That Day

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

On the worst day Mitzi has ever had, someone came. will it turn into something magical? will it turn into something tragic? will it turn to both?

Mitzi was all alone, lying down on her back, tears rolling down her cheeks, fists tightly closed. She just couldn't take it anymore. Not even a tiny bit of hope was left. She just wanted to kill herself. Yes, it would be better if I kill myself. Everything will soon be over. I'm better off dead anyway. she thought.

Mitzi closed her eyes tightly, reaching for the cutter beside her. *sound of extending the cutter's blade* She was about to cut her wrist when someone held her hand back from doing so. She wasn't even able to open her eyes yet, when that person hugged her so tightly. Shh. It's okay. Just cry it all out. I wouldn't let you hurt yourself. No way. I wouldn't let anything bad happen to you. that person uttered. 

Mitzi burst into tears and cried until she had no more tears to shed. He just continued on hugging her so tightly, rubbing her back gently. She was not yet in a proper state of mind, but by the sound of the person's voice, he knew that it was Adam. It must be him. She uttered. 

When Mitzi started calming down, Adam let go of the hug. He looked at her, tears about to fall down his cheeks, still trying to smile at her nevertheless.

God, I thought I'd lose you. I was scared to death. I was going to surprise you when I saw that you were trying to kill yourself. I was so excited because, for the first time, I'd be able to meet you in person. Adam confessed. His voice started trembling. I, I th-ought, I thou-ght that I'd never have the chance to talk to you, to hold you, to hug. he continued. He burst into tears. Don't you ever do that again. he ordered in a sobbing voice.

Shh, it's okay. It's okay now. Stop crying. Yes, I won't. Please stop crying. Mitzi responded. She hugged Adam tightly.

Can we stay like this for now, hugging each other? Adam pleaded. Mitzi didn't answer, but she hugged him even tighter. Adam also hugged her tighter, really tight, very tight, like there was no more tomorrow.

Mitzi's body started heating up. Adam tried to look at Mitzi's face but she kept on looking away, feeling embarrassed. Adam smiled. Shh. It's okay. No reason to feel shy. he assured. He couldn't help but chuckle a little though.

Mitzi was about to run away, but Adam quickly held her hand. "You're not going anywhere. Adam said in a calm but firm manner." He held her face and made her look directly at his eyes. "It's okay alright? It's totally normal." he pointed out. "Let's just sit down." he suggested.


Adam and Mitzi both sat down on the floor. She didn't know where to look. She looked down. He was still holding her hand for she might run away.

There was a minute or two of total silence. Adam spoke up, Mitzi, your demisexual right? It's only possible for you to get turned on by someone if you're super emotionally attached to that person.

Mitzi nodded. Adam smiled. She still couldn't look at his face, not even towards his direction.

Why have you never told me that I can get you turned on? I know it's very seldom for you to get turned on by anyone. You have once mentioned that in your whole lifetime up to now, you only managed to get turned on by very few people. I pretty lucky then I guess. he uttered.

Mitzi did not speak a single word. Why have you never told me? Adam repeated. Well, I think it's rather inappropriate to say so. she explained.

Wtf?! Seriously? We talk about open-minded stuff all the time. We're pretty open, right? Or at least that was what I thought. Adam said with a sigh. I wonder how much emotionally attached you are to me. I wonder how much I can get you turned on. May I see for myself? he said with curiosity.

There was no response. Adam lifted Mitzi's face and saw lust in her eyes. He started teasing her. He bought his face really close to hers. Their lips were only a few inches away. Adam caressed her arms and felt that Mitzi was already heating up again. By that time, he was also already heating up. 

Adam couldn't help it anymore. He came closer and their lips touched. Mitzi's body started to tremble out of lust. He grinned and started kissing her for real. She could no longer help it and started kissing him back. They kissed each other more deeply and more deeply, losing control of themselves.

Their hands started exploring each other's bodies. Adam walked forward, as Mitzi walked backward, lips still pressed together, hands still exploring each other's bodies.  She was now leaning on the wall, his body still pressed towards her.

As they continued kissing, Adam held Mitzi's hand and guided it to the front of his pants. Mitzi's eyes widened when she felt that Adam was already hard. Immediately, she kneeled down and removed the pieces of clothing hiding it.

A huge and very pleasant view surprised Mitzi. She looked at it with awe, like its the most amazing thing that she had ever seen. She caressed its body, gently but with slight pressure. He was most certainly enjoying it, letting out a quiet moan. She started jerking him off.

By that time, Mitzi was extremely turned on. She was already crying due to immense lust. She couldn't control herself anymore. Mitzi's right hand made its way towards her flower. Adam noticed it. He held her hand and guided her towards the bed. 


Right there and then, they removed all their remaining clothes without any trace of shame left. They did 69, they did 69 with all their strength, filling the whole house with moans as if there's no tomorrow.


After a few minutes, they both reached climax. Every bit of their strength was used up.
They lied down on the bed, hugging each other, fully naked, under the blanket. After that, they both fell asleep.


After a few hours, they both opened their eyes, smiles reaching their ears. They decided to do everything they wanted to do once they finally meet in person. They did pillow fight. They did move marathon. They did lots more. I'm pretty sure it was the best day of their lives.


When night came, Adam at Mitzi laid under the stars. They were both laying down on their backs. He moved closer towards her. She n was laying down on her back. He was lying on his side, hugging her.

Adam spoke to Mitzi, hugging her tightly so that she cannot run away. Adam spoke out his heart. He asked questions.

Why? Why have you never told me? Why have you never even tried to tell me? We have been close for 10 years. You know that you can tell me anything right? I have always had the gut feeling that you liked me. But I just ignored it for I was never certain.

What if I was wrong? What if I was right, but you denied the truth. What if we became awkward? What if you start distancing yourself from me? I can never afford to lose you for you're just too valuable. You're all I've got.

But now, now that I finally got a chance to meet you. Boi, was I right. Boi, was I damn right. Don't even try to deny it. Don't you even try to lie. You're eyes tell me everything. I'm not gonna let you go now that I know that truth. I'm never gonna let you go.

I thought you just felt infatuation for me or whatsoever, nothing that serious, nothing that deep. Boi, was I wrong. I'm glad that I'm wrong. I can never be happier. I see it in your eyes. Those eyes speak of love, deep love, deep and genuine love.

If you felt shy or whatsoever, you should have tried hitting on me, even in an indirect way. You could have tried giving me clues. If only you did, we'd be together for years now. Why?
Adam looked at Mitzi with confusion. Mitzi sighed, trying to calm herself down. She was preparing to be as honest as she can ever be. Mitzi answered. 

That's the point. If I tried, I knew you'd take it seriously, you'd take us seriously, and I'd have a hard time saying no. I'd just end up hurting you. We'd just end up hurting each other.
You know me right? Yes, I have feelings for you. I have had such from the fucking beginning. But I'm just a broken soul, with my emotions scattered all around, not even knowing what I really want.

You have had enough pain. I never want to see you getting hurt again. If only I can shield you from the world, from all the chaos, from all the pain, I'd do so.

I'd rather be the one to suffer. I'd rather suffer trying to hide these feelings of mine, I'd rather suffer trying to keep my feelings in control than to see hurting again. I'd never be able to forgive myself if I'd be the one to cause you any sort of pain.


Submitted: December 29, 2020

© Copyright 2021 darkred369. All rights reserved.

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