In Retrospect

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Dysfunctional Poetry

Sorry to say, but this one was written entirely while occupying the “throne”.


In Retrospect 



2020 S-S-S-S-SUCKED 

On this one thing

I think we can all agree

The whole world 

Has been tipped upside down

And we’re not out of the woods yet

Partly because our politicos

Are lost in their own hypocrisy

The bodies are stacking up

At a rate so alarming

That we hardly even notice anymore

While militant marchers

Protest for their right

To spread disease

They’re not concerned

That it’s the poor, sick and elderly

That they’re harming

Our country is more divided

Than it has ever been before 

The world economic meltdown

Is undeniable

So McConnell says “here’s 600 bucks”

We can spend 84 billion

On just one kind of fighter jet

Then tell the American taxpayer

“Y’all can go get fucked”

Our president is golfing away the pandemic

As if the blow from a 7 iron

Could vanquish the beast

If 70 million people

Honestly believe our electoral process is compromised 

Then democracy as we know it is deceased 

It seems we’ve fallen down

That rabbit hole into wonderland

Mad hatters everywhere

And an orange king screaming


Now we’ve turned the kingdom over

We hope, to a better man

Only time will tell

If he is worthy of our cred

But don’t be disillusioned or disappointed

Don’t lose hope, my friend

The night is always darkest

Just before the dawn

No matter how distraught or how dreary

Life looks in the end

It’s in our nature to adapt and carry on



01 Jan 2021



Submitted: January 01, 2021

© Copyright 2021 ShadyBrady. All rights reserved.

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