Like mixing the bottles

Shame and sorrow

Embarrassed and grief stricken 

With no hope for a tomorrow 


Two get together

Making it worse for each other 

No love in loss

Just a shoulder to cry on

One Failed to be the boss

So forever the peon 

Another Failed to be the house wife

So the house gets pretty dirty 


Bringing a child into it

Well That gets pretty tricky

On one hand like they say

“It ain’t easy”

And on the other hand,

Well sure... 

I’ve got five fingers 

So I’ll get to working 

On keeping it together

Five more and I might be the master


Not a day goes by that I don’t miss her 

But life is short

So don’t stop till ya get enough 

But please know when enough is enough

The palace of wisdom

Knows the correct path to go down

Submitted: December 30, 2020

© Copyright 2022 J. Arthur Black. All rights reserved.

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