Crappy year, right?

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If the end of this is completely fucked up, I'm sorry. I drank a glass of wine and took 1.5 grams of paracetamol a bit earlier so I'll blame all grammar/spelling/whatever it is mistakes on that. Hope you have a better NYE (dunno if that's a thing to say but IDC) than I do

Wow. Almost 2021. To some of you it already is 2021. I’m sure that this year everyone is kind of happy about the year ending, even though I’m quite sure 2020 was just the free trial for the whole decade. Some things are not getting any better just because it’s suddenly another year, a concept us humans have developed to make our lives easier and that has nothing to actually do with anything. Time isn’t a real thing, right?

I hope you’re having a nice New Year’s Eve. I’m not. I’m sick and my nose still feels uncomfortable from the corona test, even though it’s been two hours since. My second time in a corona test and I have to say, they have arranged testing well. At 11.30 I finally got up from my bed, was still feeling sick, did the self-assessment thing online and it said I should get tested. Well, I’m still visiting my parents for the holidays, so I couldn’t get a test time online as the database where all Finns are registered said I don’t live in the town I’m currently in. No problem, I called a number and two minutes later they called back, I explained the situation and the woman in the end was really nice and understanding. All she asked was if I have a car and yes I do, so okay, you have a test time in the drive-through in centrum in 15 minutes. I was home by 12.35 and now I have to wait until tomorrow morning for the results. Last time I got tested I actually had to wait for the next day because I didn’t have a car and the nearest open testing place was a bus drive away. I definitely prefer the drive-through concept.

It’s funny this has been such a horrible year, because for me personally it has been one of the best years of my life. I moved on my own to another town and I’ve grown pretty fond of it. I’ve made a lot of new friends and so far only one enemy (my hydrology teacher, he probably hates me because I’ve been spamming him with some quite passive-aggressive emails the past month or so). Thank fuck Finland doesn’t have a culture of “being respectful to your teachers/professors” and I definitely do not regret those emails. I got a 4 (on a scale from 0 to 5) from that course so good for me.

I started school and I absolutely love it. Sure, the first semester was pretty bureaucratic. We had math, but I’m looking forward to another math course (yay, integrals and derivatives, I love those) and physics as well as actual engineering sciences this spring. We’ve mostly gone over how environmental legislation and governing and all those millions of different EU directives and Finnish laws affect the million different governmental organizations that handle environmental governing in real life. But I have to say, I get an odd satisfaction from reading EU laws and actually being able to understand what they mean. Would I ever want to be a lawyer? Hell no, but it’s interesting to know where some rules come from and why they’re there to begin with. Plus the fact we have actual, in real life school is nice. We’re pretty much the only university of applied sciences in Finland that is still open to all its students.

No, but seriously, I’ve had a good year. I feel like I’ve almost missed out on the corona a bit. I still do not know anyone who has had it. I haven’t even gotten an alert on my corona app (because I’m European, we all have those, especially in Finland) that I’ve been exposed. I have a lot of friends who have. But I suppose I’ve just gotten lucky with this whole thing. Which is very unlike me, so I probably have corona and I’ll regret writing this tomorrow. But we’ll see.

Looking back on 2020 though, it’s been a year we probably never would’ve guessed a year ago. The year started off with Suleimani being killed. Threat of a world war. You guys remember that? Because I really wouldn’t have unless I had Googled it just a while ago. What else? Bush fires in Australia were a thing that made me want to cry because how could I not? I feel sorry for all the animals there. People too, but mostly animals. Brexit kind of happened in January/February and it hasn’t been talked about since then until last week, it feels like.

February… I don’t remember the whole month even existed. I don’t remember what happened then. I was probably sitting on the couch watching some shitty TV show and reading news about how corona is a threat in Asia. Europe too, apparently, at least soon enough. I remember some Nancy Pelosi memes and the impeachment thing was done in February, right? But seriously. February went so fast and I don’t remember what happened. The Diamond Princess thing was back then, right? But I don’t remember that well either.

March was when shit hit the fan. I felt like from March 12th to 16th all the information that I had expired the next minute. What was the moment you knew that okay, corona is now here to stay until who knows when? For me it was the evening of March 1st. The Mayor of Helsinki and health care officials held a briefing, which was back then a new thing. When it was announced that briefing would take place that day, on a Sunday at 18.00, we all knew it was the shit. Well, a kid had corona and 140-ish people were quarantined. Back then it felt huge. But no, if you had told me back then that in about two weeks we will be in a state of emergency, I would’ve laughed. But we were, despite having one of the best situations in Europe. That was lucky for us.

