none for me

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

i feel unloved at times

Why you ain't got no love for me?.

Why you ain't.. Got no love for me?


I must've learn my lesson cause the regrets are surfacing.

I "Appreciate" you, words that I never utter.I say it now so you can hear it while I'm still alive. It's early Monday Morning my therapist called.

She's a cutie so I answered

She ask me how was my weekend

I replied  Drugged Fuel

Oh! she squealed did that help you in your misery.

I said, No cause I'm still alive so I guess it wasn't enough.

She said you know you can't use drugs to handle all your problems

Yeah! unfortunately this is the real me. I replied

The called ended. I poured a shot wtf does she know!

Hahaha, can you hear the devil laughing at me.

Can you?

Yellow smiley face with the x's over the eyes  I'm feel'n europhic

God has abandoned me,He will regret it.

Shotgun to my face it's time to meet my maker here let me leave you a memento

I had a friend one time in the homeless shelter

He told me man at my funeral can you play "Hotel California" for me.

At the time I didn't understand but now I do.

I lost my best friend it left a hole in my heart.

I almost stole my soul,thoughts of my life being worthless

I wanted you back bad, then the hate took over.

I lost hope in myself

Can't save me now.


Why you ain't got no love for me?.

Why you ain't.. Got no love for me?



She wants to die, I already know she freaky.

She told she don't cheat but she lying..she's a Gemini

Two face ain't no truth 2 it. Haha the drink has got me in my feeling.

You know how it goes,The hate surface when the love stop breathing.

9 out of 10 niggas don't deserve someone like you.

I'm not the one let that one nigga have you.

Let that one nigga deal with you.

No closure, blood red in streets man I hate that bitch.

Had a convo with the devil. 

He said man you know God being lying to you?

I couldn't believe the blasphemy

You need to stfu! For real I replied

I was getting Heated..

He continues

Ok look bro! Would you put your son on a cross?

The questioning silenced me

Everyone with different opinions now Im question my faith.

In the morn the cock will crow, damn Judas you got me.

I thought we was friends damn you got me. I thought you was ready for love.

The mistakes I made in life I knew your price, 30 pieces of silver.

No more love, no more love


Why you ain't got no love for me?.

Why you ain't.. Got no love for me?


Submitted: January 03, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Rikayon. All rights reserved.

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