Posting a smile

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Christian Writers

Enjoy describing this work of a real lifetime lived again.

We create memories like an innocent stranger,

They reminds us like a strange friend,

I may have known this moment long back,

Everything forgotten be the blind love I judge within,

Yet they came together like dreams made so true,

Many said it is another usual game,

Sometimes we meet such relationship to end in a name,

For over generations humans were first associated in such words,

What do they speak about themselves in every kindle thoughts?

Do you know I feel you are not so strange in this memoir?

I think I have hurt you so long,

Hiding every pain your life witnessed,

You came like an angel when I needed help,

Still no complaints when I didnt knew the great love,

Somewhere angel for the one so good and promising a lifetime,

Together they meet and depart how the last Christmas remained,

Yet lost gestures reminds our friendship unforgotten in time,

We never felt life will be such strange visitor into the heavens gate,

When God saw this life's wish so strange that what can be given life,

God asked me, Why so untold to meet the unforsaken destiny?

How far God travelled like a stranger in every breathe we divide the good and bad,

What God witness if he loved to be around this play ground,

In search of the deepest relationship that his soul wanders into reality,

Someone gave color for this greenery on our living Earth,

He remained so lost given for the great love that distanced every hurt as all time experience,

May be God reminds these gestures as our spelling mistakes we must not be so blind,

This trust is so certain and there is a delight very kindness cannot forsake,

I never knew I will witness one such friend who always dashes my thoughts into blindness,

They said friendship is an early bird caught in the inside borders trying to detach its ways,

They motivate others and you are one essential part of our story in unforgotten refreshments,

It is another such day we simply have ways that need this faithful incomplete trust,

You are one such prediction I dont tire of making our journey just beginning into the positive change,

I am fallen blending my influence lives like a passion depended on it,

We meet again in the way these good days appear and thinks their destination is very manipulating,

If you feel there is a serious accident like a bad day,

Never forget the experience that earns a new start again,

Our journey is just beginning in this friendship,

There are breaking habits and its pitholes of extremes when our faith learns how dreams work,

Building back better here something happens for the best,

I try to spend my experience to this small destiny calls the time gives its blessing,

Luck drew more support for this brave soul and stack this package renamed into trust,

Time has tested us again and awaken every moment to witness who will be faithful for this greatest sacrifice,

When I met you never more like a sailing wind,

Someone was waiting in the darkness lighted the vision gave in a candle light,

His aspiration and entire love is listening for something for love's sake,

How far be the world what it is for me,

This father wished let my son reach the greatest promise ever loved for one land,

My lifetime was sacrificed for the truth knows to say how I am asking you,

Be truthful to this openness and never forget all the difference sacrificed for anything so far,

I never knew this secret wish collects the impossible within me,

And let me not again vanish in the blind thoughts that go their own way,

I knew time gave me one helping hand and did so in the name I am free to choose what I want,

Everyday I feel to do good to others have a difference of some greatness,

I may not be able to save a dying soul but I can fold my honor before every lost moment I will remember them,

For whomsoever knew it is easy to play the blame game yet God see this moment I will be disciplined,

A time will come again for helping others when they needed just one friendship that listens,

I have one such oneness you have just recollected in these goodness to others,

Let us just enjoy the life so set ourselves free into these moments that will never come back,

Always ever accepting that it is just a time longing to listen within for this simple request,

May every beautiful day so blessed in these new year days,

Come with fun when it takes a helping hand shine our destiny so promising,

Hold with joy when earnest peace be the gift you can share with a smile,

Give with thanksgiving prayer for these blessed new year days so faithful like this real life so lived again.

Submitted: January 02, 2021

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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