Beatrice and I Part 2 of: 'The New Vampire, Luke'

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: PleiadomeBooks

Beatrice and I is a short story which is Part two of 'The New Vampire, Luke'. Beatrice and Luke live peacefully as vampires far away from the terrible city where tragedy happened to Luke. But Luke feels there was more to the story as he returns to the city where it all started. He asked Beatrice not to follow him. What will Luke find out?

Beatrice and I Part 2 of 'The New Vampire, Luke'


Being a vampire was absolutely the most gorgeous thing. Beatrice and I traveled to many new places. Places I only dreamt of going. She made my life great, and for that, I was very grateful. 

The night life was amazing. I had yearned for it more than I had realized. 

Beatrice was now my one and only.

My children were dead, as was my low down wife, Josephine. It had served Josephine right. but my children didn't deserve such a fate. I was still confused why I did it. Beatrice said it was probably because of blood lust. I didn't feel bloodthirsty, however. I didn't understand.

Beatrice believed that I had felt so guilty the night before, so much that I wouldn't feed. My mind had tricked my mind into feeling that I didn't need it. She vowed to teach me to control myself, so that I did not have to take anymore lives.

Beatrice played piano and sung around luxorious vampire night-clubs. She was quite popular among the vampire community as she was in that dreadful city where we both were from. We had never returned to that city, for Beatrice felt it wasn't good on my psych. 

"Luke, follow me," Beatrice's sweet voice sung, and she led me to the balcony. She looked beautiful in her light blue dress. Her hair had grown back to her original hair color, which was a gorgeous light brown.

"Beatrice, you have a show in a few minutes," I protested, but she giggled and led me anyways.She kissed me under the moonlight, and I kissed her back while smiling.

"I have planned a moonlit picnic in the park after the show. I was going to surprise you, but I know how you hate surprises."

I laughed. "I would love that," I said pleasantly. 

Beatrice sung a song that she had dedicated to me. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard. Then, she sung a seductive slow song. I heard vampire men whistle at her. I suddenly got jealous, but there was nothing I could really do. Beatrice was a good-looking vampire, and would attract attention. I used to not get so jealous, but after Josephine, I had never been the same.

After the show, Beatrice and I ran hand-in-hand to the park. She had a picnic set up underneath the moon. We ate sandwiches and gazed at the stars. After what had happened, this was what was best for my psych. Being with a woman that would treat me good, and not have me killed. Beatrice loved me more than Josephine ever did. Josephine was deceitful, and a liar. And throughout our marriage, I had no idea. I had felt so exhaused thinking about her.

Beatrice smiled at me, and nibbled on her sandwich. It was adored by me. 

"Such a fine night in the summer," I said, smiling at her.

"I like nights in the winter," she said, "It's not hot."

I smiled and said, "Not as hot as the suns' deadly rays."

She chuckled. "You're right. I should be grateful for nightfall, even during the summer."

A sudden question popped up in my head, and I wondered why Beatrice had turned me into a vampire in the first place. I wondered how she even knew about me. I didn't ask, I awaited a different time, more or less, the right time.

Around midnight, we laid out along the blanket, and I held her underneath the night sky. We picked out different constellations. At the time, we were in France.

"Do you like it here?" She asked.

"I do," I said, smiling into a kiss on her lips.

We both smiled at each other, and then continued to stargaze.

"Do you want to settle here?" She asked.

"I have no idea," I said. "Why?"

She suddenly sat up, looking at the area in front of us. "I'm pregnant, Luke."

My jaw dropped. I had no idea vampires could get pregnant. Then, I smiled and laughed. "That makes me so happy!"

I had always been big on family, and now I could start one with someone that actually loved me. I embraced her and we stood.

An hour before sunrise, we arrived home. I needed to feed, and didn't want to. I knew the costs of not feeding all too well. 

I asked Beatrice, "Do you have anyone I can feed from tonight?"

She smiled a gentle smiled at me. "Yes, I do."

We went to a black room where there stood a man. Beatrice said if we didn't kill him, he would be a willing donor. She thought virgins' blood was a little too much for me, so we decided on non-virgins. 

"Will he do?" She asked.


Instead of using my fangs to dig deeply into the victims' necks, I would now cut a small laceration into their arm, and take a necessary amount. Beatrice promised to pull me off if I was taking too much.

I put my mouth around the wound, and tasted the metallic sweetness enter my mouth. I made sure I didn't take too much, and I even put a bandaid on the wound for him.

"Good," Beatrice said. "You're learning."

Right as she was saying that, I felt extreme bloodlust. Being that Beatrice was a far more stronger vampire, she held me down. 

She said, "Luke, you don't want to do this. Remember what you're all about. You don't want to kill, Luke!" She dragged me out of the room, and took me to our bedroom, where she strapped me down to the bed. 

