Untold Togetherness

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

I have some personal feelings I like to share. There is energy so unattached in anything and attached to everything so exist. This transcendence is a great mystery but it is coded into the relativity that everything has its own theory of existence. But before someone again, come for a different image, I see we are enjoying every moment in this bliss unknown for why we are here and the ultimate truth parade this speechless voice in everything that again comes into its external appearance. We are reminded from everything so exist that this energy comes from the Sun as our remains for eternal guidance ever existing for life everywhere. It has been everywhere and so will remain vulnerable in how we see this truth. If our teacher ever thought about the philosophy of this energy, we will never knew it always take within and there is the infinite spirit within so faithful. That is the reason I request all my readers. Please don't pledge for more donation why you saved the money earned but be the message as an example like this energy as it is everywhere still unknown. We need your very true involvement for our entire existence in this living earth.

Prison-walls reminds glaciers melting their tenderness did foresee,

Now took the happy feet till our echoes depart its wretched crews,

When shall this flame wonder into my mind’s eye,

Freedom fallen for the immortal spirit so kept the leafy roof above,

To find a place where living Earth shall bud greenly features of a human face,

This gloomy influence on celestial’s despondence as the morning frightens night,

Thrown by the burns our bird now rest this sunshine in a shady place,

In the dream sleep wandered like a sheep for our true shepherd,

And death like spell-bound prey erodes the fate I hold most dear,

To hope the sweetest pleasure awakes like a life from its high purpose,

O wonders my childhood still dance this humble birth of graceful bends,

Remembrances our sweetest comforts borrowed from the history of time, 

Strange is the love on Earth should roam like his passion,

Western wall of sustainable development shields the future we want,

Beneath every sand that keepsake like a footstep passing moment give,

Voices from the past honor our heaven-born deeds sings not quite in vain,

Yet the night dares this rugged path like a vision unseen,

The land and her pride retain ever ending battle like a blooming wild happy hour,

Forgetting everything never been in this life rejoiced like an untold cry,

Like eternity beholds the greatest teacher our world has ever seen,

For delights to lend what’s so worthy like a heart cares and listens,

Like a forgiveness his divine voice conquered the truth highest ever challenged,

May we look out through this renovated eyes dwells daring into your inspiring life,

Let this most wanted moment so bless every reason you be the mentor as an example for others,

To love and receive their heavenly birth uproar our highest tribute for the entire humanity in our common home.

Submitted: December 30, 2020

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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