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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jake Stewart is an ex-special forces operative working as Ryan Carter's body guard and driver. Unbeknownst to Mr.Carter, Jake is also working undercover for the FBI; hired to find out whose been laundering drug money through Carter Cooperations. His investigation leads him to Brian Martinez an accountant at the company.

For a while, his infiltration into Brian's intimate circle of friends seemed impossible, until Brian's sister, Devan Martinez moves back to New York. Her history with Daryl Ortega, a recently acquired FBI informant, puts Devan on Jake's radar as his way in; and it puts her on the FBI's radar as a potential suspect. When Jake falls for her, will he be able to do the job he was hired to do or will his love for her interfere with his investigation?

Table of Contents

POV Jake: Chapter 1: We All Wear Mask

POV: Jake I've been waiting outside for Mr. Carter to arrive for almost 30 minutes now. I'm becoming impatient and slightly concerned... Read Chapter

POV: Devan: Chapter 2: Home Sweet Home

POV: Devan I still can't believe I'm back in New York after all these years..." I shake my head in extreme atheism,  mentally no... Read Chapter

POV: Jake: Protect my Cover

POV: Jake The commotion in Mr. Carter's office is finally whining down. The police arrested the woman from CRA group and is taking he... Read Chapter

POV: Jake: Best Laid Plans

POV: Jake As I sit in the kitchen of the FBI safe house, I hear Daryl Ortega's Lamborghini drive into the garage. Before he even ente... Read Chapter

POV:Devan: The Encounter

POV: Devan We've been at The Starlight, for hours now and I'm finally off of the dance floor. Lisa and I danced so long and... Read Chapter

POV:Jake : Finally We Meet

POV: Jake I've just arrived at the Starlight and I see HER dancing on the dance floor. I'm whole heartedly transfixed by her movement... Read Chapter

POV: Devan: The Past

POV:Devan Jake is understandably silent during the drive to his house, but he keeps looking at me to make sure that I am okay. I smil... Read Chapter

POV: Jake: What’s Done In The Dark

POV: Jake When I wake from my restless sleep and see Devan lying in my bed, I prop my elbow up on the mattress and rest my chin in my... Read Chapter

POV: Devan: Entanglements

POV: Devan When I wake early Saturday morning, I'm stilled by the silence in the room; quite frankly by the room itself. I sit u... Read Chapter

POV: Jake: Making The Connection

POV: Jake When I close the bedroom door to give Devan the opportunity to get dressed to meet Daryl, I double time it to one of the sp... Read Chapter

POV: Devan: First Loves are Hard To Forget

POV: Devan I'm in an Uber on my way to see Daryl, but my mind is thinking about the way that Jake and I left  things this mornin... Read Chapter

POV:Daryl: The Devil is in The Details

POV: Daryl    As I am leaving the safe house in the Lamborghini driving like a bat out of hell, I can't think of anythi... Read Chapter

POV: Devan: A Dress is Not Just A Dress

POV: Devan   After I left Daryl's this morning, I went to the police station to give my statement, worked out with Matt , ma... Read Chapter

POV: Jake: Reciprocity

POV: Jake After Daryl speeds away from the safe house  in his Lamborghini to meet Devan for breakfast, I get in my car and head ... Read Chapter

POV: Devan: The Stand off

Devan   When Lisa and I arrive at the concert hall, we quickly make our way to the  meet and greet area of the venue wh... Read Chapter

POV: Daryl: What A Tangled Web We Weave

POV: Daryl This concert is filled with unexpected surprises, I think to myself, watching Devan disappear holding hands with Jake as t... Read Chapter

POV: Old Habits: Devan

POV: Devan When I make it to Daryl's side, I sink to my knees and lift his head so it's resting in my lap. I gently pat his cheeks tr... Read Chapter

POV: Jake: Distractions

POV: Jake   After I drop Devan off at her house, I get back into my car and start my drive home. A warm smile covers my face... Read Chapter

POV: Devan: New Discoveries

POV: Devan   When I open my eyes, a beautiful picturesque morning view greets me. Daryl has this huge beautiful bedroom wind... Read Chapter

POV: Daryl: Reminders

  POV:Daryl   I'm pestered from my sleep by the constant ringing of my iPhone; but I refuse to open my eyes. The me... Read Chapter

POV: Daryl: The Games We Play

  POV: Daryl continued...   Miguel just alerted me that Devan has arrived. I told him that when she gets here to ma... Read Chapter

POV: Devan: Sanctuary

POV: Devan   Before we arrive in Queens for the race, Daryl makes me stop about a mile away from the spot, so  he can g... Read Chapter

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