The Girl With The Purple Eyes

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A prince. A princess. A disguised royal guard. And the most powerful druid to ever live.

The world has been at war for centuries. The peaceful druids against the rage filled humans. After a botched robbery, Kyrie, a young druid who spends her days pickpocketing the nobles of the human kingdoms, is found wounded and dying in a cave by the human princess, Phee, they discover that the humans are the real evil in this war. With the help of Prince Harlow and his royal guard Maeve, who happens to be Kyrie's sibling, they try to bring the druids and humans back together.

But little do they know that an evil lurks just out of sight, and it has its eyes set on stealing the ancient and potent magic that lives inside of Kyrie.

(I can't write descriptions but I promise its a lot cooler then I make it sound :))

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Well shit.  Shit shit shit shit shit shit.  My chest heaved as I ran through the street, darting around people and de... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

In the darkness I heard a voice. It was hushed and whispered, but almost frantic. I couldn’t hear what the voice was saying. Why was ... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

It has been a hot minute! I apologize for the delay! I've been super busy but here is the next chapter!
Read Chapter

Chapter 4

“You’re still here.” When Phee walked into the cave the next morning there was a teasing smirk on her face and those words on her... Read Chapter

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