March, April and May were filled with mostly staying home. I was still on sick leave from my heart surgery and days blended in with the same routines. I woke up late. Ate breakfast and had coffee while my mom had a coffee break from work. There would be government briefings on what felt like daily basis. We’d watch those together at times. Some days I’d wait late into the night to watch those and talk about them with my friends because we were bored. And to be honest, the government did a lot of things wrong, we all did, but I miss the way the five ministers would come out and tell us what’s going on and so on. Sometimes taking a break and watching Trump’s press conferences, I couldn’t help but feel glad we at least have a PM who answers questions and lets health care professionals explain what’s going on.

I had work during the summer. From midsummer to August, at least. It was great. It was a pretty warm summer, especially June. Things were normal. During summer no one remembered the whole corona thing. News were filled with BLM protests and talk about cancel culture. Those came to Finland too, although aside from changing one ice cream’s name and one protest in Helsinki (that I couldn’t go to, unfortunately) that was mostly world news, not ours. Although I was happy to notice that we talked about racism in Finland too. Not much and we tend to use the shitty Republican excuse of “we don’t have systematic racism here” because how could we? We don’t have enough black people to even be racist. Which is not true, we’re the most racist country in Europe. It’s not hard to see. On Independence Day the largest newspaper in the country had a chocolate ad where the blue cross (from our flag) was put there with chocolate. Didn’t take long for some people to call Fazer a communist fuckup because apparently some people have not noticed that even though the chocolate is called “Fazer’s Blue” the chocolate itself is, surprisingly enough, brown. Here’s the hilarious picture of it and a guy being pissed in Twitter (

August was great. I remember it starting off with Beirut’s explosion and my vacation. I moved, turned 20 (yay, over 22% drinks for me) and watched in horror as the situation in Belarus became worse and worse. If the summer was something, it was bad for democracy. Hong Kong, Russia, Israel, Belarus. All those happened. Not that the rest of the year has been a joy for democracy either.

September and October were kind of like the spring. Corona, but not that much. People started wearing masks even here. I went to school. Made friends. Lived a unusual first year of studying, but nonetheless, it’s been a good and real fast autumn for me. November is always quite depressing, but this year it was almost sunny at times. US elections were a spectacle everyone followed and I fell in love with CNN’s magic wall. I probably annoyed all my friends to no end that first week of November, especially my Dom whom I tried to get up with me at 05.00 to watch news. He’s a man and does not read news. I feel like none of my friends do and apparently they don’t feel like they need to because I start most mornings with “so, what’s your take on Ursula von der Leyen’s speech yesterday or what do you think will happen today in Ethiopia” and then I end up explaining what they should already know.

December has been boring. Not much snow. Can’t really say I’m surprised, apparently 2020 was the warmest year in Finland ever. So yay. Like we haven’t talked about climate change enough. Maybe this year we haven’t. I have, because school is what it is. But the pandemic has been top news all year long. But yeah, December. I had a very Finnish Independence Day. I was home alone with my cat. Ate some cake. Drank a couple of mugs of tea spiked with Koskenkorva (vodka).  Christmas was okay. We made some Korean-style salmon and wok. Some people visited, but not everyone at the same time, obviously. It didn’t feel like Christmas, which I don’t mind. Now it’s New Year’s Eve and… well. I’m writing this. I’ll probably watch something on Netflix and fuck, it’s only 16.55. I’m tired. I’ll probably go to sleep before midnight, I’m just tired as hell. Hope I don’t have corona. Mostly because I miss my own apartment and I don’t want to spend another two weeks quarantined with my mom. Anyways. Have a nice evening/night/whatever time it is. Let’s hope 2021 is a bit better than 2020, shall we? If not, maybe we get to see some more funny memes. If not, let’s try to stay relatively safe and hope Brexit doesn’t destroy what is already a shitty world economy. What else? Oh yeah, only 20 days that Biden will be sworn in. At least something positive to look forward to, right?

Submitted: December 31, 2020

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LE. Berry

Thanks for sharing your year in a nutshell helmu...some of us can't be so concise. Have a good 2021.

Thu, December 31st, 2020 10:21pm

88 fingers

You had a lot to write about. Than again, a lot of shit happened this year. Hope 2021 is a better year for all. It takes many steps to make a journey. And that's how this new year as well as the years to come will be.

Fri, January 1st, 2021 1:19am

moa rider

Oh I don't know if it was so crappy for everyone Ms. Bantam. The shareholders of certain chemical companies will be delighted. There's alway a few that can take profit from misery. There are also a number who like an excuse to order others around and they go beyond the pandemic viz. extingtion rebellion hollerers. If you don't need the trappings of a throw-away society and are prepared to live humbly, life isn't too bad, and its considerably safer. You've done ok too. Happy New Year to you. Usianguke

Sat, January 2nd, 2021 8:05pm

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