"The sun is coming up, and you need to rest. Tonight you will be okay after some sleep." 

I calmed at that, and then passed out cold.


I awoke to the sound of children's laughter, and froze within myself. I was unstrapped, and I rolled over on my side. Why were there children in mine and Beatrice's mansion? I arose from the bed, and glanced out the window that was hidden by black, fancy-looking curtains. It was nightfall. My favorite time, as is any other vampires'. I walked out into a pitchblack hallway. There was ultimately no one there. I was completely alone in the mansion. Night vision for being nocturnal, I saw through cat-like eyes a portrait of myself on the wall. I heard a loud screech coming from downstairs. It sounded like a child!

I ran down the stairs, and saw nobody. I figured it was a ghost. I wearily walked to the kitchen. I turned on the lights and sighed.Why must the past haunt me so?

 Beatrice walked into the house from the back holding a dead rat. As she walking, I noticed she was eating it.

"Where have you been?" I asked.

"Out catching rats," she giggled. She swallowed it whole. "You want some?"

"Yes, sure."

"Then go hunt," she said, then she giggled some more.

She was right, I had been getting lazy. I walked out upon the moonlit land. I saw an open manhole. I jumped down. Night vision kicked in, and I focused on heartbeats. To their very core, I could hear the very breath of every living thing down the walkway. 

I crouched slowly, and then pounced all the way down the walkway. I landed beside a rat. Quickly with my reflexes, I grabbed the sickly thing. I lifted it into my mouth, and crushed every single bone in it's body with my mouth. I heard the bones crunch. It couldn't move. Then, I slowly devoured it.

Feeling satisfied, I returned from the manhole, and put the covering back on. Hunting was a big passion of mine since becoming a vampire. It really hit the spot. Rats were a good source of food for me.

I returned to Beatrice, and she embraced me. She kissed me passionately on the lips, and smiled. We truly were happy. Then, I remembered my past life. I suddenly pushed Beatrice away. I bursted into tears and fell to the floor. I just wanted to die. She didn't know what to do. She just watched me beat the floor with my fists. I blamed Josephine for everything. Why couldn't she have been happy with me? Our children wouldn't have been dead! If only I could have tortured both her and the assassin that had tried to kill me. If she wanted to leave me, she could have just divorced me instead. I would have moved on, and been happy with someone else. I knew there was something more to the story than what I was told. I wanted to die. 

"Luke," Beatrice said. "It's not your fault."

"It is," I sobbed. "I killed my kids."

"Not on purpose."

I laid on the floor, and thought about about Landon, Mark, and Sarah. 

"Why?! WHY?!"

Beatrice sat down on the floor beside me.

After a while, I said, "I know there's more to the story."

"Huh?" She asked. "What are you talking about?"

"About Josephine and the assassin wanting me dead just so they can be together. They were trying to kill me for something else, and I don't know what it is."

Beatrice looked at me with a confused look, but then settled with, "I'll figure it out."

"No, it's something I must figure out on my own."

Beatrice nodded and headed to the back room to feed. I was left with my thoughts.


I ventured out to find the reason why. To do that, I had to go back to the dreadful city where Beatrice and I were from. The place where it all had started. It was going to be hard, however, I needed to know. 

I walked the streets, glaring at everybody I saw. Nothing had changed at all. The city remained the same.

I walked out at night, looking and wondering where to start. I had no idea, but I was on a mission I didn't intend to fail. I wouldn't and I couldn't falter. 

 I wandered on, looking at the city with dread. Then something caught my eye. It couldn't be!

I saw Josephine there, looking at me.

"YOU BITCH!" I screamed, and pounced on her. 

"Get off of me! Get off of me!" She wailed.

"Why'd you do it?!" I yelled. 

Then I felt a soft hand on my back. 

"Honey, let her go," I heard Beatrice's voice say.

"What are you doing here? You followed me?" I asked, and got up.

"I just knew you wouldn't be civil, so I had to follow you," she said.

"You know something!" I halfway yelled.

"I'm on your side, Luke, I promise," she said softly.

"What's going on?" I whimpered, suddenly scared.

Josephine looked sad, and so did Beatrice.

I was so confused.

"You're... You're..." Beatrice said.

"YOU'RE IN HELL! AND NOW YOU'RE MINE FOR ALL ETERNITY!" Beatrice suddenly continued, demonically.

"W-what?" I asked.

"I said you're mine. Now I will torture you."

Then, I remembered I meant to kill my children. And Josephine just watched and laughed. We had been fucked up parents. We both died because we were crazed enough to attack the cops. We both were in hell. And now, for my heinous actions, I was doomed to Beatrice, the devil. 

Submitted: December 28, 2020

© Copyright 2021 hangingman99. All rights reserved.

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