Hiding from Covid...

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Free Verse

Where fatigue meets humor and common sense...

Hiding from Covid…


Locked within these walls for so many months, 

I begin to lose prospective and fell into the dumps, 

everything closes in as I fight to shut Covid out, 

but it’s hunting for me, of this I have no doubt, 

I peek out the front door and look all around, 

trying to spot Covid, before Covid knocks me down, 

I’m covered head to toe and scurry to my car, 

I’m off to work, thank God it’s not too far, 

I arrive at the office, totally drenched in sweat, 

the moment I walk in I feel nothing but regret, 

I head to my office at the top of the stairs, 

but i’m as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs, 

I lock my door and as soon as I sit down, 

I hear a knock at my door and I know it’s that clown, he says, 

“Could you come to my office please and bring the Winston file,” 

my boss scares the hell out of me, no man wears that much argyle, 

I walk into his office but maintain my social distance, 

I put the file on his desk and asked did he need further assistance, 

he lifted his head and before he could speak I saw his eyes turn red, 

I began to panic and became quiet frantic, 

because in those eyes I saw Covid, 

he stood up and I backed away, 6 feet, then 9, then 12 then more, 

before I knew it I was out the door, running for my life, 

because I didn’t want to die, he had Covid, I could see it in his eye, 

on the drive back home I heard this horrible alarm, 

when I reached over to slap it, I realized I was still in bed, 

all just a bad dream floating in my head, so come on people be smart, 

wash your hands and wear a mask is it really such a task, 

death is something we can’t undo, 

so take care and don’t let Covid get you...


Submitted: January 01, 2021

© Copyright 2021 CigarGuy1. All rights reserved.

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