Blessed New Year Days

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Christian Writers

We are welcoming New Year 2021. When thoughts that ignite my passion for this most passionate moment, let us cherish this thanksgiving spirit risen for the greatest quest, why every blessing we are fortunate is a simple gift of God's kindness, may you enjoy this infinite faith within every days so blessed. Amen.

When heavens bless there is more unstopable passion like this everywhere,

Our new year Sun everlasting reach Three Wise Kings in this true pilgrimage,

Chasing each eternal birth raise rising this  unending advice,

For the world so manipulating be truthful to yourself and God,

Sincerely on this living Earth when you are not alone,

Our future made to choose a way the hope strengthens every existence,

I turn to walk away for small things in life connecting the great love everlasting,

I feel every sweat trying something new how peace enchants in these coming days,

When it reached the other side listens expectations in this message,

The very promise has no name climbing on this new born joy,

Know God listens how innocent experience sets justice in HIS name,

Except everyday never going to be the same,

God’s master plan that keeps my rush hour vanishing,

I reunite unexpectedly for a day that is never finished,

Sometimes I wonder in this pilgrimage as our witness,

Time interprets for the three great kings this world began,

A wonderful star that never sleeps in the night sky,  

Guided these three wise men in every prophesy reached for,

The morning came always waited for a time in prayer,

Who were ridden far into this journey on the greatest sacrifice,

That a king will be born for a man will live long for this day,

Who risen from the cross for the greatest love ever has been,

Every day I am thankful for this news seemed grateful,

Our loved ones knew this promise that cannot wait for,

Within so blessed from a star if that isn’t love,

When truth tells I am sinner almost since my life began,

You deserve a better life still in the unconquered hope,

We are offered that stood for the son of man’s miracle birth,

So strong bear any glorious trial mixing a lifetime fallen into,

Another mile never knows when this world riches are vain,

I can’t make the very next vicious vision standing suddenly,

I thought I can do everything seems to happen so blessed,

Our history worships a sincere work longed for this new year,

Praying for our whole world sleeping in your grace,

Dwells in the promise we have a roof over the limitless laws,

Living this borrowed blessed new year days will ignite,

What is ever gained in the burden for your conquest in these times,

Inside this heaven gates everything shines in your grace,

How terribly left us the last year in an uncertain pandemic,

When it is a warning signal in my naked eyes,

I see everything in love is a miracle born in the infinite faith within,

That’s the great love I remember from the greatest teachers our world has ever seen,

If I cannot see this pilgrimage in my naked eyes,

I hope there is a book of life that answers this poverty within,

Every treasure mightiest that seeks shelter in the greenery our living Earth wished everywhere on this new year,

There is a choice our lifetime says it is time a dream will be born in every heart,

That one day the truth may bear this child who will arise this freedom as we are free at last to do this justice for all,

May we hurry this cause for all buried dream struggling in this message that our world must listen,

You have something that bless the days loved to reunite our evergreen Christmas blessing as a day our Lord listens why we are here,

If you could enrich this gift born to serve our endless pursuit infinite beyond the faith within,

This day so gifted may be every moment you remember,

Happy Blessed New Year 2021 for the very trust,

Why God blessed you another new year in the greatest passion of a heart’s prayer for the entire humanity graceful for peace, hope and joy?

May we have nothing to hide for this big day so renovating our milestone in this prayer,

That the three wise men will give you the infinite faith within,

For the star that stood so brave in this endless hope,

Within us let us be blessed for this very moment so humble in this greatest sacrifice we are born to win every milestones ahead.

Submitted: December 31, 2020

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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