Unusual Sayonara

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Ritwik is a young man, who was travelling in a bus to a nearby big city in search of a suitable job. Near the bus station where he alights, he finds a young girl in a pool of blood on the ground as a speeding car hit her. All were looking at her. Nobody had enough compassion to help her. But he took her to the nearby hospital and got her treated. He paid for the treatment though he was himself in financial straits. The story runs as follows:

Once, a young boy, named Ritwik, was going from a village by bus to a big city to seek a job. When he reached the city of his destination, he got down at the bus station. At a distance he saw that an accident had taken place. When he went there, he saw a good-looking young girl lying in a pool of blood with many injuries on the ground. Nobody came forward to help her. Instead, all were looking curiously at her.

Ritwik immediately lifted her and putting her in an auto-rickshaw took her to a nearby hospital, which was at a distance of about 5 kilometers. She was admitted after being examined by the doctor in the emergency.

Ritwik was asked to deposit Rs. 5000/- at the reception counter before the treatment could be started. He was in a fix as he only had Rs. 10000/- with him. He had come to an altogether new place to seek a job and wasn’t sure when he would be able to get one.

He told one of the doctors, who appeared to be sympathetic, his problem. The doctor agreed to start treatment and told that he would prevail upon the hospital management to give him a week’s time to pay the money.

Then suddenly he came upon an idea that if he donated blood for the needy patients, he could get some money, with which he could pay a part of the amount. So he donated his blood and was paid Rs. 2000/- for it. He paid Rs. 5000/- by adding Rs. 3000/- from the money he had to this amount.

Despite sincere efforts, he was unable to trace the parents or any other family member of the girl till now. He looked for a job during the day but came to the hospital daily in the evening. He stayed there as her attendant. By this time, the girl started showing considerable improvement in her condition.

After a few days, she regained consciousness, which made Ritwik happy. Soon after gaining consciousness, she found Ritwik by her side. She was surprised to find an unfamiliar young man but when Ritwik told her about the whole incidence, she felt at ease.

She told Ritwk, “I am Shraddha; I came from a big city some 200 kilometers away to join as a teacher here. I was hit by a speeding car and didn’t know what happened after that. I am so thankful that you have saved my life. I don’t think I would ever be able to repay for what you have done for me!”

Ritwik replied, “Shraddha, this is what a good human being should do for others. I couldn’t resist leaving you there to die.”

Shraddha gave him the phone number of her parents and requested to inform them soon. They were so relieved to know the whereabouts of their daughter. They had talked to her on phone to make sure that she was well. Furthermore, they assured her they would come to her as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Ritwik and Shraddha began to spend time chitchatting with each other. Shraddha’s parents also arrived two days later. They expressed sincerely their thankfulness to Ritwik when they met him.

Ritwik kept visiting her even after her parents had arrived. Over time, she fell in love with him. But she didn’t know if he felt the same about her. So one day she gathered enough courage to express her feelings to him when he would come in the evening.

But alas, he didn’t come to see her. She expected him to come next day but there was no next day because he never came back. After a few days, when she was discharged from the hospital, she was refunded an amount of Rs. 5,00/- at the reception. The receptionist informed her that Ritwik had paid for her treatment and that was the amount in excess.

Hearing this, she was so emotionally moved that tears rolled down her eyes. She didn’t have a chance to tell her feelings to him. Riwik had left such an emotional void in her life which she couldn’t fill for so many years!


Submitted: January 03, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Dr. Pran Rangan. All rights reserved.

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