Ace of Hearts

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Family doesn't always mean blood. It's the people in your life that want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what.

When her foster parents die exactly 13 years after her biological parents death on Friday the 13th, Evelyn gets a mysterious package. The thing inside is already peculiar itself but what Evelyn finds even more quaint are the letters A.C.E. messily scribbled on the back of the envelope just big enough for her to read. Join Evelyn in an unforgettable quest to find herself, her family, and possibly her future soulmate....

Table of Contents

Best Friends continued

Changed my mind, I will be continuing to post chapters of Ace of Hearts on Booksie. :)
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Escape to Think

Alannah Sometimes I feel like running away is the only way, even though I know it's not. I just can't deal with it anymore. It's... Read Chapter

Escape to Think continued

Alannah Why do we always remember something when it's too late? I race to Royalview General Hospital, quickly sprint to room 310... Read Chapter

Goodbye Home

Evelyn Looks like I'm on a mission. I blankly stare at the ordinary ace of hearts card, twirling it with my fingers. But I'm sti... Read Chapter

Goodbye Home continued

Evelyn "Once you've met someone you never really forget them. It just takes awhile for your memories to return." Last ... Read Chapter

Fear and Panic

Casper The truth is I'm scared. Like terrified. The most afraid I've ever been. And that's saying a lot. I have bad experiences ... Read Chapter

Fear and Panic continued

Casper I squeeze my fingers around Alannah's cold hand. She's going to be fine, she's going to be fine. It's just her eighth bir... Read Chapter


Alannah When I close my eyes, I see them. When I open my eyes, I miss them. A/N: Much longer chapter than usual. We get a little ... Read Chapter

Alone continued

Any guesses who Kaede is? And what happened to him? I hope you enjoyed this chapter and comments and feedback are greatly appreciated! Thanks :))
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Evelyn: As soon as I saw that "13" I knew something bad was going to happen. And I was right. A/N: Chapter 13 is under your point... Read Chapter