Taking Control

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Poem about taking control of your own life.

I used to be a shadow to life

Letting it whisk me away whenever it wanted

Society laid out it’s road and I couldn’t help but follow

Even though it was cracked and a mind-numbing gray

I never thought I had a choice or even a say


But what if I could take control?

I realized I don’t like the color gray or even roads

I risked taking a foot off the worn down path

Life is suppose to be left in my wake

Not the other way around, this is my take


It’s then I realized how gorgeous the world truly is

Colors that used to hide started dancing all around me

This life is my stage and I’m the leading role

If I want something I’ll chase it with no regrets

I’ll let my passion color the world red regardless of the threats


I’ll greet the stars because now I’ve learned to shine like them

If I’m angry, I’ll create earthquakes

If I’m happy, I’ll flail around in the rain

If I’m sad, I’ll cry tears into the pitch black sky

I’m gonna grab life and look it straight into the eye


I’m gonna make some of the greatest mistakes

Not just fall, I’ll plummet into the mystery of love

And even If I experience heartbreak and my life is torn apart

I’m gonna build back my aching heart and take a stand

Because even if all goes wrong, my life will always be in my hand


Submitted: January 02, 2021

© Copyright 2021 OreoTreecko. All rights reserved.

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