Costly Touch

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Night Owl Hotel

After the usual public displays of affection are outlawed, Alexei and Maria are careful to show their love only through the three approved methods. When Alexei tells Maria some exciting news, they forget themselves and hold hands. They're sure the touch will cost them, but the question is how much.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

The house is bustling with activity as Ma directs everyone on what to do before our guests arrive. I imagine we look a lot like a tornado... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

I’m not sure if anyone saw me look into the dining room as I passed, but I am sure that no one brought it up. In that way, I survived... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

The whole walk home makes me feel like everyone’s eyes are on me even more than usual. I pick up the pace to something resembling a b... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

I have to turn my light out at 9:30 pm. There’s no way I’m breaking any more rules than absolutely necessary until I figure out how t... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

By the time breakfast is cleared off the table and the dishes are washed, I have been up for almost three hours. I am so jittery that i... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

Alexei’s parents shrink backwards in fear when they shake hands with my mother. This has to be the first time I have seen any adult g... Read Chapter

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