Follow the story of Levi Carter in first person as he sets out in a land abandoned by many because of a strange evil curse that lurks within it. Taking place and inspired by an era from the wild west but with a small sprinkle of dark souls inspiration. Come see the journey of Levi Carter pursuing a one and only goal for coming intentionally into a wild lawless cursed land.

Table of Contents

The Cursed Land

Chapter 1: The Cursed Land      What happens, when a man or woman fulfills their only purpose in life that kep... Read Chapter

The Curse of Velorian

Chapter 2: The Curse of Velorian      Jackson and I stood around with our arms high up in the air while the gr... Read Chapter

Gang Raid

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Beginning of a Journey

Chapter 4: Beginning of a Journey      After getting raided by a gang named the Hell Hounds who were notorious... Read Chapter

Taken Prisoner

Chapter 5: Taken Prisoner      After only spending one day in Ardien Town we had to get back on the road to co... Read Chapter

Escape the Nahr'Shak Gang

Chapter 6: Escape the Nahr’Shak Gang      Having to witness a man be turned into a meat-stick right before m... Read Chapter

Entering the New World

Chapter 7: Entering the New World      I walked through the tunnels where the Nahr’Shak gang used as a base ... Read Chapter

Delidaware City

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Finding An Opportunity

I'll put it out there just in case. But I'm only using historic references and adding my own fiction twist to it. So, do not take anything of it seriously for it's merely something based on my
imagination haha.
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Unexpected Enemies

Chapter 10: Unexpected Enemies      I spent the night at Annie’s home sleeping on a guest bed that is meant ... Read Chapter

Find Beaners

NOTE: Took a while, doing the seven days a week shifts but am still trying to get on with writing.     Chapter 11: ... Read Chapter

Unknown Monsters

Chapter 12: Unknown Monsters      Having spent some time living in Vornil Town I inevitably came to understand... Read Chapter

Vengeance, Greed, and Hope

Chapter 13: Vengeance, Greed, and Hope      The Rojo Locos camp was very well lit which was no surprise so the... Read Chapter

Cleaning Out Filth

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A Taste of the Foul West

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Paying the Price for Kindness

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More Trouble

NOTE: Support my brother's start-up business: mad_muscle_     Chapter 17: More Tro... Read Chapter