little NYC hotel on 23rd street (1980s)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

our weekend hideaway in a very small hotel in NYC in the 1980s





little NYC hotel on 23rd street (1980s)


our little

leo house hotel

on 23rd street

was operated by the Sisters of St. Agnes


an old time hotel

an elevator with

brass  scissor gates

operated by a nun


separate hot

and cold faucets

a bath/ shower/bath clad

in white subway tile


a crucifix over our bed

spied on our lovemaking

blessing our union


morning came

windows opened

magic sounds of the city

people chattering in the street

sirens, buses

horns honking


I slipped out to the street

for an early cup of coffee

to wake us up


the sisters prepared

a fabulous breakfast


bacon and eggs

fresh squeezed orange juice

pancakes, yogurt, homemade toast

and piping hot coffee


sadly the weekend had to end


an incredible few days


by lovers of art

new york city

and each other



Submitted: January 01, 2021

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