Pain and Pleasure in Pain

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

First try at erotica, I'm not immersed in this type of writing, but I wanted to try it out

I awaken to shackles binding my legs together and my arms behind. My nude body trembles on the cement floor as the frigid air passes by. The goosebumps on my skin keep me from growing numb to the cold. My breasts pressed against the floor and nipples ache as if the air itself is pinching them. 


I lay here trying to make sense of where I am, the room is too dark to see. I don't know if my eyes are even open at this point. Lonely in this icy abyss. 


Footsteps draw near and the adrenaline shocks my body alive. I can feel every goosebump on my body, hear every beat my heart takes, each step those feet take. kreeeeeeeek goes the door. The room is still enveloped in darkness. I hear their breathing, it's heavy and warm as it passes over my skin. 


A rugged hand runs a finger over my shoulder. I want to scream but my mouth is taped. Only my sad whimpers are audible now. Their rough hand envelopes my breast, pinching my nipple with their index and thumb. My body is too cold and tired to produce a single tear. Their hand begins to shift lower and lower, enjoying the feeling of my bare skin as their hand moves. 


Their other hand clamps my left hip as they shift my body to face up. Their other hand now feeling my buttocks and then my thigh. I want to see. I need to see, but my eyes have betrayed me. Their hand is now on my labia, caressing it as if  it were a pet. My soft whimpers end as a burly hand slaps me across my face. The pain shocks me awake. Their rough fingers enter me, one by one. They are enjoying the torment that they cause me. I don't need to see them to know they're smiling. 


They pinch my clitoris, playing with it like a toy. Their other hand slowly making its way to the rim of my anus, slowly circling the rim until it forces itself into my ass. They pull out their finger and lather it in their saliva before fingering my ass once more. They release my clitoris, now warm and throbbing. 


I hear the sound of something unzipping followed by a slight thud. A warm hard object enters my anus plunging itself deeper and stretching my anal canal. The sharp pain constricts my body and clenching my filled anus. My tears and whimpers do nothing as they violate my entrails. 


He continues to thrust into my ass while playing with my pussy. With each thrust, I succumb more to the pleasure. 


He then grabs hold of my throat, squeezing it until I begin to gasp for air. My body shudders as I orgasm to the asphyxiation. An unexpected slap reels me back from the pleasure. 


He pulls out his cock and ejaculates over my face. My ass is sore and prolapsed. He pulls up his pants and leaves the room. I lay here on the floor with his cum mixed with my tears on my face. It has such a salty taste. 


Submitted: January 02, 2021

© Copyright 2021 r3zuk0. All rights reserved.

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Quite vivid. However there is a measure of inconsistencies in the narrative. The pronoun 'their' suggest more than one person. And it was used copiously. But toward the end you made clear it is only one person in the room.
Another thing is we don't know if the narrator was kidnapped or held hostage. More so in the end only the assailant leaves the room the narrator stays there still held captive. So our sense of pleasure is deminished by the empathy we feel toward the narrator. We are confused we do not know if it's a rape or a forbidden kind of sex. You need to make these things clear and

Sat, January 2nd, 2021 7:55pm


Very nice for your first attempt

Wed, January 6th, 2021 2:45am

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