afternoon, just like old times. The sun was setting quickly in that early December night, and Benny was finally in the company of someone he loved. He cherished Marcus, and they had been friends since high school. 

Marcus was the quiet type, never got into trouble, much like Benny. Benny was a tad more outgoing. Both were introverts in a sense. Things had been looking down for Benny before Marcus came around. A child he was close to died from an illness, and he was so depressed. Thinking back on it, he wished he could have done something about it. Marcus's company had helped with Benny. He had finally laughed since then. 

Marcus looked seriously at Benny, looking him in the eye. "Benny, I think someone's stalking me."

Benny looked confused for a second. "Who?"

"A man dressed in all black. He's sent me letters saying he's gonna kidnap me. and kill me."

"What does he look like?" Benny asked. 

"I don't know. He wears all black and a ski mask. It's hard to tell at night when I see his shadow in my window. I looked out my window, and all I saw is a ski mask." 

Benny felt a tinge of paranoia. Why would someone want to stalk Marcus? He asked himself these questions trying to make sense of it. 

Marcus showed Benny the letters.


One read:


My dearest Marcus,


I hate you. You are the purest hatred of my heart. What you did to me, I will do ten times worse. You are nothing but a stupid swine, and you look so at peace. Well, I am not, so you won't be either. That is a promise, Marcus. You will feel my wrath of what happened to me. Your life is about to change forever. You will definitely be in the worst pain of your life whenever I get you. Kidnap you. Rape you. You are the worst thing that has happened to me. But I can't help but to love you in a sense. You have it all. I have nothing. You will soon have nothing, that is a promise.



Your worst nightmare


Benny put the letter down, and stared at Marcus with worry. 

"What did you do?" Benny asked after a while.

"I have no clue. I think the person is just crazed. I've always stayed away from trouble. You know this."

Benny took Marcus by the shoulder, and hugged him. 

"Be careful out there, brother."

Benny and Marcus tried to change the subject to get it off Marcus's mind, but something just seemed so off about the whole situation, and a void of uneasiness settled over the both of them. It settled in the atmosphere around them. Then, Marcus dreadfully had to leave. Benny did nothing but worry about Marcus the whole night, and for nights to come not hearing a word from his doomed brother.


There was a knock on the door several nights afterward, and it woke Benny from his slumber. 

"What in the world?" Benny asked aloud, walking to the front door, and opened it to see a startled, out of breath Marcus.

He had blood all over him, and had wide eyes. The widest and scared he had ever seen Marcus's eyes.

"He followed me here, Benny!" Marcus heaved out. 

"Come in, come in," Benny said, sort of in a freak out. 

Marcus hurried inside.

"Where's all the blood from?" Benny asked his best friend. 

Marcus just stared off into nothingness, and said, "He did horrible things to me."

"Did you unmask him?" Benny asked. 

"Yes, he revealed himself to me."

"Who was it?"

"It was..." Marcus didn't want to say it, so he just continued to stare off into nothingness. 

"Tell me, Marcus!" Benny demanded. 

"It was... me."

Benny looked at Marcus and the void of paranoia came back into play. He was ultimately scared for his life in those brief seconds. He knew nothing good would come from the next few minutes of his life, and knew that they could be his last. Marcus had feigned those notes. Marcus had feigned being stalked, he had went on a rampage that night, and that's why there was blood all over himself without a scratch on him, now that Benny had realized that.

Marcus was a pyschopath. 

He had played Benny well.

He knew that more was to come.

"Jesus, Marcus," Benny said after a long silence. "What did you do?"

 Marcus continued to stare at nothing for awhile before saying, "I killed a pregnant woman, and ate her uterus." Then he stared at Benny, yet he still seemed to be staring at nothing. "And you're next." 

Benny felt tears well in his eyes. His best friend was about to murder him right on spot, in his own very house, and there was nothing he could do except try to get away. 

Benny had his cell phone in his robe in the bedroom, but felt it would be better to try to escape to a neighbors to call the cops. He ran to the door, and opened it, but Marcus was quicker than Benny. He tackled Benny to the floor, and the psychopath bit Benny on the neck. 

"Your soul is mine now, Benny."

Muse noticed that Benny was being attacked, and started growling and barking. Then he bit deep into the back of Marcus's leg. Marcus screamed out, and took a knife to Muse's throat, and stabbed him about 5 times. It took Benny no time to get up, and run out the open door. Marcus noticed Benny got away, ran straight out to his car, and took off. 

The cops came. Benny made his statement, but Marcus was still out there. It kept Benny on edge, and ever since that night with Marcus, Benny was up awaiting Marcus's return to finish the job.


Submitted: December 28, 2020

© Copyright 2021 hangingman99. All rights reserved.

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