All Rise

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

All Rise

All rise to greet the outbound year
We hold it in contempt
Of ev’ry court upon this earth
For ev’ry plague it sent

For ev’ry unexpected tear
And heartaches by the pound
We have no need for witnesses
We need just look around

For ev’ry drop of guiltless blood
And every racial slur
For all the hatred we have watched
The politicians stir

We sentence it to history
An annal of the past
We slam the heavy iron shut
And toss the key at last

All rise to greet the inbound year
With ev’ry finger crossed
That we can win these wars despite
The battles we have lost


Submitted: December 31, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Bobi Leutschaft Poitras. All rights reserved.

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Mike S.

Excellent, Bobi, what a terrible year--the three before it haven't been much better, but hopefully, there are signs that point to a brighter future

Thu, December 31st, 2020 3:22pm


Thanks, Mike. Agreed!

Thu, December 31st, 2020 7:26am

Steven P. Pody

It coulda been worse. ...I just hope we never find out how. A fine poem and annual summation. New Years cheers atcha!

Thu, December 31st, 2020 8:00pm


My sentiments exactly... my sincere hope is that we don't look back at the dawn of 2022 thinking what a great year 2020 was. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!

Thu, December 31st, 2020 1:22pm

Jeff Bezaire

The truly sad thing is the number of guilty who feel guiltless. Ignorance is a bliss that breeds monsters.
Hopefully now that one nut has been dethroned, we can see some semblance of civility and unity down there, which might affect the rest of the world in a positive way.

Fri, January 1st, 2021 3:59am

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