Whoosh, Poof, a Miracle!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just an odd story of a New Year Miracle.

I have to admit that the look of "The Pearly Gates" was not what I expected. I was thinking big Rot-iron style gates with a Pearl Hue to the finish, and dazzling in appearance; not quite blinding, mind you, but really, really, dazzling.

In my mind, behind the gates would be the "Bright Light" that people always associate with when going to the here-after. And there would be all these gorgeous billowing clouds in the sky.

But, apparently Hollywood has tainted my expectations.

So you can imagine how surprised I was, disappointed even, when I saw a brick building with average sized, white, Rot-iron, Gates leading in.

And believe it or not, there was a large neon sign above the center gates that spelled out, "Eternity Now." Can you imagine, "Eternity Now", written above the Pearly Gates?


There were three sets of gates that were visible when looking at the front of the building, the center gates being the tallest and widest set.

Then there was a smaller set of gates to my left, they looked much like the center gates.

And there was another set of smaller Gates to my right, on the other side of the center gate. That gate was not like the other two, no, it had a fiery hue and lightning was shooting into the earth from it. That is when I surmised, "Those must be the gates to hell."


Suddenly I heard the sounds of trumpets, and when that happened I saw people lining up in front of each gate. The center gate, and the gate with the lightning, were attracting mostly adults, with some teenagers mixed in. But the gate to my right, that gate is where children lined up.


After everyone was in their lines, the trumpets blew again. Then the gates were opened and Angels came out; each Angel was carrying a podium and a book.

The Podiums were set up just outside each gate and the books were placed upon them; after that, the books were opened. The Angels started reading names and people started passing through their prospective gates.

But for some reason, the gate to my left, the child's gate, interested me most of all. So I paid particular notice as to what was going on there.

As the other Angels were reading names, the Angel at the child's gate simply touched each child's head, then that child was ushered right in. That went on until the Angel got to a certain little girl.

"What is your name?" The Angel asked the girl of about seven years old.

"Windy Mitchel," the child replied.

The Angel searched the book over and over; apparently there was no Windy Mitchel in it.

The Angel made an odd sound and then two more Angels came out of the children's gates.

All three Angel huddled together for a moment, then one of the Angels asked Windy, "How did you get here?"

"Windy seemed to be a spunky child, because she shot right back with, "I think the man in the black hoodie did it."

"The man in the black hoodie told you to come here, is that what happened?" The Angel asked.

The child giggled and then replied, "No silly, I pushed the man and then I felt all tingly, that is when I came here."

The Angel asked, "And why did you push the man in the hoodie?"

"Cause he was sneaking up on my Nana Gainer, and he looked like he was gonna grab her, so I pushed him away," the child replied.

The three Angels huddled again, saying things like, "She touched death at the moment of Taking, Big Mistake, Accidents like this should never happen! What will we do?"

Well I'm no Angel Instructor, and if the truth be known I'd be the last person to take advise from.

But my big mouth got the better of me, so I blurted out, "Make a Miracle! If you send her back then that's what everyone would call it, a New Year Miracle."

All three Angels turned to look at the guy with the big mouth, in fact, everyone looked at me. That was very intimidating.

Then the one Angel motioned for me to come to where they were talking. And when I arrived the Angel asked, "What was it that you suggested."

I was very nervous, after all I was talking to certified Heavenly Angels; I knew that they were certified because of the wings they had and all the Roman looking garments that they were wearing.

But nervous or not, I answered by saying, "Send her back to her body. You can do that, right?

With all the bad stuff going on in the world, everyone could use a New Year's Miracle story. I can just hear the news media flash now, "Child wakes up in the ER after she was pronounced dead by paramedics!"

"Would people believe such a story?" The Angel asked.

"Oh sure," I replied, "people on earth are so starved for some good news that they would believe almost anything. And a Child Coming Back To Life would be, like, a sign of hope."

Well, One Angel said something to the other Angels, and the other Angels blew on their trumpets real loud.

Then a wind came across the area, (Whoosh!), and the girl was gone, (POOF!).

"Did you send her back?" I asked the Angel.

"Yes, and thanks to you she arrived just in time," the Angel replied.

Then the Angel said, "Now, let's talk about what line you're supposed to be standing in. ...



D. Thurmond / JEF


Submitted: January 01, 2021

© Copyright 2021 D. Thurmond aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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