“The Hitman apocalypse”

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I walked outside late one night with my girlfriend. We had seen a flash of light accross the street. Our neighbor lived alone. It was around 2 in the morning we were awake still because we were watching a few horror movies. Anyway we walked over towards my neighbor who was shaking. 
“Are you ok?” Michelle asked him. “You two should not be here you need to leave back home Now!” We stared at him for a moment. “NOW” he shouted. “Now hold on we are just making sure you are ok you don’t need to flip out” I said. “Ok I’m sorry but I really need the two of you to leave now.” Me and Michelle turned around and walked back to our house when we heard a car coming. We looked back and saw the car stop at my neighbors house and a man stepped out of the car wearing a robe and had boots on. 
“Where is it?” The man asked. “Here” my neighbor reached down and grabbed a bag and handed him something. “Good now has anyone seen anything?” My neighbor looked over at us slightly. “Nope.” He said. “Good we are done now here is your money.” He gave my neighbor a envelope. 
The man got in his car and drove off. My neighbor walked back inside. The next morning I watched as my neighbor had gotten in his car and left for work he would be gone for several hours so it gave me a good time to explore the house. “I really don’t think this is a good idea.” Michelle said. “Look I have a feeling that he’s up to no good and I need to find out. I said to my girlfriend. “Ok I’m coming too.” She said. “Ok fine but I need you to be my lookout.” I said. 
As we got to his house I grabbed a spare key that he kept hidden behind a rock and I was inside. I walked around the house for a few minutes searching rooms when I was about to be done I heard a scream coming from the attic. I yelled out “hello?” A women’s voice yelled “open the attic the hatch is locked from the inside.” I unlocked the hatch and the women ran down the ladder that man had me kidnapped for days I wasn’t sure if I’d ever get out thank you so much.” 
“He had you kidnapped?” I asked. The woman shaking yes now I need to leave. She ran as fast as she could out the door. I gulped and slowly walked up the ladder to a horrific scene. I saw chains attached to the wall and blood was on the walls. 
A message was written in blood “Death will be swift death is coming to you” I turned around and froze as there was several pictures of different people including the women. With “x’s” marked on there face. I looked around the room and saw a couple guns. As I started to leave I froze as I saw an ID on the table with my neighbors face “agent U” it said and had a dark web logo next to his photo. My neighbor was a Hitman. 
Every time I saw him and he said he had to work he meant he was going to kill someone. I realized the person in the car the other night was his boss and that’s why they met so late... I got sick thinking that there was a human body part in the bag he gave to the man or worse. I saw a few pictures of some people he had recently killed and then I saw the women who I just saved. There was three pictures her next to a family. The second was of her smiling with a gas can. and the third was of her walking away from the house as the house was on fire. She killed a family burned them all alive and I helped her escape. He had her trapped and I let her go. 
I slowly escaped from the house. I never told anyone not even my girlfriend what I saw that day. Our neighbor shortly put out a “For sale” sign and moved out. I had no idea where he went and I hoped that was the end but it wasn’t. About fifty years later I was now 68. I had cancer and I was in the hospital for it. As my parents just left the hospital and my wife and kids left the neighbor had opened the window and was staring at me. “Remember me?” He asked. “Steve?” I said out loud. “I assume you know my secret. 
You were in my house. That day you let Amanda out. She killed three more families. I can’t lie I wanted to take you out that day but I did not. I tried to just let it go I found out from your dad you had cancer and I needed to see you one last time. I am a Hitman but I only kill people who need it. Killers. 
However I killed the wrong person and now the police are after me they followed me here. In fact there probably inside the hospital now coming to your room. You are the last person on my list to kill then I can die in peace. “He grabbed his gun and aimed it at me.” “Please don’t I said” *as he loses a bullet* “I have no choice. *the door to the room busted down and five officers came charging in with guns* “Freeze” they yelled as the Hitman shot his gun and hit me. I fell down on the bed. *the officers started to open fire. 
The Hitman escaped through the window. As I laid Dying. Ten years later. Steve the Hitman was lying on the sidewalk he thought he was going to make an easy kill but he broke into the wrong part of the house and ran into henchman there was too many he tried to escape but was shot too many times he laid on the pavement running out of blood. 
He looked up and saw my face next to him. I had a pipe in my hand and I walked up to him. “Now it’s your turn to die.” I hit him with the pipe. He died from shock of seeing me from beyond the grave not the pipe. In the end I got back at him.

Submitted: December 30, 2020

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Not bad, I liked the twist at the end.

Mon, September 26th, 2022 3:28pm

Nick meraglio

Thanks for the comment glad you liked the twist ending!

Tue, September 27th, 2022 12:27am

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