Chapter 7: (v.7) 07

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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So that's your room,Tania said to me while she sat on my bed..She was paying attention on every detail on my room..

Do you want something to eat or drink? l asked her..l would like a cup of water please,,She answered me..

We have juice, do you want some?l asker tania..Okay, she said to me..your mother seemed to be a good person she said to me..

Yes, she it is, l answered her..So l went to the refrigerator and took the juice for us drink and l took something to eat..

l just wanted to drink something she said when she saw l holding in my hand some  cookies,,It's okay,l said to her..

l will let it here if you  wanted to eat it later feel free..Okay, thanks she said to me..

But l came because had something bothering me..Her countenance had changed..

what do you want to know? l asked her..l want to know what really happened between you and elisabeth..

And l want to know the truth, She said to me..we aren't really dating so don't worry l won't get mad with you..Tania said..Are you sure?l asked her..

yes,l am.. she said..But l don't know why but,l wasn't too much sure that she wouldn't get mad but l will tell to her what really happened..

So l began to say to her everything..

l was trying to find some good clothes to buy to go to cinema,So All of a sudden someone called me it was elisabeth,l didn't know her but  she said that she was your friend and she said that she would help me to find something good,like a trade,she helped me and l helped her..

And you as a good samaritan you acepted to help her ?she asked me ..Yes,But after a time she started to do something strange,she was kind of flirting me, like she dressed a mini red dress and asked me if it was very short..and she hugged me..

and you let her do it all to you without complain?Tania asked me..

l said to her that l had a girlfriend,Even that we weren't really dating but  she tried to do more but l didn't let she do it..But you know we aren't really dating so l wasn't cheating you..

Yes,yes, of course not,..So Why did you want to know what happened?l asked her..Because many people from our school think that we are really dating you know... what if one of them had seen this?The same shit would happens with me again..

But you who said that to them at our first day of school to make jerry jealous..

it wasn't to get him jealous..She said..

So why did you do that?l asked her..

l've already said to you,l made it to jerry feels like l felt, and to him know that he lost me.,l see, l said to her..

l will pretend that l believed on her..

And you David?,Did you think Elisabeth was very hot in that res dress?l'm sure you was watching carefully her whole body..


We knows each other for only three or four days and here we are, arguing to each other as if we was a couple..and worst of all, if her father knows something like this,l'm fired..

l think it's better we tell everyone the truth l said to her..Why? She asked me..

because it isn't working,l said to her,,,we aren't even having a real date and you're in my house mad to me,,..l don't know it's better l just be your private security..

She kept looking to me for awhile..


Okay!but could you only answer a question mine?

 If l lose l will finish our fake relashionship.. but if l wins we will keep it,and you swear to tell me the truth?

She asked me.. Of course l said to her..


Okay!she said.My answer is Yes..if you say no l lose and we will break up but if you say yes we will continue..she said to me..

So she asked me:.Who do think it's more hot Elisabeth or me?l looked at Tania she was waiting a answer,she was looking into my eyes, and my heart palpitated..

l got shy with such question..Why does she want to know that?l asked myself..why does she want to keep this kind of lie?

So she said to me:

Calm down before your answer l want to show something..


She stood up in front of me..She started to take off her clothes,,First she took off her blouse,,,What are you doing?l asked her..

Calm down,she said while she put her finger on my lips..l was burning inside..


she took off her short jeans and what l was seeing was beyond what my mind could handle, she was very sexy,that white lingerie,,,, l could see her whole Sexy body shape..

My mouth got dry and my heart was pumping out hard..


So tell me? she asked me..Was she hotest than me?l sat on my bed,l couldn't speak,l could only stare her l was hypinotized..

So she got even more close to me and whispered on my ear..l can see the desire on your eyes,,So tell me what l want to hear,tell me that l'm hot..

She sat on my lap,,l was breathing with dificulty..

My mind was almost totally blank,there was only one thing that l could think at a time like that,,Sex..

l was hard and l'm sure that she could feel it..


He's very hard,,l looked at David's face,,his eyes was eating me,he kelpt looking to my mouth as if he was waiting something,,a kiss,Maybe..

he was gasping...All of a sudden l felt his hands on my waist,,He pulled me hard even more next to him,,l gasped,,He was looking carefully

To my body ..So tell me?l said again on his ear,,he shivered..l was also getting very hot and l didn't  care anymore in what could happens,l was ready..

You!! he said to me..


So after l say it to her she smiled..l knew that l would wins she said to me while she lay on me..

l couldn't control myself anymore..l started to touch her whole body,l didn't give a fu about would happens to me later..

So l got up..

she kept looking at me..l laid on her,kissing her hard,, she corresponded to me..

l took off her bra,..l can see her naked cheast,l said to me..l touched it and she gasped...She took off my Shirt..she started to touched my cheast and started to going down slowly

scratching me slighty;;

But it all ends when l heard my mother's voice calling us..

Tania,David,,l didn't know if l got happy or sad with such situation..l was still trembling and she noticed it..

l loved it,But what would have happened if his mother had delaid just a little more? Would he really do it?He was crazy to do it.l could feel it..

l could feel his desire, he wanted me,..

So l dressed me and he made the same...He went to the door opened it and screamed..We are uptairs mom..


So she said that she had bought something to eat for us go down the stair..He said okay...

So l asked him..Don't you think it's better you wait a bit..l looked down he was still hard..


She is more dangerous than l thought..Her smile,,was so beautiful.l could still feel that red lips calling mine..

When l got better l and her went downstair..

When we arrived she had bought pizza and soft drink..

Are you guys okay? She said to us a little disguised..

Of course we are mom...Why? l asked her..

nothing,,l don't know,,Just you guys are different..


Wow my god,,Was you guys flirting and l arrived and spoiled  everything?l started to cough..

What is it mom? we are just talking..wasn't it Tania?

Yes, just talking..She said looking to me..


Okay,,l'm glad to know it but you guys are very young and be sure that you guys are well protected..

As l said mom, we didn't do nothing..David said to her..

Okay, son,,She said..

lLet's eat?David's mother said to them..

Sorry but l need to go now,,Tania said to them,,But l will come any time to we eat something together and talk.She said to David's mother..

Okay,,Are you sure? She asked again Tania..Yes, she hugged David's mother after she hugged david and kissed him..See you at school david..

don't anyone about what happened,That's our secret,, she whispered on his ear..


Hummm,,what a beautiful love,,david's mother said to them kidding..Tania laughed, and David complained saying..Mom.... So Tania said good bye and left..

So are you and her really dating son?l don't know mom..

l think she is a good girl but don't take it so fast okay, take it easy and you guys will do very let's eat,, l'm hungry.. she said me..

She is right,,But if she hadn't come so fast now her worlds wouldn't  have had too much effect on me....



Submitted: January 13, 2021

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